No volcano in 2022? All the indications indicate that it is finished

The Old Summit Volcano will soon be the longer than there are records in La Palma, after today it exceeds Tigalate, which lasted 82 days in 1646, and on Sunday

No volcano in 2022?
 All the indications indicate that it is finished

The Old Summit Volcano will soon be the longer than there are records in La Palma, after today it exceeds Tigalate, which lasted 82 days in 1646, and on Sunday it reaches the Tehuya record, which was 84 days active In 1585. The good news, if confirmed, is that it is no longer only the story that suggests that the current emergency should not be prolonged much more, but also the scientific data accompanied. To stay the trend, we could find us a few weeks after the end of the eruption, although it is still early to be able to assure it with certainty.

The Chairman of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Victor Torres, gave him ahead on Wednesday after talking to the technicians: "They tell us that there may be scientific signs that it ended in this year; There are three weeks left. I hope it's tomorrow when I finish, better than past, "he trusted. The end will not be so sudden, unfortunately, but the measurements of the last days would be compatible with that the eruption stopped during the current month.

In any case, they would still make a few more weeks to confirm that the data return to its normal parameters and the non-resolve volcano. In addition, the island would remain under emergency, because lava castings, even today active, will take months to cool and become a new landscape that life can return.

"The activity is low and it seems that the volcano could be initiating the final phase, but there is always a doubt there is there about what I can do or can not do," Valora David Calvo, spokesman for the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan). "You have to have tranquility and wait for these data to be confirmed. But yes, the activity is low, "he confirms.

"We are all waiting. Let's see if there is luck and ends soon, "he summarizes him about the expectant environment among scientists who work on the ground. He warns, however, that this kind of processes take his time: "The descent is very gradual, very little by little; In the short term, which is what we always handle, it does not seem that, with the current trend, I finish this week, not much less. Sulfur dioxide remains high and, therefore, the end of eruption is not imminent. "

So, could I stop before Christmas or end of the year? "Well, I think that's more a longing for something else. Enter that we stop seeing evidence on the surface and really eruption ends, there may be a lack of a few weeks. Right now we are not seeing great activity in the cone, but there are casts that are still quite active, "she contrasts.

«Even, although we do not see washing washing and we do not see gas, until all the parameters go back to zero, we can not say that the eruption is over," Class Balvo, and recalls that, once the eruption ends, still "is going to Spend a lot of time until people can have a normal life again ». The castings will stop moving forward when the magma contribution is stopped, but will remain hundred degrees of temperature for weeks or months, so that the affected areas will remain under emergency.

A good indication, at this time, is that "deep seismicity has practically disappeared, and that indicates that the volcano has difficulties finding magma that leading to the surface," explains Calvo.

"There are people who are saying that it is possible that it ended before the end of the year; Obviously, impossible is not, because everything is going down, "Sopesa, for his part, Manuel Regueiro, president of the College of Geologists. "It is possible that it is about to end, as they say, and maybe it is not even at Christmas. But everything is hypotheses, "he prevents him.

An important fact to know the evolution of the volcano is the daily amount of sulfur dioxide in the plume. The exact figure is not updated for days, but it is known that it still exceeds 1,000 tons, compared to the 100 daily tons that would target an immediate outcome. The other measurements, Repasa Regueiro, accompany the idea that the end could be close. "The tremor is low, the elevation of the land has dropped, the earthquakes in depth have come down ...", it indicates. «That is, all indications point to us towards it ends».

The earthquakes, for example, have gone from overcoming the 300 a day in some days of November to the 32nd ones that were recorded yesterday (corresponding to Wednesday). "We can be lucky enough," says Regueiro, although he emphasizes that he is still very soon: "We doubt ...".

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 21:05

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