Manuel Goyans and those who frustrated the Hollywood race of Marisol

Everything seems impossible for Marisol, today Pepa Flores, recover at some point his public facet as an actress or singer. The star by acclamation popularviv

Manuel Goyans and those who frustrated the Hollywood race of Marisol

Everything seems impossible for Marisol, today Pepa Flores, recover at some point his public facet as an actress or singer. The star by acclamation popularvive far from everything that is the world of the entertainment to a family life that she dedicates all the time of her and in which she seems to be happy. Anyway, we know that she continues to sing up for her friends and that she is closely on the races of some of her companions who watch astonished how she is able to not pick up a goya of honor or reject blank checks by Close up a camera.

Despite bringing more than three decades withdrawn, the Spanish and American audience continues to be present and every so often it becomes news for different reasons other than their will and its coherent trajectory. That girl prodigy that seduced the world with her art, beauty and photogeny has been printed forever in the collective consciousness of many generations that surrendered before or after some unmarcessible charms that distanced the obscurantism of a time when we were so in need of That light that radiated from its beginnings.

When Goyans discovered it in a performance of choirs and dances he realized his talent and beauty and soon managed to sign an exclusive contract to turn that girl into a true childhood myth that passed all the imaginable borders. For this he surrounded it from an unprecedented merchandising that helped the children's star become popular in the midst. Marisol had her own wrist, cut out from her, albums of chromos, fans magazine, pennants, stories ... a world created for her ...

Everything revolved around that girl who with her first film a ray of light led by Luis Lucia exceeded all the expectations of the producers becoming a film of multimillion-dollar earnings. Then he began the tours all over the world where she was received with honors of Head of State by the authorities and by an audience that adopted her from the first moment. In the first year she came to take more than 50 aircraft to move from one country to another for her promotion. In those tours she visited the world's highest audience programs, she would soon be at The Ed Sullivan Show with Harpo Marx.

After rolling, an angel has arrived and to have a success that exceeded that of the previous film, the producer Columbia expressed great interest in the star and decided to have several meetings with Manuel Goyans to try to buy him the girl's contract he had exclusively . This was counted in the statements that granted me at the time: "I went to a meeting with the producers of the Columbia, I was in Hollywood in the office and those gentlemen said they wanted to buy the contract and this man said that from No way. They proposed that they took me there to live to learn English and all that, start a great career from there and this man said that in no way ... ".

Goyans did not arise from his star since the fortune he generated then Marisol is very difficult to quantify. The quantities were astronomical and she while she grew surrounded by older people who organized an overwhelming agenda full of commitments and responsibilities that remarked from the life of any age of her age. She was too small to know what that meant: "I was not aware at all, I envied all the girls who lived normal, the life they made, be with their parents, play ... what I did before leaving From my house ... you do not realize that dimension, above all, when you isolate you in such a way that you do not have access to touching the street ... ".

His career continued unstoppable rolling other titles that enjoyed the acceptance of the public, which he saw how the girl became a lovely adolescent to which they also surrendered. The titles of that stage Marisol course to Rio de Fernando Palacios or the new Cinderella by George Sherman, in which she shared stardom with Antonio the dancer, managed to open the doors of Japan and the African continent. She with Antonio she always had a very special relationship. Pepa Flores affirmed: "The first person almost who taught me was Antonio the dancer at Goyan's house ..., I think it was on the second day, Antonio was very surprised and said: Manolo here is a future, here there is a future .. . For me it was like God. "

In the shooting of Cabriola, the director was Mel Ferrer, husband then of the iconic Audrey Hepburn with which Marisol made an endearing friendship. The relationship of it with him was another thing ... Pepa assured me that filming was tremendous, that she had a terrible character and that she tried to do impossible things by creating situations of great tension. Pedro Mari Sánchez, who also worked in the film, confirmed me that the filming of that film had never forgotten him ...

The incessant work caused serious problems in his voice, since he was really exhausted. She described it like this: "I think I was left out of voice before doing the four weddings, I was silent. Of course, nobody found out ... I was two years studying opera to be able to take the sound that I have now because it was impossible . The instrument broke. It broke. "

Everything in the life of Marisol was legend, until Orson Welles himself surrendered at his feet. He wanted her for an important project and there were quite a few meetings for a film in which she would be the protagonist. Pepa assured me that it was lovely and that she did not know very well why that project had not come out, but nothing was happening.

The most surprising thing is that Pepa remains important to any event. It's as if she did not interest anything about things with which many dream. Now I have not talked to her for a long time, it is becoming everything harder. The myth remains effective feeding on her account and discovering every time a new edge of her polyhedral contour.

After the mirror of the vanities his serene look contemplates each of the chips of a board that is no longer his. The passage of time She caresses her preserving the essence of a beauty that is shown in an absolutely natural dimension. Each of her memories of that golden age of her for her means the steps that led her to the true freedom of her as a woman.

Today the star in the shade intuits the face of the EVA itself that delivered the apple.

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 18:13

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