Nintendo Switch Analysis OLED Model: The screen is everything

I have spent a week playing with the new Nintendo Switch model OLED and I can finally write this analysis that goes hand in hand from the Metroid Dread review,

Nintendo Switch Analysis OLED Model: The screen is everything

I have spent a week playing with the new Nintendo Switch model OLED and I can finally write this analysis that goes hand in hand from the Metroid Dread review, the game developed in Spain and that is launched at the same time as the new console.

Call it 'new console' is really happening. It is a new model of the same console that Nintendo launched in March 2017 and has already received two alternative models: one with the same design, but better battery; And another smaller version and only portable, the Nintendo Switch Lite. Now the third version comes, with an almost exclusive-centered improvement on the screen.

As its name suggests, the new version of Nintendo Switch has a 7-inch OLED screen. Despite having a body of the same size (it is a couple of millimeters more elongated than the original), Nintendo has managed to reduce the frame frames and create what at the naked eye almost looks like a screen with two controls stuck on the sides.

I'm not going to cheat: it's fantastic and what this console needed from the first day. The OLED screen goes hand in hand in a vivid way for colors, which can be deactivated as it happens on mobile phones with this same type of screen. With the default colors, many games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, now have a more chillona, almost fluorescent photograph. In more recent games, like Hades; or in which it seems that they have been designed with this console model a little in mind, as is the case of Metroid Dread; The colors are highlighted, they are very alive and give an incredible finish to the product. It is very possible that the colors you see on the Console screen are better than those on your TV screen.

The inclusion of an OLED screen, which on paper consumes less than a traditional LCD screen, seems to have elongated the useful life of the console a couple of hours. I have been able to play five hours followed by Metroid Dread without remembering the USB-C charger.

If you are one of those who prefer to play with the console connected to TV, the truth is that you will just notice any change with this new model. Your new Dock to connect it to the console has changed one of the USB ports by an Ethernet connector, so it is now possible to connect the Internet console with cable without the need for an extra adapter. The design of the support is beautiful and discreet, in addition to fully compatible with previous models, in the same way that the OLED works with the previous 'docks'.

If you are one of those who play a lot in portable mode, I have other good news. The speakers are quite better, clearer and with more volume. The reclining support now covers the entire back rear of the console, so it is much more stable (goodbye to the 'goat leg' of the original console). And you will not need to buy new controls because they are worth the joy-with of the previous model, as well as the pro and similar controls that are already in the market.

But the latter is also negative. Nintendo does not seem to have resolved the grave problem of jewel wear, which after a few months of intensive use will begin to give problems with false movements and will make the insufferable game experience unavowed, you send them to Nintendo to You change them or buy others. Let's consolidate that the switch OLED has some new little pretty pearl joy-with blank ...

Siguening with the skinny points, I would have gratefully grateful that the ergonomics of the console improve, but I understand that this is something practically impossible without making alterations that either completely change the controls and the body of the console or that they would simply raise much product. If you have a big hands or play a lot of time, you will hurt your dolls also with this model. And in my particular case, that I am to put the ringing fingers and little fingers in the lower part of the console to have more support, the separation that now is between the ridge of the reclining support and the speakers bothers me a bit. This is something personal, but go, I notice it a little and my fingers are marked after a while playing.

However, I am very clear that the Nintendo Switch model OLED is the definitive version of the console and that no one is going to be discontent if the purchase. It is not essential to be able to enjoy the games because, after all, inside it is just as powerful than the previous models. But if you want to give you a whim, you are a collector or want to buy a switch, it is certainly perfect for you.

In the absence of a more powerful model or with a dock that allows to rescue the image to 4k, since rumors continue to insist that Nintendo is developing one, the switch OLED is the current best version of the Nintendo console and, except surprise Last minute, the last adaptation we see before the next generational leap of the Japanese company.

A switch left about two years of life before their sales get stabbed or that the body asks us for a really new device to the Gamers (console generations last around six years), so it is still a good time for Renew or jump. With Metroid Dread, the two new Pokémon games, SPLATOON 3, Bayonetta 3 and the sequel to Breath of the Wild on the horizon, is still a good investment.

Date Of Update: 09 October 2021, 06:32

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