MasterChef Celebrity 6, Live: Ofelia returns to kitchens in the fourth gala

The Gala 4 of MasterChef Celebrity 2021 today has illustrious guests: ofelia, aspirant of MasterChef 9, and Mario Vaquerizo, a finalist of MasterChef Celebrity

MasterChef Celebrity 6, Live: Ofelia returns to kitchens in the fourth gala

The Gala 4 of MasterChef Celebrity 2021 today has illustrious guests: ofelia, aspirant of MasterChef 9, and Mario Vaquerizo, a finalist of MasterChef Celebrity 3, return to the Platós who saw them cooking.

After the expulsion of Tamara, Samantha Hudson and Vanesa Romero, today aspirants face challenges such as serving a 140-meter altitude menu. Specifically, it is the Arbore da Veira restaurant, the Chef Luis Veira (a Michelin star), which will ask you to reproduce a menu designed by him: four dishes with all the flavor of the earth.

In the first test the contestants cook as a couple. One of the most explosive is composed of Verónica Forqué and Ofelia.

Pepe Rodríguez criticizes that the puff pastry that covers the recipe does not seem a salmon but a lizard. He definitely did not like judges. The aesthetics of the Arkano dish and Eduardo Navarrete either does not convince ... and the mass has been raw.

Verónica Forqué recognizes that perhaps they have not understood well. They are the first to present their dish to judges for tasting. The actress says: "Ofelia is a swirl." They argue about who should have cleaned the head of the salmon. Well presence but ... Chorrea blood! However, the non-bloody part has liked Jordi Cruz.

The Actress Veronica Forqué is holding the nerves of Ofelia very well but the tightness jumps already. "Shut up," Forqué says, while the Galician gives instructions without continuity solution. They are a watchmaking pump. "Do not fall asleep" is another of the pearls that forqué says to ofelia, who keeps her tone of voice ...

The journalist makes the ball of Judge Samantha Vallejo-Najera to Chive Steps from the Salmon Recipe with Basket. She porocated Pedraza, the town where she has a hospitality business, also the beauty of her ... she does not fire. Samantha does not loosen information.

Ofelia has already stood out in her edition of MasterChef for the screams she gave during the cooked. She often pulled from her, literally, her companions (memorable her disputes with Mary). To Verónica Forqué, whom she has called for a mistake "Victoria" also shouts, of course. The actress, for the moment, has not protested. Let's see how long ...

Yotuel Yes Share the information with some of the companions, but without order or concert. Terellu, after melting the glasses of it in the previous gala in the oven, a new model looks.

Pepe Rodríguez gives Yotuel only all instructions for the cooking of the salmon recipe. Have you been able to memorize everything? Will he share the steps with the rest of the companions or will remain it for himself and the couple of him, David Bustamante? The winner of this test will obtain a prize a trip to the Norwegian city of Bergen, in full fjords.

Eye, they are going to be a couple in the boot test. Ofelia is the first one who recognizes her suspicion. Paul Bocuse seabass is uncovered, which will have to reproduce the aspirants but in this case, they will use Norwegian salmon. Jordi Cruz shows contestants how to work this nutritious fish.

The Exconcursant Galician is offered, fun, to work at Jordi Cruz's restaurant. She says, with humor, that she now "is a silk". She also admits that the program has given him love and encourages Terelu in the search for a couple.

The presenter and humorist does not hesitate to recognize, among laughter, that all the contestants, it included, have a rather low level of cooking. Fourth Gala and so we are. The judges invite aspirants to pair and Miki joins Terelu. A Verónica Forqué Nobody chooses it ...

The actress is sad for the farewell of Vanesa Romero, but also because of the choking his mother, admitted to a residence. She is very excited and can not contain tears.

After a performances very commented by the aspirant Veronica Forqué, the audience today waits impatiently to see his behavior in the contest. Will she be despotic with her companions or an oil raft? How will she eat with ofelia? Twitter already talks about the matter:

The first test is a tribute to the already disappeared precursor of the Nouvelle Cuisine, Paul Bocuse, since the aspirants that will have to cook their mythical seabass in crust with porridge sauce accompanied by a Norwegian salmon.

Ofelia, from Mastechef 9, returns today to the talent kitchens to cook next to one of the current aspirants. The one that was one of the most controversial contestants, by the tensions that generated with other participants their nervousness and the screams of it, she will cook as a couple with one of the celebrities.

Date Of Update: 04 October 2021, 17:10

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