Of Barbados to the problem: Mature use the dialog to remain in power

The Kings avoided coincide with Maduro and Ortega in The HabanaRiesgo that chavismo to consolidate criminal operations in Costa RicaLíderes-chávez received mone

Of Barbados to the problem: Mature use the dialog to remain in power
The Kings avoided coincide with Maduro and Ortega in The HabanaRiesgo that chavismo to consolidate criminal operations in Costa RicaLíderes-chávez received money from the narco mexican via Costa Rica

it Was foreseeable that the dialogue stimulated by Norway in Barbados went under and did not produce any progress. Predictable because it is neither in the nature of the regime nor in the interest of Mature to agree , because long ago they decided that they will not give up power by their own decision. The fundamental question, this ad nauseam, but that still demands to be repeated is that the power makes a tactical use of dialogue: it is a way of gaining time and to simulate, to the international audiences, who maintain some dose of good will and willingness to seek a way out of the growing debacle in venezuela.

the democrats up to us to understand the reasons of background, the result of which is the unavailability of the dialog. One of those reasons is that Maduro and his band live in a bubble of political, social and economic . Are not in contact with what we call "reality". The link that they maintain with the real thing happens through verbal reports and written reports that distort the facts and hide the conditions of famine and widespread poverty that affects 90% of families in venezuela. Their energies are concentrated on escape international justice, to continue with their business, feeling protagonists victorious from a war with imperialism, whose triumph is not another that to remain, at any cost, in the power.

The key is just that: to stay in power at any cost. Means: continue killing from hunger and disease to the venezuelan people; to continue causing the massive flight of millions of people, especially young people; to continue persecuting, repressing, torturing and imprisoning anyone who dissents. Not only that. Simultaneously, they will extend and deepen the mechanisms of subjugation and social control as the CLAP, the census, the practices of indoctrination and the mechanisms to create loyalties in the armed forces and in public administration. Agreed with groups narcoguerrilleros, fat militias, financed and protecting criminal gangs. A power that is governed by those thoughts and that works with those parameters, what are willing to a dialogue, when their only interest is -and have advanced in it - convert the venezuelan territory into a huge den for their criminal practices?

it is True that these unsuccessful attempts of dialogue are, in good measure, the results of the international pressure . There is a confidence in the tool's dialog, indispensable in democratic thinking, which has ended for the benefit of Mature. It is a mental paradigm so powerful -like a fixed idea-which many find difficulty in accepting that there are cases in which such a tool, which has been effective or useful in any measure, it simply does not work. Not serves. Is inadequate, especially, because it is used in favor of a power that is illegitimate, unlawful, fraudulent and essentially anti-democratic.

The team of the president John Guaidó , which has had to get up from the table in August, remained in expectation, until they were the agents of Maduro-the only beneficiaries of the farce - which announced its withdrawal from the negotiations. Now we know why: they were ready to clean up the mess in which they had been working for months. Review the declarations of Claudio Fermín, Timothy Zambrano, Felipe Mujica, Henri Falcón, Eduardo Fernandez and the other members of this alliance, you will see that the dual operation of recognizing the government of Maduro and attack the decisions taken by the National Assembly and the forces clumped around John Guaidó, were incubated with time and the support of some means of communication.

The reaction that has taken place in venezuelan public opinion -I mean, in the media and social networks - has been overwhelming and clear: a total rejection of the maneuver. On the persons involved -politicians who have remained in silence throughout the years; who have not been actively involved in the struggle against the dictatorship ; they have accompanied the citizens in their protests and complaints; and that, moreover, lack the attribute of representativeness, since their organizations are, objectively, no more nominations devoid of structure and militancy-have rained, force, torrential, even people who normally do not intervene in political disputes, all kinds of suspicions, accusations and records. The trap I went wrong. It was ill-conceived. Mature attempted operation to gain legitimacy, but he chose to do this to a group of politicians, retired and politically irrelevant, lacking themselves of the minimum necessary legitimacy that the Venezuela of today demands.

What was then the dialog of Barbados? A cover, a bait, a distraction that would allow gaining time for the real goal of Mature: reforming a National Electoral Council, once again to his measure; convening elections that allow the destruction of the current National Assembly; to end with John Guaidó; invent a political scenario , where power acquires a glaze democratic, with the opposition built to your liking, measure and interests: an opposition that collaborates that, far from representing the democratic Venezuela, appears as a small and doubtful appendix to the regime of Maduro.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2019, 12:00

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