Netanyahu will give us safety

Israel bombs Gaza in response to the firing of two rockets against your territorioNetanyahu promises to the annexation of the Jordan Valley if he wins the elect

Netanyahu will give us safety
Israel bombs Gaza in response to the firing of two rockets against your territorioNetanyahu promises to the annexation of the Jordan Valley if he wins the election

"It's an exciting day, a historic moment," repeats David Eljaijani , who can not hide their joy after learning about the plans of Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister in duties announced on Tuesday his intention to set in motion the annexation of the Jordan Valley if it wins the elections and manages to form a government, something that is not very clear less than a week to the elections, according to the latest polls. But the plan is on the table and Eljaijani, a jew born in Tangier who is the responsible of the regional Council of colonies in the valley, think that "this time it is final. Netanyahu has taken this step so important because it already has agreed with Donald Trump , we all know that you can not carry forward something like that without the support of the united States".

the office of The regional manager, is a hotbed of calls and comments. In the valley live 8.500 settlers spread across 21 settlements, all of them illegal from the point of view of international law. They are the main beneficiaries of a measure that will also affect 65,000 palestinians that live in this area of 2,400 square meters, accounting for 30 percent of the total area of the west bank. While the palestinians see in this valley, the "bread basket" of its future State, because of the weight of the agricultural area, Netanyahu defined it as its "eastern border" with Jordan. Your weight is so important in a future State that Hanan Ashraui, high leader of palestine, warned that this israeli "destroys any possibility of peace."

The colonization of the valley started in 1968 and was a project launched by the Labour Party. The idea of the jewish leaders was to create a line of settlements along the 100 miles of border with Jordan, a plan that "is key to the security of the entire country and we have become the first line of defense. Any enemy that wants to enter from the East must pass through this first line of jewish populations," he says with pride Eljaijani.

The fervor labour, however, ended when it signed the Oslo accords in 1993 and since then it is the Likud party's traditional conservative, who has more support among the population. "On Tuesday, the Jordan Valley will vote Likud, because right now it is the best option to ensure the security of Israel," concludes the regional manager.

Settlers "less ideological"

unlike the settlers of the west bank profound, occupy this area "we don't have a profile so ideological or religious. The State sent us here and if one day you decide that we have to leave, we will accept the compensation which we may have and we will go", says Momy Coen , entrepreneur, hospitality and agriculture that came to the area 18 years ago.

The thermometer exceeded without problems the forty degrees at this time of year and Momy drive at full speed his little 4x4 between the immense palm grove of the property of the members of his colony, Bekaot. "These are the best dates in the world, the best, that's why we export it without problems. No one asks us if we are one or the other side of the green line, all you want to our dates, including the arab countries", presumably while he greets his employees, all palestinians.

"I think they are happy with the work and I am confident that nothing is going to change after the annexation, which I see as a necessary measure because we are already tired of feeling citizens of the fourth class in our own country . The Government sent us here and we should have the same rights as the people who live in Tel Aviv," said the businessman half in Hebrew, half in Ladino, the dialect of Spanish used by the descendants of the jews expelled from Spain in the FIFTEENTH century.

palestinian employees end the day in the palm grove, and getting to the shuttles and return to their villages. The plan Netanyahu excludes Jericho of the annexation, which would make this biblical city on a sort of island in the middle of the new land annexed. The prime minister at functions wants to stay in the Valley of Jordan the model applied in East Jerusalem in 1980 and the Golan heights, a year later, a movement is possible because the country is living "a historic opportunity and unique", thanks probably to the presence of a Trump that since his arrival in the White House has become the main guarantor of the occupation.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 06:01

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