Murcia are thrown into the street to claim a minor sea alive

The citizenship went back to the street this Thursday to protest for the three deaths in five years of Mar Menor. The Murcian Albufera does not raise a head s

Murcia are thrown into the street to claim a minor sea alive

The citizenship went back to the street this Thursday to protest for the three deaths in five years of Mar Menor. The Murcian Albufera does not raise a head since in 2016 he suffered the first episode of Anoxia that dyed his waters, saw three tons of fish die in 2019 and 15 tons of flora and fauna this summer.

On this occasion, the demonstration has not been at the gates of the Regional Assembly of Murcia in Cartagena, where more than 50,000 people have already gathered in 2019, but in the Murcian capital itself, around the Government Headquarters in the region and Faced with the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment of the Administration of this Autonomous Community.

Claims are several but all pose the same purpose: pushing both administrations to act to end the pollution of the salt lagoon and that life returns to its waters. To the conveners, the Citizen Associations Pact by the Menor Sea; The Southeast Naturalist Association (ANSE); The Federation of Associations of Neighbors of Cartagena and Comarca (Favcac); the Regional Group of Ecologists in Action; The Association for Fishing Development of the Menor Sea and its surroundings (ADEPEM); The platform that promotes the popular refusal initiative (ILP) to provide legal personality at the sea; and the collective Sos Mar Menor and by a minor sea; 185 social, environmental, neighborhood and union organizations were joined.

All of them demand "the recovery of the lower sea, heritage of all the citizenship, whose degradation suffers the whole society," says the world Pedro García, director of Anse. Among other demands, the manifestation was heard voices that they asked to "act at the origin of the problem" (in reference to the illegal use of the groundwater of the aquifer of the Cartagena Field and the abuse of agricultural fertilizers); impose "A moratorium that paralyzes unnecessary constructions in the manga and in the riparian peoples of Mar Menor"; or "restore ecosystem and its wetlands".

Given that "solutions to all the administrations involved" and "especially the regional government that is the most competencies," said Last night Covenant by Mar Menor, the collective emphasized the need to "work together, loyal and coordinated ". For this reason, the call departed at eight o'clock in the afternoon from two points: the delegation of the Government in the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and the San Esteban Palace, headquarters of the Presidency of the Region of Murcia.

Both tours joined in Plaza dela Fuensanta with final destination to the Juan XXIII Square, where the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment is located. There, a manifesto was read and an emblematic song was heard for Mar Menor, the beneficial theme Sol and Sal, composed of the Cartageno Nunatak group and played by several artists, such as Miguel Ríos, Rozalem, Carlos Tarque de M Clan or Anni B Sweet.

Simultaneously, the protest in Murcia was accompanied by concentrations in other places in Spain and abroad. In support of Mar Menor, at eight o'clock in the afternoon, numerous protesters gathered in the Plaza del Sol de Madrid and at different points of Valencia, Pamplona, San Sebastián, Bilbao or Brussels.

The world has collected through social networks the different reasons why the convening collectives and citizens acute to the protest.

Sos Mar Menor: "I go because I want someone to do something at once. It is not absolutely nothing. Besides having grown up with him, I want to continue enjoying it. I do not want to lose my home."

We chose Mar Menor: "Menor's problems are derived from the ultraza develohood of the last decades. Reduce is our demand. Reduce pressures, reduce cultivated and built surface, employed water, agrochemicals, swine farms ..."

The minor sea of children: "There is only one smaller sea and is not protected despite six existing figures. Everything that happens to Mar Menor will have consequences on the children and girls of the region and the region. I go because it is An obligation, to request decency and law in the management of natural courses. "

David Avilés, neighbor of Mar Menor: "I am aware that social mobilization works. I am going to save the territory where our individual and collective lives are developed, the territory where our riverine culture takes."

Greenpeace Murcia: "We will denounce the bad management of the Regional Executive in more than two decades, with the majority of competences and responsibility over the sea minor, without any initiative."

Platform in defense of the sources: "At this point of life the same should be collected the reasons for those who do not want to go, even if they are less confessible than tons of reasons to go".

María Dolores Martínez, Musicoterapeuta de Murcia: "I'm going to continue with the countdown of picking up and fight until the last day to get the ILP of Mar Menor (his legal personality) and to be a living sea again."

Francisco J. Rodríguez, historian and archaeologist from Cartagena: "After years of inaction, the smaller sea is dying and the only way to defend our heritage is with social mobilization."

The naturalist and influencer Marmenor Ko: "Going to the demonstration of October 7 is an obligation for all the inhabitants of the region."

By a living smaller sea: "I am going so that public administrations already act at origin and diminish the culprits. To separate the environmental counseling. Stop building. And restore the historical and natural heritage that remains."

Date Of Update: 09 October 2021, 01:55

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