Mannequins decapitated by Taliban order

Nothing is outside the proselytic push of the Taliban. Not even the shop windows. A newly shared video on social networks shows several people working on ma

Mannequins decapitated by Taliban order

Nothing is outside the proselytic push of the Taliban. Not even the shop windows. A newly shared video on social networks shows several people working on mannequin decapitation in an Afghan establishment. It is the last known action of many other fundamentalist cars, driven by persons convinced that anthropomorphic representations violate the precepts of Islamic religion.

Guided by one of the most orthodox currents of Islam, the newly established Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has undertaken a 'purification' campaign of the country, previously called Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and where these same mannequins did not suppose a problem. Nor was the presence of images of women in the signs of the stores, now covered by brushes by order of the new lords of the country.

In the disseminated images, the heads roll on the ground. Only they are plastic. Between laughter and jocus comments, those responsible are expanded by serving one by one the mannequins, which still carry female garments and, therefore, are intended only to be contemplated by women. For many critical Afghans of the new government, it is a new evidence of the will of the Taliban to separate women from public life.

The question of mannequins in particular has been critical in several Muslim majority countries. Although in Turkey, Laico, the issue has barely raised controversies, the Iran authorities have alerted the inconvenience of certain attributes of the figures. Sometimes, the police have alerted the vendors of prohibitions such as female mannequins do not wear the head covered with a veil or, even, be "exposing the body curves".

The Taliban seem to be carrying the rigorism several steps later. This week, the middle Afghan 'Khaama' has reported on an edict, issued in the northern province of Balkh, which veto women access to Hammam or public toilets. This type of facility is not only traditional throughout the Islamic world but, at the lack of appropriate bathrooms in many humble homes, Hammam are, for many people, the site where optimal hygiene will provide.

"Since people do not have access to modern bathrooms at home, men have permission to go to general bathrooms, but women should go to private and maintaining the recal," said the head of the provincial management for the promotion Of virtue and vice prevention, created by the Taliban to develop the 'purification' policies that promised, as soon as they take power, one of their strong men, the baradar mullah.

Another leg of this policy is being the eradication of alcohol in Afghanistan. Before the arrival of the Taliban to the government of an eminently conservative and religious country, its consumption was very residual, reduced to capital elites and foreigners residing in the country. A video emitted by the intelligence direction shows a team of agents getting rid of 3,000 liters of liquor by verthing them on a Kabul channel.

"Muslims should refrain from producing and transporting alcohol," a theologian warned. The date of the pouring was not clear, but it was specified that, in the raid that allowed discovering size amount of alcohol, three people were arrested. Another of the 'purification' fronts that the Taliban have opened in recent times has to do with drug addicts. Dozens have been criminalized, apprehended in the streets and held in detoxification centers.

"The Taliban are treating drug addicts harshly, this can not help reduce addiction," warns a social worker, talking to the world under anonymous condition, who has dedicated years of efforts to mitigate the effects of drugs in the Poor population, growing in number. "Unsigning from an addiction requires empathy and consciousness," she adds. "It requires that it is recognized first as a disease, and then treat addicts as sick".

In the last hours, another video has sown the alarm. Between hair jerks, a fundamentalist - who exhibits a profuse hair - cuts to scissors the hair of a young Afghan in the street, surrounded by curious. One of the latest battles of the Taliban seems to be being the end of the haircuts considered 'Western'. In the same way, it is increasingly imposed by the express will of the movement to the power that all men let the beard grow up.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 18:14

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