Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The adventures of a panda of space macar

It is true that the galaxy guardians films were a coolest bet of the classic History of superheroes Marvel, as well as space opera. By listening for the first

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The adventures of a panda of space macar

It is true that the galaxy guardians films were a coolest bet of the classic History of superheroes Marvel, as well as space opera. By listening for the first time of a game about these characters, it was clear that the game was moving away from the style of Marvel's Avengers, we did not know if for good or for bad, but after trying it, there is no doubt, all the charism that lives The Avengers, are left over to Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, Drax and Rocket.

It was clear that this game developed by Eidos-Montréal came to correct, by Square Enix, some grams that found players at Marvel's Avengers. In addition, just as in movies, music would be an important part of experience and perhaps this point is one of the most differentiaters of the title.

Of first it also seemed to have some grams, like the one that only a character was playable, Star-Lord, just like combat, but after trying it, the first impressions away these ideas. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is very narrative, with very narrative we want to say that the characters do not stop talking or during the fights. You can interact with the rest of guardians always, until the level that, to advance some puzzles, you will have to interact with the same more than once.

It is style, the chrule and personality of each character that makes up the quintet of the galaxy guardians is captured perfectly by the Eido-Montréal team. Even though the rest of the team is not playable characters, during combats and exploration, they can be part of the action to help Star-Lord.

During the game, the protagonist will have a kind of 'Vision Detective' with which to scan objects to find shortcuts and unlock tickets in the diary on the history of different characters or monsters.

Despite not being a sandbox, maps are not 100% pasathlests or linear, allowing a minimum of exploration or my favorite part, 'lollo', to get extra skins. This is part of the good news that accompanies the title, the different skins with which to dress the guardians of the galaxy will be unlocked during the game.

Another of its strengths that increase the score that can go down for the fact of being something linear, is the decision-making system. It is true that the end is the same, do whatever you do, but during the game, thanks to a decision-making conversation system, conflict can be avoided, for example.

Combat with music greatly improves the experience

We already mentioned that music is a very important part of this title and its integration with the combat is almost magisterial. If you love the hits of the 80s, with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy you will enjoy what is not written. Star-Lord sucks with the name of him written on a 'Thrash Metal' style patch aimed at ways and Macarra is a while.

The combat system has in common with other games, as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, who controls a single character, but you can indicate quick orders to the other team members, although in this case you can not exchange with the characters as such, Just guide your combos and skills.

Some have different skills that can be unlocked according to they gain skill points in the game. Meanwhile, Star-Lord, as the main character can be used more classically, sticking shots with the different elementary modes of the weapon, flying and dodging.

The combat, although something complex the first time one is face to face with him, at the end it is intuitive, leaving a small gap to improvisation. In addition, it is not easy easy, depending on the story requires a certain technique, also allowing the strategies if it does not go well to the first.

To know better the ins and outs of this title, which promises hours of fun and good music (with Twisted Sister Hits, Iron Maiden or Bonnie Tyler), from Pixel we were able to chat with Mary Demarle, executive narrative director at Eidos-Montréal and Jean-François Dugas, creative senior director in Eidos-Montréal.

How was the collaboration with Marvel for this game?

Mary: We started to collaborate with Marvel will make a few years to develop Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, and at that time it was very interesting the margin of creativity that were going to give us. Immediately we realized that, for this game, we wanted to conceive something based on our own creative vision, but being faithful to the spirit of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

We were very lucky to work with Bill Rosemann - the creative vice president of Marvel Games - and his team really understand how these characters were. Thanks to the huge baggage they have, both the comics and work for years with these characters, they helped us to elaborate our own interpretation without losing their way.

Contact more about your interpretation of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Mary: For me, working at Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was a dream because the key to the game resides in the narrative experience. I trust that we have managed to create a story that engages, with a lot of humor, action and emotional moments through the mechanics, the game experience and the interactions you will have with the guardians. In Peter Quill's skin, you will have to guide them until it becomes the family that should be to save the galaxy.

What was your main source of inspiration when developing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy?

Mary: The first thing we did nothing else to start the project was soak up all the material of the guardians. We saw the movies and cartoons, and we read comics to Mansalva because the true spirit of the Guardians of the Galaxy was there, in the comics. There are so many different versions of them in all these sources that served us to focus and find the authentic essence of the characters that we could later use for our own interpretation. Once we got it, we were able to start implementing our own sources of inspiration and our own stories to nurture the experience and create something that was unique to you.

What is history going in general?

Mary: Honestly, it's hard for me to talk about the story because I do not want to end up anything. That said, I will only reveal that it takes several years after a great galactic war of whose sequelae the universe has not yet recovered. This is where Peter Quill and his plan from forming a team of heroes will be served to make a living; They already have an active time and have the hope of winning pasta immediately while they run adventures and rediscover the joy of living in this new universe. During one of his rapies, and because of him-or not- of a stupid bet between two of them, there is a small accident that ends up lifetime and growing until they trigger a series of catastrophic events that will put in check the universe if the guardians They do not assume responsibility and take a step forward.

