MasterChef Grandparents 2, First Program, Live

The first program of MasterChef grandparents 2 will lead the contestants to Benidorm, who, in addition, will have the visit of the protagonists of the latest ed

MasterChef Grandparents 2, First Program, Live

The first program of MasterChef grandparents 2 will lead the contestants to Benidorm, who, in addition, will have the visit of the protagonists of the latest edition of Masterchef Celebrity, Carmina Barrios, Juanma Castaño and the winner and finalist of the first contest, Guadalupe Fiñana and Aurelia Matallán.

Rosario, José, Eduardo, María Luisa, Mari Carmen, Daniel, Lola, Inés, Rocío, Filomen, Almudena and Andrés are the twelve contestants who will try to win the trophy that will prove like MasterChef champion grandparents, as well as 12,000 euros in cash.

During the contest the aspirants will be able to enjoy the presence of quotasible aspiring as Ricard Camarena, Toño Pérez, Pepa Muñoz, Ramón Freixa, Pepe Solla, Fina Puigdevall, Martina Puigvert, Francis Paniego, Martín Berasategui and Juanjo López.

Rosario is going to review what the opposite team is doing. Both captain believes that they take it regular

Jordi asks Lola if she thinks a couple of this MasterChef grandparents will come out, and it seems that Joseph and María Luisa have had an approach. I see it better!

Ricard Camarena believes that they go out of the bindhouse '' Besides, he does not see pressure. It must be the experience. ''

Samantha warns that among diners there are 16 friends of the participants.

They want to know if a retouch has been made.

When the cooking begins the Luisa and Mari Carmen team they talk about what their friends are going to say when they return home.

Pepe wins to choose equipment and opt for the blue team. He advises you to start the two courses simultaneously.

Lola, the Captain of the Red Team, explains Jordi the organization. She suggests that she put someone with the dessert.

Rosario, captain of the blue team, is overwhelmed and runs a few minutes because '' being captain is a brown. ''

Samantha Vallejo-Nagera explains the dessert and scold Lola, Captana.

Almudena chooses the captains: Rosario and Lola. And it will be chance to decide the participants of each team.

Jordi announces that they will have to make avant-garde cuisine made by Ricard Camarena, whose restaurant has 3 Suns Repsol.

Incoming is a menestra for the blue team. The first is hake with potato onion and beans for the red team. The second is margarita rice. The desserts is coffee with burnt milk ice cream and macadamia.

The menu will be done for 85 guests.

From 10 to 1. Daniel receives 4 points. The 7 are for Rocío, Pepe says '' The stew of meat with potato had a great taste. '' The 5 points go for Eduardo with a recipe with cod. 3 points for Filomeno: '' It has not been my day. '' 8 points are for Andrés. The 2 points go to the Marker of Inés. The 9 points are for Rosario, for a very well cooked dish: '' I was afraid ... '' The 6 points are for Lola for her 'Fabes with clams'.

The 10 points are for Almudena for their crepes because they were perfectly executed.

Marí Carmen, María Luisa and Joseph stay with 1 point.

Double Tartar, presented with Mickey Mouse aspect. José: '' I cook intuitively. '' Pepe and Jordi believe that he has put too much ingredients.

Andrés, the sensation of the program, takes a comb and combs. Carmina wants to know if she has had many girlfriends and stay to have a coffee and tell her story. 'Espanish King's tail. Jordi believes that he is rich, but that the sauce is not so achieved. Carmina: '' A TRI

Carolina and Inés have made fish, but have not convinced the jury.

Diego and Almudena has made 'crepes to my air' diego is a great fucking Jordi tells him. Stuffs of prawns and mushrooms. Pepe has loved it, it is difficult to do the crepe recognizes Samantha.

Bacalao to the Vizcain to me, well he knows me. Claudia is nervous: '' I enjoyed a lot with the grandfather. I carry social networks to the whole family. '' Pepe: '' The cod point is perfect. ''

Start Mari Carmen and her granddaughter with 'the stew of my grandmother.' 'The judges and carmina believe that a little sauce has been lacking.

Butched cheek is the dish of hear and his grandfather. Jordi: '' It's a cheek chocolate. '' Pepe tells him it's perfect for a menu restaurant. Samantha, for the part of her, praises them by the way to cook.

Rosario is more of Vermut with friends dinners, dancing and singing. '' I have not been able to send my granddaughter well to make the lamb stew. '' Pepe has loved it: '' It is very well cooked, Rosario. I dedicate it to my husband Victor. ''

Filomen and Patricia make 'rice to the philomen' '' I have not done well, it is the first time I cook in ceramic and also the first time I use saffron. '' In the end encourages all retirees

'Jewish disaster' is the dish of Lola and Elena. '' I have passed the cooked of the beans. '' Pepe recognizes that they have a good taste. '' My prize has been cooking with my granddaughter. ''

Rocío and Hugo have 'kind potatoes' because they will be left to eat. Rocío has chosen Sirloin. Hugo recognizes that he does not usually cook with his grandmother. Ha Pepe have liked it, but he squeaked the meat. Carmina is excited when talking with Rocío. Pepe tells him that whoever takes the children of her working has to feel orguillaous

María Luisa and her granddaughter cook 'I have tried'. It is a beef pasta. The sauce has been very little, it has been missing for the sauce. Ainara cooked the pasta.

Daniel and Henar believe that they have put a lot of chocolate to his recipe. The grandson of Joseph does not like the dish he is preparing. In the embodied are a little orders. Diego tells the grandmother of him: '' Remove what a fadhouse is. ''

Then Carmina gives them a tip. They go to the supermarket. And the cooked begins!

And before starting, Carmina enters. '' Every time I'm better. I've missed. Andrés is interesting. I have made two avant-garde dishes, but now I prefer to go out to eat "

The first challenge is that of mysterious boxes. Each one finds a different ingredient: Fabes, prawns, palletilla. They have to make a free plate with the product that has touched them. They have three minutes to take the rest of the ingredients, when .... Tachán! Jordi announces that they will have some helpers: enter the grandchildren of the contestants.

Samantha remembers that in his generation the kitchen was the place of the house where he was experiencing.

Mari Carmen: '' The pandemic has stolen us part of our Masterchef life is an energy rush. ''

Pepe recalls some crepes of the second edition, which he performed Almudena. Jordi, however, Daniel's face sounds like. He is the grandfather of Henar who participated in MasterChef Junior 8

María Luisa takes out to dance to the judges. Rocío: '' I have dedicated all my life to cleanliness. My divorce was one of the first. I do not want boyfriends. ''

Filomeno: 'My whatsapp did not stop with the storm. I have retired three years and my wife worked. I told him that I took care of the kitchen. ''

Mari Carmen feels the black sheep because she is outdated because she likes to cook but she has been dedicated

Lola: '' My husband thinks I'm a bit crazy. I'm not willing to get older. I would have liked to be born at this time and work. ''

You enter the contestants in the kitchens of MasterChef. Jordi names them one by one. Rocío recognizes that she is a great emotion. They begin to look at the shelves and kitchens. Lola: '' They are more beautiful than on TV "says one of the contestants about the judges. What a thrill!

A lot of experience cooking and eager to learn and have fun. That is what we will have tonight in the kitchens of MasterChef.

At 22:10 we will know the twelve participants of the second edition of MasterChef grandparents. Next to the jury will receive the visits of Carmina Barrios and Juanma Castaño.

Updated Date: 10 January 2022, 18:06

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