Nadal displays all his mystic to lift two sets to Medvedev and win in Australia his Vigesimoprimer Big

In Australia, where the pioneers put the founding stone of the takeoff of Spanish tennis, with Manuel Santana, longzing more if it fits on a day like this, at t

Nadal displays all his mystic to lift two sets to Medvedev and win in Australia his Vigesimoprimer Big

In Australia, where the pioneers put the founding stone of the takeoff of Spanish tennis, with Manuel Santana, longzing more if it fits on a day like this, at the head, Rafael Nadal took another turn of nut, one more, until now unknown, and He first lifted two adverse sets in an end of the Grand Slam to crowned with his great twenty-first and certify one of the greatest achievements in the history of sport. He beat Daniil Medvedev by 2-6, 6-7 (5), 6-4, 6-4 and 7-5, in five hours and 24 minutes. 13 Titles of Roland Garros, four of the United States Open, two in Wimbledon and two at the Australian Open. 21. Back left, at least for the moment, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, with whom he lived in the same podium drawer since the Balkan won last year at All England Club. [Narration and Statistics]

Newcomer from nowhere, far from the competition for more than five months due to the injury in the scaphoid of the left foot, Nadal gets the most important victory of his immense sports career, and he does it in a sublime replica of the values that They have led here, heading to infinity. It's been 17 years since he won his first Roland Garros, 13 since he took the only cup he had raised in Melbourne, and in all this time he has not stopped growing, of surprising even those who never lost his faith.

There existed the logical doubts about how a game of the hardness that his adversary could be raised. Amazing was also seeing him more entirely as the confrontation advanced, in one of the most exciting matches of the professional age. He finished plethoric, while Medvedev, that man who has earned an indestructible vitola, tried in vain to stop his reaction. The Russian did not walk away from the triumph when he had 0-40 with 3-2 above in the third partial, having won the first two, but the supposed spur towards victory became the prologue of his pit.

Required from the first ball, Nadal suffered in the beginning to move forward his services. Medvedev was a constant threat. Already in the third game he had two balls to open gap. He neutralized the Spanish, but his next takeoff shift was left blank, which would yield again in the same way. In his fourth final of the Grand Slam, Russian showed that he develops as if his presence in this type of parties was already a habit. He possesses the technical, physical and emotional weapons, the tranquility of knowing capable of complicating life to anyone, including aspiring to break a colossal barrier in history.

Medvedev had an answer for everything. He expanded the repertoire of him Spanish, forced by the conditions of the adversary of him. He was looking for the tickling with the cut out, with an alternating current game, in which each ball pretended to be different from the previous one. The Russian was always there, whom almost two meters from him do not remain mobility and, on the other hand, they make it easier for the less simple shipments of unraveling.

Nadal persisted in his erosion exercise and generated the first doubts in the Muscovite, which lost effectiveness with the service. The second set was subject to greater alternatives. He broke the Spaniard, he replied the rival of him and broke the left-handed, which saved four new threats about the serve him when he served to close the set, two with volleyballs, one with left and the next one with a winning serve. He had a ball to match a partial, but the cut out of him stayed on the net. It would be Medvedev who would make the fifth one profitable, thanks to a long setback of the left-hander.

The resolution arrived in a development time as uncertain as the set itself. He was on two occasions with advantage of Kidal serve, but it was the number two of the world who hit his first option to make him from him and take a substantial advantage in the game, with a formidable parallel reverse, brand of the house.

Spanish does not know the word surrender. He entered the fourth set as if nothing had happened, playing better as he was doing it. Neither did you mind starting. He faced those three lethal balls, with 2-3 and 0-40, but escaped from the corner, in another new sample of value, and it was he who sparkled him with a break in the ninth and the rear enduring that I would return the vital constants.

He was gestured to Russian, who no longer had a guarantee in his service. He lost him on two occasions at the beginning of the fourth set, with a nadal reborn. Ten years older than the rival of him, he ran as if he were a boy, with an amazing conviction after the Varapalo that supposed the loss of the second partial. Outside of position, forced to run forward before the accuracy of those left in Spanish, the Russian was abounded at the fifth quarter.

The outcome won the traces that the match had taken. Nadal broke the fifth game and no longer stopped until biting the tastiest cup. He never capitulated the rival of him, who, attended by physical problems in the last quarter, had three balls to equal three and managed to stand 5-5.

In Melbourne, where he suffered several episodes of disenchantment, as the end of 2012, lost against Djokovic in five sets after having an advantage in the fifth, and that of 2017, assigned in the same way against Federer, has broken negative inertia. And he has done it when he needed it, to stand as the biggest, when the glory threw the most suggestive of the wink of him. Unlike Federer, who missed two party balls against Djokovic to add 21st in Wimbledon 2019, and Serbian, wound by Medvedev before the same situation last summer New York, Nadal made Diana in the first shot. He is already alone, on the roof of the world.

Date Of Update: 30 January 2022, 17:16

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