Married presents his new social contract to rescue Spain and challenges Vox: The PP is a lot of PP

"This is the reunion". A Pablo Married Euphoric has closed this Sunday, in the Bullring of Valencia, the National PP Convention with an appeal to the Unit o

Married presents his new social contract to rescue Spain and challenges Vox: The PP is a lot of PP

"This is the reunion". A Pablo Married Euphoric has closed this Sunday, in the Bullring of Valencia, the National PP Convention with an appeal to the Unit of the Party as a trampoline towards the Moncloa: "We want all the liberals and the conservatives, who trust in We social democrats defrauded by sanchism. "

Married, in a speech of one hour, has shed all its electoral program, point by point and without skimping details. And he has remitted his project as an instrument "to unite everything that is to the right of the PSOE" and to "get the union of all constitutionalists".

The idea-strength of its address has been that the PP "does not have to move from its central site to shelter many people", but "maintain the roots" of their "values". They have appealed married at the final harangue of him: "We are the strong center, a match of many, wide open to society."

"Here we continue, with the game together as a pineapple and strong like a rock, prepared to go back to start the country behind, to rescue our compatriots of ruin and to open a new horizon for Spain," he has summarized married against Theirs, who have corresponded to him with shouts of "President, President!".

In a clearly, Mitinero, Married has concluded that "Spain wants to breathe again PP." "New air, oxygen for families, for companies and for institutions", he has metaphor it. "I want a large PP, a firm PP, a wide pp, an open PP, a strong PP, a pp attached, I want a pp that does not come out to inherit, or to tie, but to win and govern, to modernize Spain To transform society and return power to the Spaniards, "he has proclaimed.

The president of the PP has been so neat in his explanations and it was so hot (30 degrees in the shade) that a part of the public has abandoned the sunstones in advance, leaving bald ones in the rear area of the stage.

Most of the time has dedicated it married to vindicate the legacy of the PP and try to deny the flags on the left. "We are the party that broke the glass roof of women." "We are the party that founded the euro." "We are the party that defeated ETA." "We are the party that stopped the Ibarretxe plan and Plan Puigdemont." "We are the Environment Party, which signed the protocol of Kyoto, that of Paris and the objectives of Sustainable Development". And so on.

He has also taken chest married from the concrete legacy of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy. "This year 25 years of the first electoral victory of the PP in 1996 and 10 years of our second government are met in 2011". "We can be very proud," he has emphasized.

Such has been his confrontation with Pedro Sánchez, who married did not want to go to him: "It's already the past, although I still do not know it, you already know what I think about him, and I'm not going to name him."

Nor has he named Vox married, but he has launched evening releases (like Rajoy and the Barons throughout the week). For example: "Those who came to replace us have been moving along the way. The PP is a lot of PP." Or: "We want a PP of hands open to all". Or this other reference: "We believe a policy against illegal immigration with more material and personal means to stop this humanitarian drama."

The President of the PP has claimed and has made a very positive balance of his three years at the forefront: "We were the third force of Spain according to the surveys and today we are the first, although for this we have had to travel a desert journey : First uniting the game, then consolidating our territorial power and then recovering the leadership of the electoral space of the center right. "

"Come", he said, "to offer the Spaniards a new social contract, a contract with Spain, to return power to citizens, limit the government, reinforce institutions and justice, create employment and sustain our well-being." And in which "judges choose the judges." "We have not changed position, yes, so the blockade is its responsibility," he has assured him, blaming Pedro Sánchez of the paralysis of the General Council of the Judiciary.

The President of the PP, released for a day of the shadow of the controversy with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has been able to place his messages and proposals without the focus being elsewhere. "Nothing else to reach the government will start three major national strategic reform plans to strengthen institutions, employment and families."

The first plan will revolve around "institutional reinforcement". "We will reinforce the national unity by making a crime the call for referendums, the rebellion without violence and the indulses to condemned by sedition. And we will recover competition on prisons in Catalonia and Basque Country," he has promised.

And has also raised a Law of Concord "that will undoubtedly leave the laws of historical memory and will serve to claim the transition and reconciliation between Spaniards, to abandon divisive propaganda and truly help families find the remains of their beings Dear ones ".

In this block of defense of his Concept of Spain, Married has announced that, if he governs, he will create "the National Museum of History of Spain next to El Prado and Reina Sofía, at the current Palace of the Ministry of Agriculture". "The most important nations in the world are proud of their history, and we even more. Spain does not have to ask for forgiveness to anyone or anything, the other way around should thank us for our contribution to America," he added, in reference to Mexico.

The second married strategic plan is that of employment. "Our proposal will be liberalizing the economy to gain competitiveness and immediate growth," cutting the bureaucracy (half of the ministries, for example) and with a reform of the light rate, he said. "It's not about ironing at night, but about changing the government," he proclaimed him.

"Why are healing and education accessible and housing does not?", Has been asked married. "For the ground cost," he has responded to himself. "Therefore, we will liberalize the Law of the Soil to reduce the construction of housing, also in the rural environment to set a population. And we will take out all empty public parcels to the social promotion of public-private collaboration".

In addition to his promise to lower all taxes, married has raised "a new financing model, as the Valencian Community claims to guarantee its future and stop being discriminated only because here it ruled the PP when they imposed the system."

There he has harvested an enormous applause of the Valencian public, who has also ovated the discursive passages of marriage about independence ("Catalonia is free because it is Spanish and will continue to be despite the indunt and tables of shame") and about "the Defense of Spanish as a vehicular language throughout Spain. " "We will bring Puigdemont to the Supreme Court, although we have to travel to the last country in Europe to demand respect for our righteousness," he has promised, without saying how.

He has also ensured that the PP "will cut" public funding "to parties and associations that promote violence," in a reference to Bildu and groupings that organize tributes to the Etharas.

The third large strategic plan that has taken married "will be for families". "Freedom, equality and maternity, that is the new revolution. In that sense, it has raised" put all possible resources "in maternity and conciliation policies, with fiscal reductions, aid to housing, rationalization of schedules, labor flexibility and free education From 0 to 3 years.

Married has also united that, if he governs, he will repeal the Law Celaá and the reform of the Sánchez pensions. "We will maintain the sustainability factor and the revaluation index," as Rajoy and Aznar were asked.

Another measure in this area will be, according to married, "expand the revisionable permanent prison to murders with aggravating gender violence" and repeal "all laws that tarnish against women and that even historical socialists have denied." "Less nonsense of Matria and Niñes and more defending feminine employment and personal autonomy," she hangers.

Date Of Update: 03 October 2021, 09:05

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