Nayib Bukele self-print dictator of El Salvador on his biography of Twitter

Nayib Bukele is no longer the president of El Salvador, but the 'dictator' of that Central American country. At least, this is how the president himself cal

Nayib Bukele self-print dictator of El Salvador on his biography of Twitter

Nayib Bukele is no longer the president of El Salvador, but the 'dictator' of that Central American country. At least, this is how the president himself calls himself, who changed his Twitter biography, where he has almost 3 million followers and that is the platform from where he governs virtually and makes public announcements: "We just bought the dip. 150 new coins Bitcoin! ", It was his last tuit. In any country in the world, you might think that you have hacked your personal account in this social network, except in El Salvador, where Bukele manages Twitter at her whitking even of irony in response to those in recent weeks have been triggered by autocrat. Until now, Bukele was defined in the biography of him as president of El Salvador or Dad de Layla, the first and only daughter of him born in 2019, although he erased him to proclaim himself 'dictator'.

In this way, he has responded to his thousand detractors who came out last Wednesday to the streets of San Salvador to denounce the "dictatorship" in which, in his opinion, this country has become since Bukele came to power on 1 June 2019. The imposition of Bitcoin on September 7 as a legal course currency was the gout that exceeded the patience of part of the population that has seen how the president has been monopolizing all the powers until removing any hint of opposition. For this reason, in recent days it was a trend in social networks the #Bukedictor tag with which thousands of users hung comments on which they criticize the "authoritarianism" of who made history in the Central American country when it first disassembled the two games That they had alternated in power since the end of the civil war in 1992: the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) and the Left heirman of the former Farabundo Martí Front Guerrilla for National Liberation (FMLN).

However, after razing the presidential elections of 2019, Bukele continued without controlling the legislative power, which slowed down his great project of the Territorial Control Plan with which he intends to end the gangs and duplicate the number of soldiers up to 40,000. For this reason, in February of last year, the President burst with heavily armed military at the Legislative Assembly to pressure them to approve a loan of 109 million dollars to improve the armament of the police and the army. It was the first great sample of his strength against the opposition, to which he marginalized once again at this year's legislative elections. His party, new ideas, devastated the elections, which allowed him last May 1 to dismiss all judges from the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Attorney General who was investigating members of his own Government. This has revealed it by the digital newspaper 'El Faro' in a publication that reveals that three senior officers of the Buren Executive, including the Minister of Social Development, María Chichilco, and the director of Criminal Centers, Osiris Luna, would be involved in the sale of 42,000 bags of foods that were intended for people affected by the pandemic of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the new magistrates of the Room of the Constitution of the Supreme Court of Justice appointed by their own party at the Legislative Assembly have opened the door for Bukele to re-election in the next elections of 2024, something that, In theory, prohibits the Constitution of El Salvador. Not conforming with that, the president has signed in recent days heavy reforms to retire a third of the 690 judges and tens of prosecutors who are already over 60 years of age or who accumulate more than 30 years of service. If that were not enough, the Salvadoran President has prevented any progress of social rights by vetoing abortion, marriage between people of the same sex and euthanasia in the reforms to the Constitution that must be approved by the Legislative Assembly that is under its control.

In August of the past year, the president came to ensure that "if he was truly a dictator, he had shot all" the magistrates of the Constitution room to which the Legislative Assembly subsequently ceased as his party had the majority. "Save 1,000 lives in exchange for five, but I'm not a dictator," he said on that occasion, referring to the resolutions of the then magistrates who had limited, through his sentences, the Bukele measures to restrict the freedoms during the management of The pandemic He now changed his speech and self-proclaimed 'dictator of El Salvador' a few days after he accused the diplomats of the international community to finance the manifestation of thousands of people who came to the streets "to fight against a dictatorship that does not exist".

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 00:22