Nine months without alcohol, and life to be happy

Do you travel by car while pregnant? Please so the cinturónCuatro of every ten pregnant women consume one glass of alcohol a week despite the risk asociadoEl ri

Nine months without alcohol, and life to be happy
Do you travel by car while pregnant? Please so the cinturónCuatro of every ten pregnant women consume one glass of alcohol a week despite the risk asociadoEl risk of vegan diets for the health of the brain

alcohol is a toxic and produces more serious effects in the fetus than any other drug. The consumption of this substance during pregnancy can cause in the newborn craniofacial abnormalities, delay in physical development, and damage to the central nervous system, the anatomical structure of the brain and in the neurological function and intellectual... A long list of consequences that currently many women are unaware of or do not consider at the time of taking "only a glass".

on the occasion of the world day of the Disorder Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (FASD) 2019, whose name refers to the damage caused by such consumption and which is held on Monday, 9 September, several international associations have joined together to organize a series of events which seek to raise awareness among pregnant women of that what is best for them and their future children is to not drink even a drop of alcohol.

The FASD affects 3 of every 1,000 births, although different studies show that 1 in 100 has any involvement that is linked directly with exposure to alcohol during gestation. The consumption of this substance during this stage of growth is the first cause of intellectual disability in the west today. What's the worst thing of all? is Not have a cure known.

The good news: you can prevent

The good news is that you can prevent in a simple way and the road passes by give up alcohol during pregnancy. When a woman ceases to be exposed to this substance since planning a pregnancy immediately, it prevents the person who will come to the world in nine months, loaded with consequences that were avoidable.

The symptoms of FASD - are not always easy to identify and the catalog, because the diagnosis requires a reliable documentation of the pregnancy and the collaboration of specialists who have experience in this field so specific.

very serious Problem of public health , it is fundamental to the implementation of campaigns aimed at awareness raising of the society. The children facing him also suffer the abandonment of their families, institutionalization, and accumulate a lot of adversity at a very early age, making it even more difficult to identify the origin of the different symptoms that are suffering from from small.

But there are actions that are necessary

Not all children have the same symptoms, nor in the same intensity, but all of them would be better served to take a few necessary actions that the associations have been listed with the occasion of the celebration of this day.

1. Preventive measures. In this first block are located the compulsory labeling, the elimination of "responsible consumption", the promotion of the figure of the absenteeism and the conduct of campaigns warning of the consumption of alcohol in pregnancy. Other ideas such as information points, the incorporation of a gender perspective and the empowerment of the figure of the abstainer are also part of the same.

2. Measures of intervention. To the time to intervene in these cases, the medical protocols of action and the focus and the population at risk take the head. To complete this point is add to the creation of referral hospitals for the diagnosis of FASD, the training of specialists-participants of the education system and the cataloguing of all the pathologies of adversity early.

3. Training measures. In the third block the emphasis is on the training of professionals of health, education, justice and security, and in the delivery of training courses for families of children with this disorder.

4. Measures of employment and adult life. last, but not least, the future of children with FASD closes the proceedings listed by the associations. Training pathways oriented to the employment, sheltered employment and with support, housing, supervised and judgments therapeutic make up this block.

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Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 08:01

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