Married will agree with the barons 'settings' in the lists

Paul Married: "Sanchez is going very touched to these elections"The right united would have got 27 seats more than PP, Cs, and Vox separadosEl party Errejón o

Married will agree with the barons 'settings' in the lists
Paul Married: "Sanchez is going very touched to these elections"The right united would have got 27 seats more than PP, Cs, and Vox separadosEl party Errejón opens its Assembly with the intention to please be the 10-N

Paul Married confirmed to the deputies and senators of the PP that has "all" for the next general election, but that does not mean that repeat in the same positions in which they arose on the 28th of April. The president of the popular provides for "adjustments", for the losses that have occurred in recent months, especially in the list of Madrid, but also because, according to the calculations handled at the Genoa expect to win 40 additional seats between the Congress and the Senate, which will reinstate many that were left out and do some signing. A predicted that would change if the PP achieved its objective of reaching some agreement with Citizens.

Since the addresses of the autonomous community of PP has claimed to be Married to dialogue and listen to the regional leaders and provincial before approving the lists. In any Community, such as the Basque Country or Andalusia, sat down very badly in April that Genoa have imposed some names, such as Íñigo Arcauz in Guipúzcoa or Juan José Cortés in Huelva. Now they claim that they take advantage of the development of the lists to make pineapple with the territories and to "widen" the party.

" If there is to make some adjustment will be in accordance with provincial organizations and regional . We will have to go looking, because we have more time and there is anticipation of more seats. There is a forecast of about 20 seats in the Congress and many others in the Senate. There are 40 names that can enter into the equation", he explained Married to ABC.

Sources of the PP does not rule out that there is movement between the Congress and the Senate. Some popular sources point to the possibility that Juan José Cortés, whose candidacy for Huelva was very discussed by the PP andaluz, shall become a candidate for the Senate. It would open the way for the return of Fatima Báñez , very close to Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, an option that Married not ruled out in the interview that was published ABC yesterday: "it Would be great to come back to active politics". Its reinstatement would be widely applauded by all the barons and Married to affirm as well their will to open the match and bet on integration. In the PP itself rule out that some senators, such as Fernando Martinez Maillo, or Rafael Hernando to return to Congress.

the president of The PP is not a friend of sudden changes, and even less to violate commitments. Everything points to the number two in Madrid will remain Adolfo Suárez Illana, according to sources of the PP. The bid by Madrid has had several casualties since April, and Daniel Lacalle (number four), Andrea Levy (six) and Javier Fernández-Lasquetty (ten). is Genoa could take advantage of to do some signing of the civil society in those early posts , and Married does not rule out that it can strengthen the economic team, which within the PP leads Lacalle somo secretary of the Economy.

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo could also repeat as number one in Barcelona . His seat was the only one who got the PP in Catalonia, and the spokesman of the Popular Group in Congress do not believe that you may be in danger now, because in his opinion his party has touched ground in this constituency. Yes changes are expected in the Basque Country, where the PP is not managed to a single deputy or senator in the elections of April. The departure of Javier Maroto to Segovia leaves free the first place for Lava to the Lower Chamber. The PP basque has claimed that take into account their opinion when deciding who will be that low. Maroto, by the way, that he was elected senator by designation regional Parliament of Castilla y León, will not be presented to the election, as his seat has already been secured.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 12:02

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