New Faces of Power in Germany Post Merkel

Germany closes the chapter of its history that has had Angela Merkel as a protagonist for more than two decades. The German Government starts again led by the

New Faces of Power in Germany Post Merkel

Germany closes the chapter of its history that has had Angela Merkel as a protagonist for more than two decades. The German Government starts again led by the 'traffic light' that make up the new members of the coalition announced on Wednesday, and that the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz will be expected.

For two months of a paron after the elections, the federal machinery has been running at low speed while the Covid advanced to forced marches. The control of the new wave in Germany will be the most urgent for the challenges that will face social democrats, green and liberal. Three political colors that will agree on the future of the European locomotive and among which the figure of the future New Chancellor will undoubtedly be the most recognizable, but not the only one.

With the conservatives of the CDU / CSU in the opposition after its defeat on September 26, these are the new faces of power in the post Merkel Germany.

His Assumption of the Foreign Ministry will be a relief for the EU, which he saw these last two months to a Germany without rudder in the Tsunami of Coronavirus contagion. Scholz reassures because he represents continuity, stability, pragmatism and the containment that Merkel symbolized. That was the recipe of him during the electoral campaign to get along the majority of the votes, though -tile is said - he was also favored by the setbacks suffered by the conservative rival of him, Armin Laschet, which initially left as Favorite in surveys.

In addition to the management of the Covid - in a country in which this winter the Germans will be "vaccinated, cured or dead," his Minister of Health, Jens Spahn said on Monday, the future Chancellor will have to face the other great ones. Challenges that aiming the Institute of Economic Research of Germany: Digitization, Decarbonization, Desglobalization and Risk Superposition.

The still vice factor and finance minister, 63, is also good news for Spain, said yesterday the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño: "He has been helping during the long months of the pandemic and was a key to obtaining the plan of recovery and funds of the EU ".

Scholz's SPD, in addition to the chancellery, would be healing, housing, defense, interior, work and social affairs, among others'.

When his name was imposed against his colleague and Colíir de los Verdes, Robert Habeck, to attend the chancellery in April, all the looks fell on it and became baptized as 'The New Merkel'. But -While that happened to Laschet when he was caught by the chambers laughing during a speech by the country's president about the victims of the deadly rings in Germany, "the image of Baerbock was touched and almost sunk by the scandal. The Green candidate, 40, was accused of swelling her, plagiarism in her book 'now: how to renew our country' and of having informed it from her income and donations from her to the party of she.

Even though, and while the assignment of ministries continues on debate, in SPD they will be clear who will be part of the government team, where gender parity will prevail, according to 'die welt'. With the greens, only Baerbock and Habeck are considered established. For it the portfolio of external relations sounds, an essential charge in a key country in the diplomacy of the European Union. In addition, she will have on her agenda the migratory crisis unleashed by Belarus and Russian and Chinese threats, but Baerbock (whom she would also apply the Vice Cellía) has promised to return to human rights at the center of German diplomacy.

The Colíir de los Grees gave the candidate position to his partner for mutual agreement and because "at the end, only one can do it". The Ecologist Habeck, who was more popular and was better positioned in the surveys that Annalena Baerbock, was Minister of Agriculture and Environment and Deputy Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein after a career of a decade in politics. He before him was a writer, reaping a great success with the novels he signed next to his wife.

Most likely, we see you at the forefront of a macroministerial formed by Economics and Environment. At 52, he represents the least radical wing of the greens, but the measures of him to tackle climate change will be subject to the coalition partners of him. In fact, the main obstacle in talks to three were divisions on how to finance the transition towards a green economy, according to party sources cited by Reuters.

The friction of the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) with the Greens about how to finance the ecological transition could persist during the Government in Coalition since the FDP leader, Christian Lindner, will be foreseenly finance minister, and the successor of Scholz himself in that post.

It will also be awarded justice, transport and education, according to local media, and it is expected to obstruct any formal movement towards the fiscal union in Europe favored by SPD and the Greens. The objective is to seek tune with the dome of the ecologists and prevent the FDP from repeating what happened in 2017, when it broke the conversations to form a coalition with greens and conservatives.

Lindner, 42 years old and who obtained the third place in the elections, has been at the head of the liberals eight years. During the mandate of him, the training has been close to the conservatives. However, on some issues such as opposition to Restrictions against Coronavirus, it has even approached the alternative ultrasive positions for Germany, a party that managed to enter Parliament with 11% of the vote but with which no one was contemplated by agreeing.

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 03:26

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