Nicaragua is a great prison of silence and terror

"The last time I saw my husband was the day they kidnapped him, seven months ago." Victoria Cárdenas, wife of Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Nicaraguan presidenti

Nicaragua is a great prison of silence and terror

"The last time I saw my husband was the day they kidnapped him, seven months ago." Victoria Cárdenas, wife of Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Nicaraguan presidential aspirant who remains detained by the Daniel Ortega regime for seven months, has denounced this Monday in Madrid the situation lived by the more than 170 political prisoners in the scheme duen and has requested "Your immediate and unconditional release."

"More than eight patrols arrived on June 8 and took a prisoner to my husband. They took my home for four hours and took what they wanted. I have not been able to hear my husband's voice or return to my house. "Relates Cárdenas in a meeting with journalists at the house of America.

Chamorro's wife, prefandidate of the Citizens Alliance, met yesterday with the Foreign Minister of Spain, José Manuel Albares, to transmit him in first person "his desperation in the search for freedom of our loved ones" and ask for "more support, Do not forget Nicaragua. " "I am here to ask for the help of democracies and the taking of coordinated actions," said Cárdenas, who begins in Madrid a European tour of the freedom of the prisoners.

"I had to leave the country with my daughter, and I can not come back because I have been charged with traitor to the homeland, if I return I would be imprisoned, my husband is resisting, with morally alto, with a strong spirit, but the conditions are terrible. He has lost so much weight that he would no longer recognize him. The same thing happens with the rest of political prisoners, "says Cárdenas, who tells the terrible conditions of the incarcerated in the chipote: light in the cells for 24 hours or total penumbra; sun every 10 or 15 days for a few minutes; Daily interrogations without lawyers; People with health problems without access to doctors.

"A woman is losing her teeth, another person has lost my memory. Another prisoner slimted 40 kilos ... Women have them isolated in cells totally darkly. The food is terrible. There are people operated from the heart, students of 20 years That they can not move. They are in total helplessness. It is a cruel, torture penitentiary system for them and for family members, "he describes.

Chamorro-whichever has been suspended indefinitely - is one of the seven opponent presidential aspirants arrested before the elections last November 7 by the authorities, which also canceled the legal personality to three political parties. These elections, in which Ortega was imposed with 75.87% of the votes with its main rivals in prison or exile, were not recognized for most of the international community - which crossed them from "Electoral Farsa" - , and that have triggered sanctions by the US, Canada and the EU for the Clan Ortega dome.

The calling of the relatives of Nicaraguan prisoners in exile is addressed "to regional governments, so that they take the necessary actions as a whole and that, as a region, demonstrate the regime that can not continue acting in this way. The electoral farce in Nicaragua should not be passed, impacts on Latin America and throughout the world. "

The Sandinista leader assumes his fifth mandate on Monday, the fourth consecutive, with an absolute control of Parliament during the next five years. His wife, Rosario Murillo, will occupy vice president. Yesterday they took possession at the National Assembly, the 90 deputies elected on November 7: 75 of the ruler Front Sandinista de Liberation National Liberation (FSLN), the rest of the formations considered as allies or 'puppets' of the regime, which will allow Sandinismo to exercise full Powers without opposition until 2027.

In this way, Ortega, former 76-year-old guerrilla, may perpetual for 20 years followed in the Nicaraguan Presidency. The authorities have confirmed assistance to their investiture of China delegations, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria, Argentina, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam, Angola, Belize, Cambodia, Egypt, Honduras, India, Laos, Malaysia and Yemen.

"We need each country to make decisions, so we are here, alone, we can not. We believed that the change would occur through the elections, but the peaceful struggle has derived in more repression, more exile. Now we need international support", demand Cárdenas. The wife of the pre-conference does not lose hope and she trusts that, once she is invested on Monday, Ortega releases the silenced opposition. "Nicaragua is a great prison of silence and terror. What is happening is a humanitarian catastrophe. Six million people do not have to suffer by a dictator," she sentence.

Updated Date: 10 January 2022, 08:07

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