Married earns his barons to claim a PP modest and focused

The key dates of the face to the 10-NErrejón studying to extend his candidacy beyond Madrid at the expense of IglesiasCasado: "PP and Cs are compatible, I pref

Married earns his barons to claim a PP modest and focused
The key dates of the face to the 10-NErrejón studying to extend his candidacy beyond Madrid at the expense of IglesiasCasado: "PP and Cs are compatible, I prefer this route to the Vox"

With the dissolution of the Courts, effective from today, the people's Party you have very few days to get Citizens accept to join forces, with the formula Spain Sum , before the general elections of November 10. On the 29th of September, at 12 of the night, just the term for the registration of coalitions and on the 7th of October is the last day to submit the lists. Paul Married warned yesterday that the division of the centre-right has consequences "lethal" to Spain, and said the PP will be "generous" in the composition of the lists.

The "generosity" displayed the spokesman in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo , at the entrance of the National Executive Committee of the PP, when he confirmed that he was prepared to give up to be number one for Barcelona, and assign that position to the spokesman of Citizens, Ines Arrimadas, if it is presented under the formula of Spain Sum.

Married faces its second general elections with the party calmed down and joined in. The barons closed ranks yesterday in around their president and candidate for La Moncloa. Everyone liked the music and the lyrics of his speech in the National Executive Committee , in which he proposed to lead a "majority-centered, that offers tranquility and progress, and who reject laces health". The popular leader offered his own "a PP more expanded, more popular, less party, inclusive, and recognizable as a moderate and responsible". Are all the messages that have been expressed by the leaders of territorial from the collapse of the last general of the 28th of April.

In this climate of unity, Married, made self-criticism about the errors of the past, that facilitated the "wave divisive" to the center-right: "we failed to be attentive to the feelings of the millions of spaniards hit by the crisis, despite being dumped in to prevent us imposing adjustment measures even more harsh for them. And it is also evident that you have produced behaviour far removed from the exemplary public that we must maintain a commitment not only all, but much more active and vigilant".

With his party made a pineapple at this decisive moment, a Married man turned once more to defend the importance of "unite to win" to the left. He directed his message center, and moderation not only to the voters of the PP , but to which at a given time given back to the party (and they were Citizens or Vox), or those who did not vote never to the popular, but valued now, "consistency and responsibility" before the crash.

Married was especially clear in underlining that the leadership of the unity of the center-right is, no doubt, to the PP. In a message addressed directly to Rivera, who has tried to wrest the popular its space and its leadership in the opposition since April 28, Casado said:"there is No possibility of replacing the PP as brain, heart, and lung of the centre-right Spanish."

In a nod of course to a possible agreement with Citizens, a Married man has located his number two, Teodoro Garcia Egea , as the coordinator of the electoral campaign, in which participation of coral all the territories. The secretary general of the PP was the main doer of the covenants of their match with Citizens and with Vox last summer, in the Community of Madrid, Castilla y León and the Region of Murcia, but also in many municipalities.

Spain Sum "subtraction"

the headquarters of Citizens , in madrid's calle de Alcalá, the glimpse of a shred of the fervor with which he defends Spain Sum in Genoa. Beyond the strategic reasons behind the categorical refusal until now kept its leaders, the union of PP and Citizens would not even be justified calculator in hand.

Sources of the Executive of Citizens to ensure that attend the November 10 under the umbrella of Spain's Sum does not vary the number of seats that add up to now the two-party hegemonic of the centre-right in Congress. In a similar way to what happened to we Can and Left United in 2016, Citizens handles calculations according to which the coalition with the PP would make them lose many supporters.

it is No coincidence that yesterday the spokesman of its Executive Committee, Lorena Roldán , stand as an example Andalusia. And is that as they assert in the direction of the party, if PP and Cs seems to go hand in hand in those regional elections, would have made him the campaign to Susana Diaz, and this would continue today as president of the Board.

the insistence of The PP with the project Spain Sum to , despite the countless denials of Citizens, it is perceived with distrust. The Rivera believe that the PP is "cover up" their problems for the brand and, at the same time, to "dilute" your project "regenerative". "We want to add deputies, not imputed," he repeated again and again Roldán, who insisted that the union with the PP is the greatest longing of Sanchez. For the moment, the bet of Citizens is to trace the offer made to him by the PP before 28-A: if you add a single seat more, there will be agreement. "It is possible, we are convinced that it is possible", said the spokesman for a liberal.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 22:03

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