Mobilization of a second level of independence, pending the Supreme Court

Puigdemont announces an elected assembly as a response to the judgment of the SupremoDos years of the 1-Or: the six diferenciasCataluña live a 1-Or through gas,

Mobilization of a second level of independence, pending the Supreme Court
Puigdemont announces an elected assembly as a response to the judgment of the SupremoDos years of the 1-Or: the six diferenciasCataluña live a 1-Or through gas, waiting for the sentence

the second anniversary of The referendum illegal of the 1-Or ended yesterday with a mobilization of a second level in Catalonia.

As if the independence is reserved or acumulase forces for the coming week , when it is expected that the Supreme Court will announce the ruling of the judgment to the leaders of the "procés", demonstrations to commemorate yesterday for the secesionismo is one of the founding days of his fictional republic, were hardly a lacklustre trial or prologue of what is to come. The forecasts of the Autonomous police, who had a mobilization of low intensity, are met.

Only the manifestation of Barcelona brought together several thousands of people: 18.000 according to the Guardia Urbana. The march traveled through the section that goes from Plaza Catalunya to the headquarters of the European Commission, in the Paseo de Gracia, and from there to the Delegation of the Government. At the close of this edition, the call passed without incident.

The margin in the Catalan capital, only in Gerona was recorded some activity during the day, generating new disturbing photos of hooded, with banners and smoke canisters calling for the republic's immediate. Despite the vibrancy of the images, the calls had a very low turnout. First thing in the morning, they were cutting off some roads, and the organized actions by the self-appointed Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR), in any case, had the magnitude of that lived in 2018 on the first anniversary of the 1-O.

In fact, and in view of what happened, began as good morning to circular messages in communication channels and social networks in the orbit of the CDR complaining of poor mobilization.

"How is it possible that by the second anniversary of the October 1, the CDR of Girona is the only one that called and has so few people?" , he asked himself an activist in one of these groups consulted by ABC. In Girona, there were about 300 who surrounded a caserna Guardia Civil, first, and the offices of the central Government, after, shouting against the "forces of occupation". The actions recorded before sunrise were made by small groups of young people with covered faces —some of the youth organisation-radical Forging— which met with a wide range of agents of the Mossos d'esquadra. The agents were the target of insults and the throwing of eggs and paint. There was a identified. The march of the afternoon brought together 6,000 people.

In other cities were also produced concentrations: in Tarragona a few dozen rallied in front of the courts the provincial and commissary of the National Police force, while that to the last hour about 200 maintained cut off the A7 at the close of this edition. In Lleida, as he denounced the leader of Cs in the city, Angeles Ribes, the demonstrators marched to the cry of "Pim, pam, pum, not in quedi or a" ("that there is not one"). The low mobilization constrastó with the special animosity of the canticles and of the communiqué of the coordinator of the CDR where it is urged not to give "not one step back" against the "repression" of the State. "We will be the one who will shake the enemy. And we will win, have no doubt," added to the text of the committees.

The low mobilization responded to the forecasts they had made the Mossos for the past day, as explained sources of the dome by the police and this newspaper.

- called Strike

Despite the fact that the Police autonomic deployed to all of its riot-control agents of the "Brigade Mobil" (Brimo) and the Regional Area of Operational Resources (Arro), the mobilization was of the second level. Not same is expected for the next week, when after the sentence is announced mobilizations for the two or three following days . There is a notice of a general strike the day 11 —convened by the inter-Union, central-led by former Terra Lliure Carles Sastre— something that the employers ' association Fomento of the Work has already denounced it because it really understands that respond to political motivations, something which the Constitution prohibits.

on the other hand, the ANC has announced that it intends to perform three days of slow motion in order to provoke the collapse of a road in Catalonia, which will add to an action designed to cut so indefinidad an important route of communication. Through the social networking calls to the participants to be prepared to react immediately and to carry groceries. is Elisenda Paluzie, president of the ANC, said that they expect mass mobilizations and plurals based on non-violence and civil disobedience, in a stage of mobilization "maybe not permanent, but constant", with actions that are more classic, and other innovative consensus with parties and entities independence.

Police Sources autonomic pointed out that the device prepared in coordination with Police, National and Civil Guard is ready, and as reported yesterday by this newspaper, the intervention criteria will be technical and not political, and that they will not tolerate any kind of interference. According to a high command of the Autonomous police, the change in the direction of the Body -that yesterday is taking shape with the appointment of Pere Ferrer - does not imply a change of criteria in the way we act. Yesterday precisely, the outgoing director of the Autonomous Andreu Martínez criticized in a farewell letter to all agents "the dissonant voices who want to contribute to the tension".

Date Of Update: 02 October 2019, 16:00

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