MasterChef Grandparents 2: These are the contestants

MasterChef grandparents premieres today their second edition at the 1 of TVE. In this talent the grandparents of Spain will be the protagonists, a generation

MasterChef Grandparents 2: These are the contestants

MasterChef grandparents premieres today their second edition at the 1 of TVE. In this talent the grandparents of Spain will be the protagonists, a generation that has been in front of the decade after decade. Rosario, José, Eduardo, María Luisa, Mari Carmen, Daniel, Lola, Inés, Rocío, Filomen, Almudena and Andrés are the 12 chosen ones who will fight for the trophy that will be credited as MasterChef grandparents and 12,000 euros in cash.

Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nagera and Jordi Cruz repeat as judges of this edition of the contest for the most veterans, and will accompany the evolution of the aspirants. The program will start with a stop in Benidorm and the visit of illustrian guests, such as Carmina Barrios, Juanma Castaño and Teresa, the mother of Juanma, and the winner and finalist of the first edition of MasterChef Grandparents, Guadalupe Fiñana and Aurelia Matallán.


84 years, Burgos. Until he retired, he ruled a lottery administration in a village of Burgos who came to distribute the second prize of the Christmas Lottery. In the free time of him, he loved cooking and this is currently dedicated as Hobby. The star dishes of it are the calluses and the slug palette to the beer.


66 years, Pontevedra. He has traveled more than 100 countries and loves to travel on his bike. He worked as an electrician and watchful, but now he regented a hotel in Cádiz. In the free time of him, he organizes cooking competitions with his friends and has mounted a gastronomic association. The specialty of it is the rice and chicken with Maracuyá.


83 years, Málaga. He was a driver in a luxury hotel in Benalmádena. Now, even though he is retired, he does not stop still. He loves riding a bike, walking and creating cooking content for the YouTube channel of him. He is a crack of the Fideuás and the paellas, although with the soup and rice with milk he has conquered on more than one occasion to his family.

Maria Luisa

81 years, Cádiz. It is a passionate about the traditional Spanish cuisine, although it is defended well before a good Wellington Sirloin or a Bullabesa soup. She has always been a housewife, but she has traveled a lot with her husband. She loves her package on the bike and, although she has character, she is very sentimental and usually avoids discussions.

Great Carmen

79 years, Barcelona. She loves decoration and fashion. Both she and her children's children did the pinitos of her in the modeling world. That care in detail also applies it in the kitchen, since she loves to pamper the presentation of the dishes. She cooks only one day a week and leaves everything ready for the rest of the days. The preferred dish of it is the rustic meat.


77 years, Madrid. The granddaughter of him henar conquered us at Masterchef Junior 8 and now Daniel reaches the cuisines of the program to give us great moments. Before retiring, he worked at a neighborhood neighborhood restaurant very cheap. However, he now cooks at home for pleasure. The specialty of him is Toro's tail.


77 years, Córdoba. She learned to cook when she got married. Since then, she loves to receive her children and her grandchildren at home to prepare delicious delicacies. For 53 years she has lived in Madrid, but she leads to the dear Córdoba her in the heart. In her kitchen there is no missing dishes like fabes with clams and calluses.


78 years, Cantabria. After many years of work, Inés aspires to enjoy a simple and quiet life. Next to the ex-husband, she mounted a hotel-restaurant, but when she divorced her, she left him to move to live in Madrid. At present, she Inés has three children and is the queen of family music games. She loves to walk, travel, read and cook. The star plate of it is the enclosed jibs.


71 years, cáceres. She prefers all-life dishes. Some dishes that she worship her children and her grandchildren, since she prepares you tuppers everywhere. For three years she has been retired, but she developed her work life as a cleansing. She now she arrives at MasterChef with a lot of desire to enjoy cooking.


64 years, Alicante. Declared Fan from MasterChef, the paellas are very well paused or the sausage with artichokes. On his last birthday, he prepared a paella for 40 people and even the friends of his children visit him to try his dishes. In the free time of him, he loves to go for a walk through the mountain next to his labrador.


87 years, from Vizcaya. She cooks from 8 years and defines her dishes as traditional. The specialty of it is the crepe stuffed with prawns and mushrooms, although she loves the pastry. She recognizes that she prefers to cook at night because she is more active than in the morning. In her free time she also loves to play cards with her friends.


89 years, A Coruña. With 86 years she started her model career for high sewing firms. He has even worked as an actor. During the previous working life, he has dedicated himself to the law and has also worked as a diplomatic cultural aggregate. In the free time of him, he prepares potboat plates and desserts. The star dish is the flan.

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