Odegaard, Madrid and reasons for breaking the Child Star Road Leaf

During the last months of 2014, El Niño Martin Odegaard, without having fulfilled even the 16 years, visited Valdebebas, met the template that he had just won t

Odegaard, Madrid and reasons for breaking the Child Star Road Leaf

During the last months of 2014, El Niño Martin Odegaard, without having fulfilled even the 16 years, visited Valdebebas, met the template that he had just won the tenth and decided, with his family, that Madrid would be the ideal destination to continue his Football adolescence. Madrid paid three million to the Stromsgodset and the Norwegian left Scandinavia after a tour of the best sports cities on the continent. They say that they see closely to the champions of Europe and the possibility of being trained by Zidane, one of the idol of it, in the castile they ended up convincing.

Odegaard then began a six-year stage in which he has gone as a child to man and in which he has accumulated experience based on Erasmus: Vitesse, Heerenveen, Real Society, Arsenal ... A stage that, as it has been confirmed Newspaper will now close after the conversations between Madrid and Arsenal for its definitive transfer, in the absence of official confirmation, by a figure close to 40 million euros. A strange ending that nobody expected twelve months ago, but who responds to the series of lived circumstances between player and club during the last year. A rupture that at this point of the film leaves all content protagonists, but in the global analysis of the Madrid career of Odegaard supposes a certain aroma to disappointment.

Madrid tried as a cloth gold every one of his assignments, consensus with the footballer and with his surroundings a careful road map in whose final the Nordic of the owner appeared at the Santiago Bernabéu. Odegaard learned in the Castile with Zidane, not always in a perfect relationship, and even debuted with Ancelotti in League substituting Cristiano Ronaldo. He made the suitcases and healled in the Netherlands before breaking into a star in San Sebastián, a seamless plan that began to twist in the summer of 2020.

After losing to Manchester City in the eighth of the Final of the Champions League, Zidane asked to advance the return of the Norwegian. He still had a season of assignment at Real Society, where he had become one of the revelations of the course, but the excellent level of him had fallen in love with the French coach. The story that follows that decision and to know her: Odegaard began the campaign 2020-2021 and fell from the alignments after the defeat of Madrid before the Shakhtar. The lesions did not help you, but before the team crisis, Zidane ended with the rotations and returned to its center of the natural field, with Casemiro, Kroos and Modric.

That underdeted the confidence of Odegaard, which far from having patience, as he had shown Fede Valverde, the great example he puts on the club for these cases, he asked to go out into the arsenal in winter. That situation was a friction point between the club and Zidane because it was considered Odegaard Pilar fundamental in the future of the team, but with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti it was decided from scratch.

Far from recovering confidence, the preseason has ended up from distancing Madrid and the player. The technicians of the club have found him shy inside the field, without the blood and the desire that other young people show, and even Ancelotti, a lover of the Media Department, has not been enthusiastic about him: "There are eight footballers in his position," He emphasized the Italian last Friday. In short, they have not seen the odegaard that he had fallen in love with San Sebastián.

The Norwegian, meanwhile, was willing to assume the difficulties of the challenge, I wanted to try again and fight a position, but at the same time he remembered the negative experience of the last season with Zidane and listened to the Siren songs of the Premier. Despite not having made a final stretch of spectacular season in Arsenal, Mikel Arteta has insisted on him since the month of May, convinced that it is the missing piece in his attack, and the Norwegian has agreed to change from air. At 22, he will try to be reborn in England, on a team that for the first time in 25 years will not play Europe, but in which he will be the star.

Madrid, on the other hand, will make the first sale of one of the great projects of that plan of young promises that he began makes a lustro. Follow the Valverde, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Reinier, Kubo or Brahim, in Template or Cedidos, but Odegaard will no longer be done. The club is saved a tasting right, but not a repurchase option. And to the portfolio, plus millions to control the losses of the pandemic and for the final goal of these two weeks: Kylian Mbappé.

Date Of Update: 18 August 2021, 20:38

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