Meat Loaf dies, Hard Rock Legend

The singer and American actor Michael Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, has died tonight at 74, according to a statement published on his Facebook account, w

Meat Loaf dies, Hard Rock Legend

The singer and American actor Michael Lee Aday, better known as Meat Loaf, has died tonight at 74, according to a statement published on his Facebook account, where they specify that he has died "surrounded by his wife Deborah, his daughters Pearl and Amanda and her closest friends ".

During his extensive professional career, he encompassed more than six decades, he sold more than 100 million albums around the world and appeared in more than 65 films, among which the fight club and The Rocky Horror Picture Show stand out, with the that debuted. Winner of a Grammy, the album of him Bat Out of Hell remains one of the most successful discs of all time, with more than 43 million units sold around the world. In England it remained for more than a decade in the lists of successes.

Fame came to Meat Loaf with the classic culture The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There he interpreted Eddie, a 50-year-old Rocker dealer next to Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry. He played the role in the first US production in 1974, in the Broadway version of 1975 and in the film released in 1975, which supposed his jump to stardom.

Born in Dallas, Texas, his mother was a school teacher and his father an alcoholic police officer who used to disappear from home for days. In school he began to dismiss on school theatrical productions and although he enrolled at the University of Northern Texas, after the death of his mother moved to Los Angeles, where he formed his first rock band, Meat Loaf Soul. The name that would accompany him all the lives of him, Meat Loaf, a piece of meat, is inspired by the mote that put his soccer coach for the great magnitude of him.

His beginnings as a singer speak of his extraordinary vocal capacity: during the recording of his first song toned such a high note that, according to the legend, he melted a recording monitor fuse and offered him three recording contracts. He all rejected and debuted as the Telonero de Them, the group of Van Morrison, in The Cave, a music premises of Huntington Beach in 1968. During the following years he would act next to the most pomegranate of the Rock of the 60s (The Who, The Stooges, MC5, Grateful Dead), although Michael Lee Aday always confessed that one of his greatest struggles was that the musical industry took him seriously. He was recruited as an interpreter in the musical hair in his first functions in Los Angeles and this allowed him to take the leap to Broadway.

It was in one of the many auditions that was presented in New York where he met Jim Steinman in 1972. His relationship with the composer was one of the most fruitful of rock history: Steinman was the author of hymns like Rock and Roll Dreams eat through, the best selling BAT OUR OF HELL (43 million discovered discs) or I'D do anything for love (but I won't do that), a 12-minute ballad that became instantly number one in 28 countries after its launch in 1994 and that Meat Loaf won the Grammy Award for the Best Rock Singer of the Year. It was the return of him to the scenarios after a paron in the 1980s motivated by a condition in the vocal cords of him. Steinman and Meat Loaf also had their disagreements and the singer stood in a series of judicial demands with the label of him in the 1980s, when he tried to go to the stand up comedy and came to record some sketches with Hugh Laurie.

The decade of the 90s was marked by his collaboration with the singer Patti Russo, who joined Meat Loaf on several international tours, and for the launch of his first great successes with a couple of new songs written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. He also acted in Films aswayne's World, Spiceworld: The Movie, Crazy in Alabama or the fight club, where he played an obese man with cancer of testicles.

In 2007, during a performance in Newcastle, Meat Loaf surprised the public by saying goodbye to the scenarios, although his promoter clarified after the tour would continue. The singer never came to abandon live music. In 2011 he starred another start to be fainted in a recital in Pittsburg. The last album of him, the umpteenth collaboration with Steinman, was launched in 2016 and had a Title Braver Than We WE.

Date Of Update: 21 January 2022, 08:39

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