Open days and virtual training centres for apprentices

"Déconfine your future!" It is through this slogan that the network of Chambers of trades and crafts (CMA-France) appeals to the young, in a communication cam

Open days and virtual training centres for apprentices

"Déconfine your future!" It is through this slogan that the network of Chambers of trades and crafts (CMA-France) appeals to the young, in a communication campaign launched on the social networks and in the media. Because it is currently preparing the start of the learning. This Wednesday will mark the culmination of the operation of CMA France, that every year 100000 young people in 250 trades.

confinement that deprived most of the training centers of apprentices from their traditional open door days of spring, when the young people discover careers and learning infrastructures, the network organises the event in a virtual format. By visiting the portal of the chambers of trades (, the users will have access to 112 CFA of the network who are preparing to 600 degrees, from CAP to bac+3. An interactive map of their will to focus their research according to the orientation desired career and by geographical area. They will also be able to watch presentation videos, and share via cats with the 5000 trainers of CMA France.

the different actors of The sector, such as public authorities, are trying at all costs to limit the impact of the health crisis on the learning. As the industry for a long time denigrated, appeared again as a pathway of excellence, and attracted young people since the reform of the apprenticeship system in September 2018. Last year, with 491000 apprentices, learning was recording for the first time in its history, a two-digit growth, an increase of 16% compared to 2018.

But in the midst of CMA France, it is feared, already a decrease of 10% to 15% of enrolments for the academic year 2020-2021. Because if the CFA is prepared to welcome their students, it is still necessary that companies recruit apprentices. However, many of them, particularly in the construction and in the service sector, is suffering because of the pandemic, which has imposed several weeks of activity at idle or stopped. "Nobody even really the consequences of this shock. The recovery will be at the rendezvous, and at what speed? The order books are they going to fill? So many unknowns that make patrons hesitant to hire, while there are yet four months, they were counting precisely on the alternation to compensate for the lack of labour to which they were then experiencing," relève-t-on in the network, where we observe, however, that the plan of revival of learning was revealed by the minister of Labour at the beginning of the month is going in the right direction.

Muriel Pénicaud has announced four measures, including assistance in the recruitment of an apprentice rising to 5000 € for a minor, and 8000 euros for a major. The extension of the learning period has also been extended, and any apprentice who is enrolled now in a CFA will have until February 28, 2021 to find an employer. This latter provision is also the insurance for the CFA to have a funding up to this date, and an additional reason to encourage them to support young people to find a company.

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