Nose and chest: the retouching that have been made this month several Spanish influencers

Every December 31, the phrase "New Year, New Life" is viralized in social networks. However, in the case of some influencers, the motto could be "new year,

Nose and chest: the retouching that have been made this month several Spanish influencers

Every December 31, the phrase "New Year, New Life" is viralized in social networks. However, in the case of some influencers, the motto could be "new year, new nose". Or "new year, new chest". And it is that only in January, four known influencers have passed through the operating room ... and two of them did it together. It is about Rocío Osorno (34) -the ex-wife of Senator of Vox Coco Robatto- and Teresa Bass (32), known to maintain a forbidden romance with Dani Mateo, while he was married to Elena Ballesteros.

On January 13, Rocío Osorno -seconded by 1.3 million fans- and Teresa Bass, which accumulates 326,000, met in Madrid. Specifically, at the San Rafael Hospital to undergo a nose operation. In the beginning, many of the followers of her thought that it was a coincidence. However, Osorno dissipated, quickly, doubts and confirmed that both, being so friendly, decided to operate together. "Teresa has been accompanying me medical appointments, and one day we got the two so motivated that we took an appointment for the same day," Osorno commented on her instagram.

But influencers say that going through the operating room was a need and not a whim. In fact, surgeries would have been carried out by medical order, because of two "coincident" partitions diverted. "Since I started running and doing sports, I noticed that I was drowning and how I did not entertain my air through my nose, I saw an otorrino and had the partition diverted and hypertrophy of nasal corners," Osorno said. Likewise, Bass said, basically, the same problems as colleague from him. She even though she - with a funny Instagram football also reported that she was not sure to operate, until she becomes courageously and did it.

A brave attitude that Anna Ferrer (24) - the daughter of Peace Padilla - also took this winter. The businesswoman, owner of the clothing brand NO NI NÁ, spent seven days ago for a hospital in Seville and subjected to a rhinoplasty that, according to her own words, gave her dread. "It's true that I did not have a nose that caught the attention, but I decided to operate it, because I did not like it, I do not want it to be misinterpreted, for me it was not a complex. If I had not operated, it would be happy . And I do not think now I'm going happier than before, I do not think I'm doing with that ... but I did feeling much desire to do it, although I was afraid of the operation, "he said in his networks.

So, why influencer decided to go through the scalpel right now? According to her words, this 2022, she met the right doctor. "My mother knew I wanted to do it, but I always told me 'Why! Friends became friends, she has seen many works of him and then he already told me 'if you want, Anna, that is with him, who is the best and you're going to be in the best hands' ", he told the influence that already has 773,000 Followers

However, this has not been the most commented intervention of the season, but that of María Pombo (27) -the more often influenced from Spain- Who, on January 19, announced to its 2.3 million flellowers that He submitted a surgery to reduce his chest. A longing that she had for years and that she had commented on numerous occasions on her instagram. "Everything has come out, thank you for asking, the reduction of chest so desired, finally, has happened this morning, I will tell you everything soon, that today it is hard for me to open your eyes of sleep and I am somewhat uncomfortable," he wrote, after leaving of the operating room.

In spite of this, the same day decided to report each of its steps and revealed, with total honesty, how it felt. "It seems that I have more breast than I had when I left, but I have been told that it is completely normal to be inflamed. I have also been told that here three weeks I will see the light at the end of the tunnel and, from here to six months, I'll see the definitive result, "he explained, besides showing how he was seen with the bandages and hang some old photos. Even one of his pregnancy, in which he evided that - while waiting for his son Martin - became a Cup F of a bra. A situation of which he has spoken with complete naturalness and, of course, the Internet has praised.

But networks have not always been shown in favor of operations. Above all, this January, when influencer-and former tronist of women and men and vice versues- Oriana Marzoli (29) decided to "overcome" a breast surgery, after undergoing it to the third intervention of it in that area. "I'm so delighted with my surgery, I wanted to have this super surprise: do you want to gain a breast augmentation?", She published three weeks ago. However, the post of it did not last long online, due to the numerous denunciations - both Internet users, as of the Spanish Society of Medicine - and, as a consequence, Marzoli announced that Instagram erased the photo this January 19 . A pity, according to her, because she just wanted to "make a girl happy to have a complex."

Date Of Update: 27 January 2022, 04:02

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