Mercedes-Benz EQC: exciting driving dynamics

Mercedes E Class 300: hybrid diesel with the tag "Zero" for urbanites viajerosMercedes Benz GLC: elegant, sporty and very all terrenoLos CLA and EQC, the mode

Mercedes-Benz EQC: exciting driving dynamics
Mercedes E Class 300: hybrid diesel with the tag "Zero" for urbanites viajerosMercedes Benz GLC: elegant, sporty and very all terrenoLos CLA and EQC, the model 100% electric brand, will see the light in the CES of Las Vegas

The new Mercedes-Benz EQC demonstrates its dynamism in the driving with the occasion of the national launch to the media in Spain. The "Mercedes" of the electrical account with all the attributes of the brand, a autonomy of 445-471 km , a high level of acoustic comfort and an exhilarating driving dynamics thanks to its two motors (one per axle) that entregann 408 horsepower through all-wheel drive 4MATIC fully variable. This is the first Mercedes to 100 % electric of the new family, EQ, and supposed the beginning of a new electrical era for the company, which is investing more 31.000 million euros for electric mobility.

The EQC equipped with a propulsion system of completely new development with a kinematic chain electric compact (eATS) on the front axle and another on the rear axle. This provision gives the EQC the qualities of motion of an model with all-wheel-drive . The two teams of propulsion work together to develop a power of approximately 300 kW, and the maximum torque set of the two electric motors amounting to about 765 Nm.

The engineers of Mercedes-Benz have implemented various measures to improve the acoustic comfort. The eATS of the EQC are decoupled by double entry by using supports of rubber, both between the propulsion unit and auxiliary frame between the subframe and the body. These sophisticated measures of disengagement are supplemented with measures of isolation. Result: the interior of The EQC is extremely quiet .

A battery of lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity span of about 80 kWh (cycle, standard european) supplies the electricity required by the vehicle. The consumption and autonomy depend greatly on the driving style, also in electric vehicles. The EQC attends to your driver, the provision of 5 driving programs of different features : "COMFORT", "ECO", "MAX RANGE", "SPORT" and a program individually adaptable. An essential component in the driving programs are optimized for saving energy is the accelerator pedal haptic, which helps the driver to perform an economic driving style. The driver has the possibility to influence the power of recovery by pressing shift paddles arranged behind the steering wheel.

A system of driving assistance named assistant ECO provided extensive assistance to the driver for driving cutting edge. For example, with indications about the right time to lift the foot from the accelerator, by approaching a speed limit, or with functions such as glide and precise control of the recovery. To this end are combined by using network connection data of navigation and recognition of road signs with the information of the intelligent systems of safety (radar and stereoscopic camera).

The EQC has a number of a charger on-board (OBLIQUE), water-cooled, with a power of 7.4 kW to the load with alternating current (AC), both in the home and in public charging stations. It also comes standard with a charger for fast charging of up to 110 kW of power through an electrical direct current (DC) system with CCS (Combined Charging Systems). In that case, the charging time is about 40 minutes to an increase of 10 % to 80 % state of charge.

Through its participation in IONITY, a joint venture, a joint venture with other manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz offers to its clients comfortable access to an infrastructure of fast-charging points along major traffic routes in Europe. Are already in service more than 100 of the 400 parks load expected in Europe until the year 2020.

The innovative multimedia system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) has been completed on this model with numerous content specific to the EQ as, for example, the autonomy, the state of charge and the flow of energy. With the MBUX can be managed and adjusted, and also other functions that are optimized for the EQ as the navigation, the driving programs, the intensity of loading and the time of departure.

The EQC is equipped with the most recent generation of systems for driving assistance Mercedes-Benz and meets the highest demands in terms of passive safety. Next to the extensive program of crash testing that is customary in the development of new vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has established for the battery and for all the components that conduct electricity other safety provisions. It has adapted the structure of the EQC to meet the special requirements of the electrical components and the battery, and have designed their components to provide the high level of security that they are accustomed to our clients. An example is the new sub-frame that surrounds the components of propulsion are housed in the front section of the vehicle, and that assumes the efforts by means of the clamping points to be accredited.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 11:00

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