Married says that Spain could get an absolute majority

Feijóo censorship that the "ambition" of Sanchez gets to Spain "in the club unstable countries of the EU,"Albert Rivera: "If Sanchez returns to have this s

Married says that Spain could get an absolute majority
Feijóo censorship that the "ambition" of Sanchez gets to Spain "in the club unstable countries of the EU,"Albert Rivera: "If Sanchez returns to have this situation, it will lock Spain"Married will insist on formula Spain Sum despite the new face of Citizens

The president of the PP, Pablo Married , has organized this Thursday in the Congress to the parliamentary groups of the Congress and the Senate, just four days to dissolve the Cortes. In his intervention, has argued that the right to earn into the project of Spain Sum. Win to govern, he has defended Married, and govern to unite Spain.

With the results of the polls, the parties that did not want to Sanchez would have had an absolute majority in the polls. "It was a serious proposal," he said. "It was a proposal extraordinarily generous , meant that many of you aceptabais leave your seats to competing parties. We have made a proposal generous, that's never been done in Spain".

Sources from the PP have explained that with the results in the ballot box in the 28th of April, if you had united, PP, Citizens, Vox, Navarra Sum and coalición Canaria would have reached the 176 deputies, that is to say, the most absolute.

"The fragmentation of the vote on the centre-right is the biggest lifesaver for Pedro Sánchez", he stressed. "The time has given us the reason," he noted, in reference to the insistence that it had in the previous campaign about the harm would be to the center-right of his division in three games.

"The division of space election has been to give more weapons to the left and the nationalists". Married believes that these elections will unlock, seriousness and confidence, and has defended an alternative moderate.

Position "consistent"

The leader of the opposition has defended the position "consistent" of his party in the last few months, a model of the campaign "moderate" and "forward-looking" , in which the popular they are not going to ask for the vote of fear or anger. "I do not want the fear vote , or the ira, I don't want to neither fear nor anger among spaniards. I want to vote for a project integrator", has warned Married.

"Against all logic and sense of the Government functions: has decided that it prefers to remain functions. It has been a decision solely for Pedro Sanchez, we didn't want and Spain didn't deserve to," he explained.

Married, has stressed that the PP has been "up to". "What a sight it is giving to Spain!". In his opinion, everyone should do self-criticism, even those that do not have responsibility in what has happened. "It is a paralysis that has just been listed in".

the leader of The PP has defended the position "consistent" of the popular, "that couldn't be moved because no one has moved, and unless the person concerned". " The King has been at the height , the problem is not institutional, of the Constitution, the Congress, is a problem of bad policy, left, has not been able to make policy adult and has led us to an impasse".

Married has compared the attitude of the PP with the other parties, in reference to the Citizens, that has given a sudden turns: "We have been at the height of what the spaniards we have sued. We have not given to sudden turns or changes of position are difficult to explain".

"We met with Pedro Sánchez, who has not given us a single reason to change the posture," he pointed out. In his opinion, Sanchez has been more concerned with his interests electoralistas that for the general interest.

Married has defended his campaign "forward-looking" , which must clearly explain "why Sanchez has gone to the repetition of elections" and for what can go right. In his judgment, is by the fragmentation of their opponents.

Date Of Update: 19 September 2019, 16:00

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