Messi, a matter of life or death at Barça: Survival passed through its departure

There was a moment during the long negotiations that Joan Lapate and his Rafael Yuste Escudero with the Patriarch Jorge Messi in which the parties were convince

Messi, a matter of life or death at Barça: Survival passed through its departure

There was a moment during the long negotiations that Joan Lapate and his Rafael Yuste Escudero with the Patriarch Jorge Messi in which the parties were convinced that the best thing was to separate their ways as soon as possible.

Who ended up taking the singing voice of the rupture was the president of the Barcelona, once he was warned that the viability of the club could run a serious danger, and after corroborating that there would be no way to lower the renewal agreement previously agreed with Messi-Comincio seasons in exchange for some 200 million euros, no matter how much you will only assure you play the first two as a blueworks.

"The very survival of Barça passed because Messi was out," assumed this day with rareness one of the club executives. The Argentine, in any case and before it was officially made the progress of him, he had already confessed to some costume companion who was best was the game of him.

Laporta dared to make one of the decisions for which she will go to the history of the club. Messi may prepare the Qatar World Cup in a club that will ensure the last great contract of him. The PSG of Neymar and Mauricio Pochettino, of course, leads the bid.

The management of the Board of Directors presided by Josep Maria Bartomeu left Barça wounded death. This must confirm the audit with which the Port of Directive will claim responsibilities to the previous managers. Probably before the courts.

The political erratic with which it was tried to compensate for the flight of Neymar to the PSG -Subituted by Coutinho and Delmbééé, the most expensive signings in the history of the club - was the beginning of the end of an apparently free start-up stage. The balance of season 2020-21 will yield losses of 487 million euros, five times more than 97.3 million lost in the 2019-20 campaign.

That tremendous hole, attached to the high chips of the best paid template of world sport, the Laliga salary limits and rejection of the agreement with the CVC fund help explain the outcome, unexpected only a few weeks ago.

Giving Messi for lost was the only way to try to stop the hemorrhage. Last Wednesday, this extreme was already crystalline. For all. Contacts by phone between Joan Lapa and Jorge Messi were constant. The rupture was cooking. But he still had a latter and tense disagreement. There was even an ugly moment of tension with the father of the footballer.

Both parties assumed at the end that the best thing was to separate their paths. Thus, the player would have time to take the pulse to a market that has always been very present and the club, while, could address with something more of margin the adjustments to enroll Memphis Depay, the Kun Agüero, Eric García and Emerson Royal.

If Messi had followed, the salary mass would have supposed 110% of the income. Without it, it also reaches an inaussible 95%. The ratios indicate that it must be between 65% and 70%. Therefore, it is still essential that the best paid to accept a generous reduction of its emolumes. They are reluctant.

Real Madrid, for example, got his players to renounce 10% of his file. Bartomeu, while, only did the payment be deferred, adding more years of contract to the agreed ones. The inherited amortizations also became a tremendous ballast. Another one. So much, that not even the rescue of 500 million euros agreed with Goldman Sachs could already be enough lifeguard.

As much as the Laliga Agreement with CVC will be proposed by the organism that Javier Thebes, as Laporta said, as the Philosopher's Stone to keep Messi at the club, the conditions crashed with his idea. Both for the 40-year the duration of the mortgage as for its economic value.

From its point of view, the real value should be the triple of those 2,700 million euros agreed upon. In addition, he understands that thebes intends to diskette the superliga. Something that Lapporta does not intend to resign either.

The Argentine, from the end of the competition, did not make any gesture for the gallery to erase from a stroke any suspicion on their intentions. After winning the Copa América, he focused on his vacation, during which he has shared instantaneous next to his inseparable Luis Suárez and, also, of several PSG footballers, among whom were his friends di María and Neymar.

An image that, at the time, seemed innocent and that can now be the anteroom that will be your next football reality. Meanwhile, Barça, already without his totem, will have to continue squeezing numbers not to be able to compete, but to simply survive.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2021, 20:39

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