Montealto premieres in Telecinco. Rociíto has entered his room

Jorge Javier is the presenter of Montealto's premiere, the new series in which Telecinco has recreated the house of Rocío Jurado, in Queerus Carrasco passed hi

Montealto premieres in Telecinco.
 Rociíto has entered his room

Jorge Javier is the presenter of Montealto's premiere, the new series in which Telecinco has recreated the house of Rocío Jurado, in Queerus Carrasco passed his childhood and adolescence.

The program, which has been shorter than expected, to give way to the new 'interviews' series, starring José Coronado, has begun with a sliding Carlota question, who wanted to know if Rosa Benito and Amador Mohedano who recognized not having been I had time to pick up their dear memories after the death of jury dew.

Next, Jorge Javier wanted to know if José Ortega Cano abandoned the house and what were the reasons. Rocío Carrasco has been limited to answering that question will be answered as the documentary progress. After leaving ourselves with the intrigue, Jorge Javier gives Rocío the key to the replica of the Montealto house.

Rocío has been excited to see the reproduction of his room, identical to the one he left in 1995: '' It was like that. All objects were in boxes, seeing them like this ... '' The presenter and protagonist have reviewed the photos hanging on the wall: '' At that time, Marta Sánchez, Nacho Cano and Naomi Campbell. '' The Tears when he saw one in which he is with his parents.

Then and after seeing an old video in which Rocío juradocanta as a family, his daughter has assured: '' For me it was my mother. I was not aware of who she was as an artist until later. '' Then she has commented on a photo: '' It's about the day of my confirmation. My mother was like crazy. She was very religious. For her my confirmation was very important. ''

A nirvana poster has reminded him what his mother told him when he listened to his music: '' Can not you put another music? Can not you put the jury ...? '' She has imitated her voice and has laughed.

In another of the photos, Borja Thyssen appeared. Rocío has counted that '' my mother and her mother were friends. We went to the house of him or he came to mine. Tita took us to the amusement park, surrounded and bodyguards. ''

Later, Jorge Javier has found the Rocío Carrasco Mohedano notep primer. And he begins: '' In sixth, only one suspense in physical education. How can you suspend physical education. '' Rocío has confessed: '' I was a vague. I did not like to study. '' Seventh of EGB has continued Jorge, '' three insufficient: in English, social and math. Although the dramatic comes when you arrive at eighth. You only approved religion. The presenter has joked: '' It is very difficult to suspend everything. '' And Rocío has replicated that for her, no. She repeated eighth and went to Santa Elena. And that's when her mother started to get hard: '' If you do not approve everything you run out of vacation, she told me. She was wrong with my suspense. She knew that when she puts me the batteries she was going to approve. And so it happened.''

Jorge has shown him a pink radiocasete: '' My mother bought it in Miami. I created that she would be 12 years old. ''

Below Vázquez has put a VHS tape in which the jury talks about his daughter: '' She has a nose like Peter's, but in her way of being she looks like me. I really like the way of being my daughter ... she is very extroverted. '' In the video, Rocío Jurado also has that she wants to have another son, but she recognizes that she has been working hard: '' I still have not yet I have. I really want to give my daughter a little brother. ''

Rocío Carrasco to Jorge's questions, he has commented on the tape: '' My mother today would not have recognized me. Neither my fear, nor my cowardice. She would not have allowed him either. Now I'm on the way to look like it. I knew that my mother wanted to be a mother. They wanted to have another child. It could not be. I did not notice her absence because she was always accompanied by my father, by Juan and by my cousins. '

Seeing the images in which you see Singing Rocío Jurado, her daughter has cried. Jorge has insisted: '' Is it back to a happier time? ''

For dew, '' that was a happy era between my mother and me. Then he did not be the same again. The separation was not normal but it was not a problem. The problems came later. My mother was very happy ... very happy ... '' she affirms between sobs.

An alarm clock returned to dew to his childhood: '' It reminds me of Reglia, my Tata, who was chipiona. Most of the time she had to wake me up she fell asleep. She combed me with two tight pigtails. We lived in a house that was on top of a hill. She raised me running and gave me a sandwich for breakfast. She climbed on the bike and she told me that when she came down she left her there. ''

Jorge Javier has had a surprise for the protagonist of Monteaalto. Reglia has appeared on video and the two have reminded moment of the bike. '' The years with Rocío were wonderful. A very affectionate girl, everyone knew her. If they told him Rociíto she was going and hugged them, "said the nanny.

The end of Montealto's first installment has been somewhat Abrupt, Jorge Javier has thanked the Tertulians who, finally have not intervened, including Belén Esteban, and has been dismissed until Friday. In the upcoming episodes, the stays of Monteaalto will continue to be opened.

Date Of Update: 01 February 2022, 22:24

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