Marina Abramovic interprets the myth and death of Maria Callas

Maria Callas died on September 16, 1977 in her apartment in Paris, 36 Avenue Georges Mandel, third floor. Alone. She was 53 years old and her heart broken b

Marina Abramovic interprets the myth and death of Maria Callas

Maria Callas died on September 16, 1977 in her apartment in Paris, 36 Avenue Georges Mandel, third floor. Alone. She was 53 years old and her heart broken by the deamor of Aristotle Onassis. The multimillionaire shipowner never proposed Marriage to the Diva who learned by the press that she loved her married Jackie, a widow of Kennedy ...

Marina Abramovic (Princess Award of Asturias of the Arts) lies on the stage of the Palais Garnier, in a decoration identical to the bedroom of the callas. A gust of air waves the curtains, the artist gets up from the bed, contemplates the photos of her relatives, takes some of the table (barbiturates, in real life) and breaks a vase with flowers.

"I admit that I was angry with the interviews of the film María by Callas, his submission to man is flagrant, he says that if Onassis had married her and had had a son together, she would have abandoned the song. It was that kind of woman" says the artist Serbia in the program.

Parallelisms of two lives beginning in the cuisine of the grandmother, in Belgrade where at age 14, Abramovic listens on an old radio the voice of the callas. "Standing, with his eyes closed, I started crying. The speaker said the name of him and began my passion."

At 74, without ever having seen it in a stage, the passion is concrete in a beautiful, dramatic and modern tribute: 7 deaths of maria Callas in which other so many sopranos sing the arias of the Traviata, Tosca, Otello, Madame Butterfly, Carmen, Lucia de Lammermoor and Norma.

"Addio, from the Passato Bei Sogni Ridenti. Le Rose of Volto Già are Pallenti ..." (Goodbye Smiling dreams of the past. The roses of my face paled already ...) Sing HERA Hyesang Park incarnating Violetta Valéry, character of The Traviata that the Callas gave life 17 times, only in 1956, in La Scala.

The scene is introduced by an image of Abramovic Field (Violetta dies of tuberculosis) with a willem Dafoe disconsolate. The guideline continues with Tosca / Abramovic, falling in a vacuum from a skyscraper; Desdemona strangled by Othello, with the help of two snakes contributed by the evil Dafoe with a frightening face; Madame Butterfly abandoned on a planet without oxygen; Carmen, all of red and rhinestones, stabbed by the male Dafoe; Lucia with bloody face and norm, fire path. Forceful visually. Gore, at times. Shoulder

Great contrast with the music and voices of the singers. Subtle and beautiful, uniformed of servants by demands of the script. (Clean the room where Callas / Abramovic dies).

Maria Callas sang the Aria of Madame Butterfly at 11 years old but only represented the paper once. And Carmen's habanera on the ship he took from the New York Natal of her to Greece at 13 (in 1937). And Tosca in a summer theater of Athens in 1942. She was never desdemoname or Carmen in the tables although she did take part in both recordings. Lucia and Norma were star roles of her trajectory.

All have in common, the sacrifice on heroine scene because in the 19th, unlike the preceding "happy endings' of Gluck and Mozart," the opera meant the defeat of women ", Certain Title of a Catherine essay Clément. They claim their freedom to love, like Carmen, and die.

"Maria Callas was a diva, the biggest on stage. And, at the same time, fragile, sensitive, melancholy and sad, we also joined that I had a broken heart. I was very much in love and when that relationship ended up could not eat, Neither breathe, or sleep. In my case, my work saved me "Abramovic has declared a France Inter.

Sagitarios, both, conflicting daughters of hard mothers, the Serbian performer has updated the myth. In a context of female empowerment. Helping ... Gandhi. "He said one thing that illustrates the life of struggles, sadness and also of Victoria that I share with Maria Callas: 'First they ignore you, then laugh at you, then fight you and finally you want."

Six minutes of applause from a masked audience that filled the room, upon control of the sanitary pass, responded to the greeting of sopranos, directors and a golden abramovic and satisfied.

The ashes of Maria Callas were deposited in the cemetery of Père Lachaise. The urn that contained them was stolen and recovered by little. Then they were scattered by the Aegean Sea. The followers of it achieved that the niche of Parisian necropolis was not reused even if it is empty.

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