Nissan unveils prototype electric IMk: the city car definitive

The Nissan Juke-changes for completoNissan Avila closes 60 years of manufacturing with more than 500,000 vehículosNissan increased 240% the production of its el

Nissan unveils prototype electric IMk: the city car definitive
The Nissan Juke-changes for completoNissan Avila closes 60 years of manufacturing with more than 500,000 vehículosNissan increased 240% the production of its electric van in Barcelona

Nissan has unveiled the IMk, a prototype that combines elegant design, technologies of last generation and a powerful acceleration of electric energy in a body compact to create the "urban car definitive". This car 100% electric is a sample of the new design language of Nissan and how this language contributes to making a reality the Smart move for Nissan, the brand vision on the way of driving, driving, and connecting vehicles with society.

Nissan has been proposed to create an urban vehicle different from any other car of the segment. The result is the prototype IMk and it is much more than a simple city car functional ; is a sleek vehicle that reduces the stress of the driver in addition to provide emotion and trust using a new platform SEES. It is equipped with the most modern advanced technologies ProPILOT driver assistance and connectivity features total, so that is a clear example of what could become the city cars in the near future.

"The Nissan IMk is an EV compact for a new era, designed to feel as at home in urban environments sophisticated as in towns of japanese traditional. The IMk combines a modern look and simple, inspired by his japanese heritage with the most modern technology LOOKS. Its design is not limited by the traditional concepts of the segment kei and combines perfectly with the japanese culture. It is a SEEN compact of luxury that I hope to attract many customers", has declared Satoru Ta i , executive director of Design of Nissan.

Look powerful

The appearance and proportions of the IMk reflect a minimalist aesthetic based on the new design philosophy of Nissan, called Futurism Timeless Japanese. The exterior adopts the simple nature of the design traditional japanese which is characterized by some lines very smooth . The japanese motifs carefully built will bring refinement and intrigue. Bathed in a paint design Akagane, that reflects a copper color, reddish, this prototype pays homage to the artisans who transformed the copper into works of art functional.

But if we look at the IMk more closely, we will discover additional elements of the "DNA of japanese". The "shield" characteristic V-motion and the rear lights incorporate a fingerprint-type lattice wood.

Cabin with cozy high-technology

the interior of The prototype IMk Nissan is a new type of "room" that reminiscent of the ambience of a cafeteria or lounge . Seat type-bench, which has a textured perforated, generates a space relaxing and inviting atmosphere that conveys the impression of sitting on a floating cloud. The dashboard and some parts of the doors are upholstered with materials of light tones, which contribute to the welcoming atmosphere. The elements of color Akagane present along the instrument panel, the doors and the steering wheel brings brightness to the interior, in addition to a high-quality feel to the whole vehicle.

Interspersed with the bottom of the door we find strips of wood are a nod to the japanese technique of carpentry, of wood, of kigumi, which generates a beautiful sense of inner calm. This feature has been highlighted through the incorporation of a special lighting hidden. The mats are dark brown in color with woven threads of fiber metal contribute to improving the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of the IMk.

The information important to driving, such as vehicle speed and navigation instructions, it appears "in the air", thanks to a screen prismatic without bezel. The personalized information is transmitted to the driver via holographic screens . The feature interior lighting mimics the combination of colours of the screen, prismatic, according to the content that appears. When using the touch-sensitive surface -for example, sliding the finger while consulting a map - it appears a touch of fantasy in the form of a flock of birds flying.

autonomous Functions

The prototype Nissan IMk represents a further step towards driving completely autonomous. Incorporates the most modern technologies to help the drivers in a wide range of environments, from motorways to urban streets and parking lots.

The function of parking remote ProPILOT with valet parking by using your smartphone you can search for a parking place automatically once the driver and the occupants have exited the car. When you're ready to get back on the road, a single button brings the car back.

Among the other important functions we find the latest technology and driver assistance, created from an advanced version of ProPILOT 2.0, which contributes to the driving is more safe, more pleasant and enjoyable for drivers to combine the driving by the highway, with capabilities of movement by a single lane without driver intervention.

Date Of Update: 02 October 2019, 18:00

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