Madrid will pay off in 2020 the debt to Benito Pérez Galdós, its great chronicler

The candidate Ayuso proposed a route for the Madrid of Galdós in the centenary of his muerteBenito Pérez Galdós, the novel EspañaEl terrible "torment" of Gald

Madrid will pay off in 2020 the debt to Benito Pérez Galdós, its great chronicler
The candidate Ayuso proposed a route for the Madrid of Galdós in the centenary of his muerteBenito Pérez Galdós, the novel EspañaEl terrible "torment" of Galdos in his last years of life: "Poor, sick and alone"

Very well have had to do that a personality in work, life and/or death to the Dictionary of the Real Academy will dedicate an adjective to his surname. It is the case of galdós-esque; that is, belonging to or related to Benito Pérez Galdós, Spanish writer, or to his work. And the Madrid city Council and delegate of Culture, Andrea Levy , have been proposed that 2020 is the "year galdós-esque" on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the author of "Episodes national" on the 4th of January. That day will begin the claim of your figure in his monument in the park of The Retreat and will try her christmas story, "The mule and the ox", has a presence during the upcoming holidays.

The council is already working on the establishment of a commissioner for the "Year Galdós" that will bring together scholars, writers, journalists, editors, film professionals, associations, etc. "We want to be very cross", explains Andrea Levy to ABC.

One of the first steps will be to rename the public library of the Conde Duque with the name of the Spanish novelist , because until the moment there is no. To do this, and lack of advertising the name of who will be at the forefront of the commissioner, Andrea Levy and the director general of Libraries, Museums and Archives, Emilio del Rio , met last Wednesday at the Palacio de Cibeles with Luis Green , the third great-grandson of Galdós, and several members of the association Galdosistas of las Comendadoras .

Benito Pérez Galdós - Alfonso Sanchez Garcia, Alfonso

Under this transversality (the same worn by Galdós as a writer, academic, member of Congress, journalist,...), literature, dance, the theatre or the cinema will be some of the plots where we homenajee. In the Slaughterhouse or during the Summers of the Villa, for example, we plan to show the movies that Luis Buñuel adapted from the work of Galdós: "Viridiana", "Tristana" and "Nazarín". "We're also going to try to schedule a work in the Spanish Theatre", extends the delegate of Culture, theatre and was its artistic director in season 1912/13.

"there is nothing scheduled on Galdós, and is a figure that helps us to understand the Madrid of today. In addition, it is a duty to pick up that history and that legacy, as other cities have done," explains Levy, who puts as an example Paris, france with his Honoré de Balzac , and to London, with its Charles Dickens . Want, also, to transmit to the Galdós "young man who comes to Madrid to start a new life as a student and is trapped by the city."

For the Consistory, it is also a question of "pay off the debt with the great chronicler of Madrid". "He, in life, is loved, followed, read and admired; the proof is in the procession that followed his coffin to the burial. But then falls into oblivion... he Dies in 1920 and then come the war and the dictatorship", said Teresa Martinez, a member of the Galdosistas of las Comendadoras. "We tend to bury our figures to put other, instead of putting them in place and enhance our brand Madrid", writes Levy.

The streets galdosianas

The goal is that the programming does not remain in the academic world, but out in the street. For Levy, "Galdós is an observer and a character that would now be telling us what you see from a very close way". Under that philosophy, you want to schedule teatralizaciones of their works in the streets so that locals and visitors may find themselves with the author and his work by chance.

in The open air, also uniformarán the "literacy walks": one on the life of Galdós, another on the Madrid that appears in his works, and another specific of The Withdrawal, in whose House the Cows are raised to make an exhibition of objects inherited from the great-grandson of Galdós during the Book Fair. In these coordinates, the city Council also wants to install plates for better recognition, such as Cava de San Miguel and Plaza de Pontejos , key scenarios of "Fortunata and Jacinta", who has also won the right to route its own.

Levy promises that the locals redescubrirán "a Galdós for the NINETEENTH century that, in reality, it is the XXI." Teresa Martinez goes further: "it Should be used his work to study the Spain of the NINETEENTH century and, as I said Unamuno, intrahistory". "There's nothing more modern that read to Galdós," says Emilio del Rio. Perhaps, by 2021, touch settle accounts with Emilia Pardo Bazán .

Date Of Update: 15 September 2019, 20:00

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