María Fernández-Sastrón meets the new generations of high society

Mayte Spinola: the patrons who bid highest for the art solidarioUn pork, Juan Magan and many influencers: The coming-of-Victoria Federica the recent celebratio

María Fernández-Sastrón meets the new generations of high society
Mayte Spinola: the patrons who bid highest for the art solidarioUn pork, Juan Magan and many influencers: The coming-of-Victoria Federica

the recent celebration of The 18 cumpleaño of Luis and Amina Martinez de Irujo, at the palace Arbaizenea of San Sebastian, has not been the only party this month of September that shows that they, and other "children's", that are part of the echoes of society almost from the cradle, no longer a chick. This evening comes the turn of María Fernández-Sastron Gómez-Acebo , the daughter Simoneta Gómez-Acebo , the fruit of her marriage with producer José Miguel Fernández-Sastrón , grandson of the founder of Galerias Preciados, with whom he has been married for 22 years and who maintains a very good relationship.

In terms of the social commentary, there are certain differences between the children of Cayetano Martinez de Irujo and the grandchildren over the Infanta, Pilar . While the scions of the House of Alba had to issue a press release months ago, in expressing its desire not to be "public figures" -in part, due to the pull media of his father, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo-, the usual discretion of Simoneta Gómez-Acebo has allowed him to raise their children away from the spotlight newspaper, to such an extent that little is known of his daughter Mary.

His brothers, Luis (28 years old) and Paul (24), from small, educated in a boarding school English, although the education of Mary took place in the colegio Santa María del Camino, the same center where they had studied his aunts, the Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina . Now, according to "Vanity Fair", the goddaughter of the King Philip study Art abroad.

to Simplify the last

there is No trace of it on social networks, like that of his brothers, who have decided to use only the last name Fernandez and leave the compound to go unnoticed. However, at the time of giving a feast is not difficult to conclude that the children of Simoneta Gómez-Acebo and José Miguel Fernández-Sastrón maintain very good relationship with the new generations of the families of the aristocracy and high society.

This evening, Mary will share the limelight with his good friend Marcos Fernández Barreiros , grandson of Graciliano Barreiros and, therefore, a member of the saga of entrepreneurs of the automotive industry, who built his empire thanks to the Simca 1000 and the trucks.

The call today has done through WhatsApp, where the birthday people and their parents have done to get the invitation to all those with whom they want to share the celebration of his coming of age.

Patrons of artists

The party, which is invited to Victoria Federica de Marichalar , will take place at nine and a half in El Romeral, the house that the grandmother of Frames , Mayte Spinola , has in the estate of The Salsify. There is also The Chaparral, the enclave where the daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar celebrated its coming-of-age at the beginning of summer. Last year, Spinola wanted to convert this residence, which alternates with his house in the centre of Madrid, in a museum, because there saves a lot of the pieces of new artists, who drives through the Group Pro Art and Culture, from where it exerts as a patron.

The Chaparral, the house of the farm The Salsify where Victoria Federica celebrated his birthday - ABC

Mayte Spinola maintains very good relationship with Juan Carlos and Sofia since they were young, and their passion for the art he has joined to Carmen Thyssen , is Ana D'orléans and Esther and Alicia Koplowitz . Today you will attend numerous friends of Mary and Mark, who represent the new wave of families Entrecanales and Pan de Soraluce. Also would be invited to the grandchildren of Sonsoles Diez de Rivera . Do not miss the Gómez-Acebo, who will attend the full, and the paternal family of Mary. Among the 200 invited guests could also include Mariola Orellana and Antonio Carmona or Rosario Flores , intimate Simoneta.

Mayte Spinola - Maya Balanya

The big absent this evening will be the Infanta Doña Pilar. As reported yesterday, "Hello!", the sister of Don Juan Carlos will spend the entire month in Majorca, where he had to be admitted several weeks ago by a lowering of defenses. Now save absolute rest.

His godfather, King Philip

Don Felipe has always been very attached to his cousins Gómez-Acebo, and, in addition, it is often not miss the important moments in the life of their godchildren. At the end of August he traveled to Oslo to be present at the confirmation of Ingrid Alexandra of Norway , the daughter Princes Haakon and Mette-Marit . And in September of 2017 attended in Mallorca, to the link of another of his ahijadas, Martina Jaudenes , with Luis Abascal . Thus, it is likely that this night Don Felipe to join the birthday of Mary, which, in addition, will make its presentation in society.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 16:00

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