Nicki Nicole: Before I wanted to give things to my family and I felt that I had nothing to offer

Of a song written in his room, to a contract with Sony Music. Two years have been succeeded in Nicki Nicole (Rosario, 2000) to go from being a complete unknow

Nicki Nicole: Before I wanted to give things to my family and I felt that I had nothing to offer

Of a song written in his room, to a contract with Sony Music. Two years have been succeeded in Nicki Nicole (Rosario, 2000) to go from being a complete unknown to become the first Argentine artist who acts on the Jimmy Fallon program. But her music has nothing to do with those cumbias or the themes of Ricardo Arjona that sounded at home.

It is one of the largest exponents of the urban industry and colleagues such as Camilo, Myke Towers or Lunay have already collaborated with it. Even C Tangana used her as a hook in the teaser of you let me want. "Boludo, this topic is going to change your life," she advised her convinced.

QUESTION. In your family there were musicians?

ANSWER. No. My uncle, my mom's brother, always sang incredible, a super tuguera voice. It's more, my cousin too, the daughter of him, who are the same age. But they sang from joda joke, at Christmas. Nobody had public exposure and that is what was most afraid. I felt that I would never be able to happen.

P. And suddenly publicly published your first song, Wapo Traketero, and viralizes [Accumulate more than 100 million reproductions on YouTube]

A. Yes, sometimes I think about it and it is very rare. Before I wanted to give things to my family, my friends, and I felt that I had nothing to offer. But, literally, it has something good and something bad. I felt that people wanted me for what it was. Today I do not know what people love me for what I am and what people love me for the character, because I do songs or because I know you.

Q. Your life changes in weeks, you start to meet famous people, they call you with television programs, what has the most impacted you?

R. Take me all the time. It was all so fast that at no time did I have time to assimilate the situation. But something new is that I allow myself to enjoy these moments. I am here, enjoying, saying what I want to say, and maybe if you grabbed me two years ago I was nervous saying things to say: oh, I like it. Understand? I wanted the approval of others for so many criticism that had happened. Nowadays that no longer happens.

The criticisms of which he talked came very soon. Many did not understand how an 18-year-old girl could be singing with popular artists, doing interviews or going to shows without even having a disc in the market.

Q. Do you miss when nobody knew you and there was no pressure?

A. Yes, but there is something of the pressure and the overwhelming that I put it myself. That is, many times my mind is more than others. It happens to me a lot that I am very self-critical and that plays me a lot against. Sincerely, my ego is always very low. That is, I fight a lot so that at least it remains normal. He always shot me down alone. When I was told by Jimmy Fallon, I said: 'How did they get it?' It's like I can never have that merit.

Q. Knowing the influence you have in Argentina, in Latin America and Spain among young people, do you try to send them messages, to raise awareness about topics that concern you?

R. I spent this of 'I'm going to say really what I think' When the group is not going to like it invited me to the collection of revenge. That's when I first said: I do not want to be half-happiness with anyone, I do not want to say careful things.

Q. I do not know the song

A. What we did was talk about a woman who meets the person who ... with his abuser, so to speak. No, actually, like this: with her abuser. I in my part I say textual: 'You got into my reason, you made me believe that my way of dressing was a provocation, you never let me be, you decided on me, and today we are here, let's see what you say'. Many people understood me and told me that what I counted passes. I feel that there are people who avoid those situations, and that avoid them does not mean that they do not pass. Do not talk about that does not mean that it is not happening.

Q. Was only women or also men?

A. A lot of guys, but very few heterosexuals. Literal. Many more homosexual guys have told me: Yes, really, I know that on the subject you are talking towards the woman but it has happened to me from going down the street and that they have hit me only for not having the same sexual orientation. And, honestly, it has happened to me to be in places and see how people do not leave a couple at peace and have to jump all that we are going to defend. It is something that continues happening.

Q. Can anyone wrote you saying: I was like that, harassing, but no longer?

A. I speak to you about the message of the song, there were very few of boys being heterosexual or that they have told me that they suffered harassment of a woman. I know what happens and it is very serious and I have noticed that when a woman is aggressive with a man nobody does nothing and when, at the touch, a man is aggressive, we all say. It is not the same in both parties and I have noticed it many times. And I know that equality is on both sides, not one of one, but we must also realize that we are dying and we are not being exaggerated.

Q. In your case, being a woman and very young, has it cost you to listen to you in the industry?

R. In music, but personally, yes. That is, they have interrupted me for being a woman, they have not greeted me for being a woman ... it has happened to us. Or they have treated me differently depending on how I dress.

Q. And what is your greatest fear right now?

A. My greatest fear is, well, loneliness a bit. I love being accompanied, surrounded by people I want and I would not like to be without them.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 07:25

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