Milan leaves athletic looking at the abyss

Suddenly, the athletic looked at the mirror and found face to face with the abyss. With that real feeling of being able to fall into vacuum ahead of time. T

Milan leaves athletic looking at the abyss

Suddenly, the athletic looked at the mirror and found face to face with the abyss. With that real feeling of being able to fall into vacuum ahead of time. The head of Junior Messias, when a point seemed like a good solution. The Milan, superior for a good part of the night, was pierced in the Rojiblanca throat, like a thorn that can end up being fatal for the future of Simeone in Europe. Now he awaits a final in Porto, where victory is the only possible exit to a rochambolic labyrinth with which no one counted at the beginning of the season.

Athletic woke up as cold as night. It cost him his own, even though he was life at stake. Among other things, everything has to be said, because Milan squeezed her throat in every attempt to start from the balloon. Giroud started, which left Ibrahimovic on the bench, and was seconded by the rest of his teammates, with midfielders Kessié and Tonali directing the orchestra. The ball passed through the rojiblancas boots almost on tiptoe. And when he did, the Rossoneri found a way to force the error. The Italians showed the same force with which they helped those of Simeone in San Siro for half an hour. Only that, pushed by their people, the premises stirred in search of a goal, that of Romanian Tatarusanu, who seemed more distant than normal. Each ball was an adventure that, for a long time, had Lombard color.

It is true that Oblak did not go through, but, also, that the tension felt in each approach of the Milan, with Brahim waving his baton. De Paul and Koke treated unsuccessfully to throw anchor and put sanity. It was complicated because opposite there was a rival that hung from a thread. A thread that passed by conquering the metropolitan. Simeone combined in the band with each loss. With each ephemeral possession, always condemned by the hard leg of an adversary. Beyond a couple of lashes of Llorente Marcos, throwing his fang on his back on the back, he barely had something to throw his mouth rojiblanca, which was shown every time theo Hernández, an ex of the quarry, grabbed a ball. Suarez was like an island and Griezmann did not reach any of those incursions of Llorente.

It was a vital cut of Stefan Savic, back after its four sanction games, which managed to raise a couple of grades the temperature, which is missing. But Athletic went to the locker room with a handful of questions. In Anfield, the score or immutable.

And Simeone had to give them the answer to some of those issues because Atlético returned with another gesture in his gaze. In just five minutes, Lemar and Griezmann had already raised more dlywood than in the whole first act. From the French it was the first shot at Rojiblanco door. Tatarusanu and the reflective suit of him replicated attempt. But Milan did not take long to lower her smoke. I barely peeked some certainty for Athletic destiny, who sailed between the uncertainty of the scoreboard and the shadow of a severe porte rival.

He tried to shake the Simeone night with the entrance of Lodi and, above all, of a strap, which should have some pending issue with Theo, perhaps some training at another time, seen the entrance that he gave her shortly. The heart of the metropolitan shrugged when Savic, from the ground, repelled a shot of Bakayoko, in one against Rossonera, mounted by Ibrahimovic, which painted fatal.

Without Luis Suárez, who lived tormented at the race and barely left a distant shot, and without Griezmann, perhaps defolded for having to go from here to there, the Atlético confronted the last attempt to assault the Milan goal that, despite the Spasms at the beginning of the second act, it seemed as far as he had been throughout the meeting. At least, Liverpool had already imposed his law before Oporto and that softened any unforeseen in the Metropolitan. Because by the head of Simeone, nothing happened that was not that of leaving unharmed. A point was more precious than gold.

Just as perhaps, Jan Oblak worked a miracle before Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which the line would void over the game. But nothing could be done with the head of Junior Messias, who condemns the athletic to an extreme end in Porto, within a couple of weeks. Maybe still with the shock. There it will not be anything other than overcoming in Portugal. VIEWS ROJIBLANCAS DOUBTS IN EUROPE, the issue does not seem like nothing simple.

Updated Date: 24 November 2021, 19:41

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