In what did you inspire you for the design of each character?

Mary: More than anything, we were inspired by the comics and, in doing so, we soon realize that Peter Quill is a man who lives trapped in his childhood, which was developed in the 80s. So, once We deepened on it, we were able to design the character based on the nostalgia of that time, from its exaggerated hairstyle to his jacket with tacks, going through the pins he has placed, inspired by games of the moment and very on the line of the 80s. Focus on that, we were able to provide our Peter Quill of a recognizable aspect, at the same time.

When we investigate the design and personality of Gamora, we put ourselves again with the comics of guardians of the galaxy and soon discover that of so different designs that there was. But if there is something they were all in common, it is that Gamora is a hard aunt. She is the "most lethal of the galaxy", and we wanted a design that illustrated it perfectly. That is why we opted for the complete tactical armor of it; Because we wanted to capture the nature of such a cane and lethal character.

When we get to DRAX, it will not take long to repair the marks that you have throughout the body. We came to the conclusion that they were a very symbolic element that transcended the decorative. The designs of him relate the history of his life as an integral part of him. They tell us about the numerous battles in which he has participated, from the family of him, of the things he has lost, of which he has won ... and all this became the central part of the design of him .

We see Rocket and Groot as a team. They are like a nail and meat, so their designs should reflect how well they are competenced. Groot put a harness that Rocket manufactured as they could work as a team, as it allows him to be mounted in a jump and use it as a turret in full combat. In turn, the design of Rocket presents details of Groot - as the accessory that has on its knob, which includes Groot's face - which symbolizes its past in common and the relationship they have. Needless to say, Rocket's design is inspired by the passion of him by explosives and explosions. But, as we have already said, you have to see them as a team that knows how to be complemented.

We play like Star-Lord, why did you choose you for that narrative thread?

Mary: We always started working in a game thinking that we want to create something that captivates and having fun players. For us it was very clear that I should be Star-Lord because he is the heart of the team. He is the human integrant with which we can identify us. In addition, being his "self-proclaimed leader", he will be at the center of all the interactions of these characters, not to mention battles and everything else.

Jean-François: We wanted to explore the strengths and weaknesses of those characters to see what they could collide, but also how they could connect. In the end, we thought that the best way to offer the experience we proposed was to put players on the team embodying one of the guardians.

How does Star-Lord interact with the guardians?

Mary: When playing with Star-Lord, you are in the epicenter of all the interactions of the Guardians, either exploring or fighting. You can channel the conversations that occur among team members and resort to the different skills of the guardians when you fight against several enemies. Being his leader, you can even use improvements to lift morals, and thus have more options to achieve victory by dealing with the characters themselves. You will participate in all the social interactions you have, and you will be responsible for directing the team into combat and find out how to get out of their skills to help you against enemies. There are mechanics to encourage them when things do not go so well. This goes far beyond intervening in all conversations, interactions and chags that these people act; You are in the center of everything.

With whom are the guardians to face?

Mary: In the game, players will come up with all kinds of creatures and villains taken from the longeva history of guardians of the galaxy. I think the stormer fans will recognize some surprises that we have prepared. In the end, the guardians will have to become the last line of defense before a mysterious order that will annihilate anyone who refuses to follow his beliefs.

How do decisions and consequences affect the journey of players?

Jean-François: When playing as Star-Lord, the "self-proclaimed leader" of the Guardians of the Galaxy, one thing is clear: you are going to have to make decisions. Not only are you going to react to the actions of your colleagues, but also to the events that occur, and that will bring consequences. Throughout the game, you will keep conversations with the team, you will find you with enemies and allies, and you will have to decide how to face the situation. Your decisions will affect gameplay, sometimes on a very small scale - such as the challenge that occupies you at that time - while others, the consequences will affect scenarios much larger and events will be developed in another way.

Mary: Yes, deep down, we are creating a very powerful narrative experience. Both the beginning and the end of the game will be the same for all the players, since we are working on a climax of the most exciting. We want all players to experience it to enjoy the best possible adventure.

What role does music play at Marvel's Guarders of the Galaxy?

Mary: I think it is impossible to talk about the guardians of the galaxy without thinking about the music that is going to sound. In this game, we have a lot of teals licensed from the 80s because Peter is a kid anchored at that time. You will want to listen to artists from the size of KISS, Iron Maiden, Wham!, Blondie, Pat Benatar ... all this kind of classics. As licensed music is not a superfluous element in our game, we have decided to go a step further and integrate it into some action scenes. But let's leave that topic for another time ...

Will there be downloadable content (DLC) or microtransractions in the game?

Mary: There will be no downloadable content or microtransractions because, for us, it is very important that the players, when they buy the game, can access and enjoy everything this offers from the first day. Thus, from the first moment, you will have access to all available attires. As they advance, they will get all the skills. Everything will be there.

What noses paint a flame in your game?!

Mary: What's a flame in the game? That? J. F., Who has put a flame in the game?!

Jean-François: The flame is legal, fits into the game. You play. You will see that everything is controlled.

Mary: I wanted a goat!

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