Motinte in Tarragona and Teruel against the Volmuel-Begues high voltage towers: It's okay to ruin our landscapes

While in the high spheres, the opening of dialogue between Spain and Catalonia is staged, the Ministry of Energy Transition already has a hot potato of consider

Motinte in Tarragona and Teruel against the Volmuel-Begues high voltage towers: It's okay to ruin our landscapes

While in the high spheres, the opening of dialogue between Spain and Catalonia is staged, the Ministry of Energy Transition already has a hot potato of considerable dimensions with epicenter in the province of Tarragona and Teruel. The subdelegate of the Government of Sánchez in Tarragona, the Socialist Joan Sabaté, will be responsible for transferring the degree of obfuscation to Madrid to the project of a very high-voltage line (MAT) for which Forestalia aims to transport the generated electrical energy By four wind farms and a photovoltaic center from Teruel to the Begues substation (Barcelona).

This private giant, which plans a global investment of more than 400 million euros - between generation plants and electrical networks - in its Sputnik plan, has achieved the impossible: for once, with scarce previous precedents, all territorial and institutional representation De Tarragona, with the provincial deputation in front, it has melted in a single block with the aim of stopping the feet to Forestalia. The 38 town halls, by which 180 kilometers of high-voltage towers take place, and seven county tips have been scrambled against the mat. As in Teruel, the neighbors have risen against the new wind farms, which will affect the municipalities of La Fresneda, Fórnoles, La Portellada and Rafales, which will be connected to the network.

Representatives of the affected territory, pending the legal report commissioned by the Diputación de Tarragona to probe the chances of success of a legal battle, have met with Sabaté to expose his arguments. "It is not the model we want, with a production closest to the points of consumption, and compatible with the preservation of nature and the rural environment; this is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, and it goes against all our efforts For creating a sustainable economy in the villages and avoiding depopulation, "Analyzes Rosa Abeló, ERC Councilman in Les Borges of the Camp and President of the Baix Camp Comarcal Council. "It's already good to track the territory and ruin our landscapes," says Carlos Brull, mayor of Falset, at the heart of the Vinicultural Zone of Priorat.

For its part, the resistance in Aragon leads the platform in favor of the landscapes of Teruel, before the threat of this energy project to biodiversity and tourism in Maestrazgo and El Matarraña. "We are in favor of renewable, but from a model of self-consumption and sustainable distribution, and bet on speculation and leave in the hands of four companies production," says Javier Oquendo, spokesman for this neighborhood platform that fights wind massification .

The publication of the project on July 28 in the official state newsletter, just before the Holiday Paron of August, has endured the spirits of the mayors, who consider it "dirty game". Beyond the forestry maneuvers to achieve the administrative authorization of Madrid, the Diputación de Tarragona advances that it will focus on uncovering non-compliance with the law of the electricity sector - it presents as an evacuation network, when technically it is transportation - and The severe impact on protected natural areas. "It is not contemplated the underground of the line because of its high economic cost, and it is evident that the landscape damage will be very serious," Noemí Llawó, President of the Diputación de Tarragona.

Gemma Carim, president of the Comarcal Council of the Ribera d'Ebre, puts the accent on the suspicion that causes a line, at his oversized judgment, "with the ability to move the production of ten nuclear power plants, instead of five renewable parks" . "We are already producers of wind, nuclear and photovoltaic, and we do not see the ways correct, with these emergencies in the midst of the holiday period to leave ourselves out of play."

"No one may doubt that our commitment to the energy transition is total, but it must be done in a planned manner and from dialogue between affected territories, with good coordination and institutional loyalty," defending Llawada. The firmness that Tarragona shows is missing in Teruel, where the citizen movement 'Teruel exists', which has also presented allegations to the project, criticizes the "invasive saturation of renewable energy facilities, which falls in the errors of the past with another process More extractive colonization at the service of the most populated areas and for purely lucrative purposes ".

In the background of the struggle between private operators and the municipalities is the lack of an energy model for Catalonia if the announced closure (around 2035) of the nuclear power plants of Vandellòs II and Ascó, which currently generate in Lathe 50% of the electricity that is consumed in Catalan floor. Generalitat's obstacles, always more restrictive than in other communities, to the installation of wind farms and photovoltaic parks converts Catalonia into a large consumer without sufficient capacity of generation: "It is that there is no other: if we do not want to pay the Disadvantages of renewable parks, we will pay for high-voltage lines from other territories, "says Jaume Morron, General Director of Eòliccat, the employer of the wind sector.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 20:08

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