Olivier Véran is ready to inject $ 6 billion to increase the wages in the hospital

A month after the launch of the "Ségur health" , Olivier Veran unveiled Wednesday the envelope provided for wage increases for caregivers: six billion euros t

Olivier Véran is ready to inject $ 6 billion to increase the wages in the hospital

A month after the launch of the "Ségur health" , Olivier Veran unveiled Wednesday the envelope provided for wage increases for caregivers: six billion euros to be shared between hospitals and long-term care-public, but also with the private sector.

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End of the suspense: after weeks of consultation without the sales, the trade unions know finally how much the government is willing to spend to improve the remuneration of staff hospital -- out of doctors, which are the subject of a negotiation parallel. At a meeting on this subject, the minister of Health has advanced the figure of six billion euros "for the hospitals, the medico-social establishments (public) and private institutions," said AFP one of the participants. This amount includes a general increase of salaries of the agents of the public hospital service (hospitals, long-term care facilities...), a revision of the premiums, as well as increases targeted to certain professions, which could be extended to private institutions, has specified three other sources.

According to a draft agreement presented during a previous meeting, on Friday, these increases targeted concern in particular the categories of formal (nurses, caregivers) and medical-technical (laboratory technicians, manipulative and radio). This document, given to the unions, provided that the general increase of salaries in the public sector comes into force "as from 1 July" for the million staff in the public sector, whether they are licensees or contractors.

For a responsible trade union, wage bargaining can now begin because "we know finally the bottom of the range". Two weeks of the conclusion of the "Ségur", "one enters into the 'money-time'", he adds. Launched at the end of may, this extensive consultation led by the former leader of the CFDT, Nicole Notat must implement by mid-July the "massive plan to redevelop and investment" promised by Emmanuel Macron in the midst of the epidemic of coronavirus.

there is still no

But to some trade unions, who claim a prior "revaluation general wage" of at least 300 euros net per month in public institutions, there is still not. In addition, the possibility of having to share a portion of the amount with the private sector, which was not included in the draft agreement, has negatively surprised by several participants. "It is necessary that the government should review completely its copy", considers itself a responsible trade union, for which "the pressure is on the executive, which has an obligation of result".

After the success of their day of action on 16 June, which brought several tens of thousands of protesters all over France, several unions (CGT, FO, SUD, Unsa) and the collective of caregivers (Inter-Hospital, Inter-Emergencies) have called for new rallies on 30 June. Another mobilization is also considered at the 14 July, in a form that is not yet defined, so that the government has planned to pay tribute to the caregivers in this day of national celebration, where the traditional military parade will be replaced by a ceremony on the place de la Concorde.

The doctors have left the table

For the time being, the main trade unions of doctors are not attached to these initiatives, even if their last meeting at the ministry was cut short Tuesday morning.

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Dissatisfied with the lack of schedule and costing relating to their remuneration, they have left the table at the end of an hour to "show (their) bad mood". They are claiming an immediate increase of 300 euros net monthly for internal use and a strong appreciation of their grid salary, with a minimum of 5.000 euros net in the beginning of their career and up to 10,000 euros in the end of a career. The hospital doctors will know more perhaps when a new chat session scheduled for Friday.

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And we will still continue to send money in africa ?

Victor33le 24/06/2020 23:47

We could also increase our police officers, our military, our firefighters and our teachers..this are the guarantors of the state's republican

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And I imagine that there are, in the face of 6 billion of savings?
As for the $ 17 billion given to the GJ ... It doesn't pass 1 day without the announcement of a gift of several billion non-funded. One goes in the wall

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