Mustafa Sentop, president of the Turkish National Assembly: The TED must stop dealing with the defense of terrorism

Bilateral relations between Turkey and Spain go through a sweet moment. A week ago, the BBVA launched an OPA to be made with the main Turkish private banking

Mustafa Sentop, president of the Turkish National Assembly: The TED must stop dealing with the defense of terrorism

Bilateral relations between Turkey and Spain go through a sweet moment. A week ago, the BBVA launched an OPA to be made with the main Turkish private banking for 2,249 million euros; A few days later, President Pedro Sánchez passed through Ankara, signing a battery of memoranda of understanding and raising an uncomfortable question about the difficult situation of the LGTBI community under the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Similarly, Mustafa Sentop (Tekirdag, 1968) prefers to illuminate the positive lines of more than a century that Turks and Spanish qualify for positive. "We have found that we can take the relationships between our countries, which have historically been quite good, at a higher level in many areas," says the world politician, member of the Islamist party Justice and Development (AKP) of Erdogan, in a Series of responses made in deferred to this newspaper.

As president of the Turkish Legislative Chamber, SentOp is in Madrid to attend the 143rd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (UIP), an appointment that brings together from this Friday, and until next Tuesday, to representatives of The 179 member parliaments. He explains himself, professor of Law in the Standaliote University of the Marmara, which the meeting will serve to address "issues that affect us all, such as modern threats to our democracies, social peace, the prevention of polarization and important threats to Those who face children on the Internet ".

For the Turks, this meeting has become a new opportunity for an approach between two countries located on opposite banks of the Mare Nostrum. This is the only opposition between Ankara and Madrid. Mustafa Sentop, who last September had already said in Spain that "good friendly relations and alliance among our countries had not reached its desired potential in all aspects, and that there were still many opportunities in various fields."

SENTOP sets for example the 600 Spanish companies established in Turkey and celebrates the latest great investment: "I consider that the desire for BBVA, which has been investable in our country, to expand its investments is also important to show the trust you have in The economy and the banking system of our country. " Less confidence seek to have put investors from the entity of Carlos Torres Vila, who has accumulated falls of more than 15% since the advertisement of the offer.

In that same period, the Turkish Lira has delved into its losses, amid calls from the top Turkish leader to "combat interests" and growing doubts, by investments, in the independence of the central bank of Turkey. The result has heard on the streets in recent days, with protests of opposition groups by demanding resignations. But the leader of the Turkish Parliament maintains that, in this climate of inflation of the shopping cart, while the government pursues at all costs to strengthen production and exports, its country "offers important opportunities for foreign investors both by its strong economy , as well as by its well-established banking system. "

In recent times, geopolitical tensions in the eastern Mediterranean have grown as a consequence, among other reasons, from the finding of large gas bags in the seabed and the disputes between Greeks and Turks for the delimitation of their respective areas of economic exclusivity. While countries such as France and Cyprus have taken advantage of the Athens side, Spain, together with Germany, have advocated to promote dialogue, without taking a direct mediation role.

Asked by what role Madrid should play in these three-band disputes with Greeks and Cypriots - there are years defending a form of reunification, Ankara has become defending the constitution of a Turkish-Cypriot state - Mustafa Sentop uses the accusing finger: "The problems that They are lived today in the eastern Mediterranean are mainly due to the maximalist demands and expectations of the Greechipiriot-Greek duo. Turkey has always been in favor of dialogue. "

The rounds of contacts maintained between Turkish and Greek diplomats to date seem to give the reason to Spaniards and Germans, who tried to prevent European sanctions from entering the relationship they maintain with Turkey. Even so, SENTOP continues to accuse the other parts of "not agreeing with any negotiation, do not adopt positions in favor of a solution, and even the Greek part is armed in violation of international agreements."

Harde, if it is possible, Sentop responds when this rotary asks about Ankara's refusal to comply with two firm judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. In both cases, the Court has determined that the preventive imprisonment of Philanthropist Osman Kavala, ultimately accused of espionage, and the politician of Origin Kurdish Selahattin demirts, by charges of terrorism, contradict the law. This Friday, a court rejected the demand for Excarcelation of Kavala. This reiterated refusal to free it may cause that, in the coming days, the Council of Europe, from which Turkey is a member, adopt coercive measures against them, such as the withdrawal of their right to vote.

"Apart from my political identity, as a professor of law, I have to express that any court, including the TED, if it does not base its decisions in democracy and freedom, and if it begins to politicize, this situation will greatly harm peace Social, ", sentence. "The TED", it remaches, "must be a court that makes democratic and legal decisions, stopping to deal with the defense of terrorism and terrorists."

Date Of Update: 26 November 2021, 10:24

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