Operation Bridge of London: Secret plans for when Queen Isabel II fails

"The bridge is dropped by London" ... When the "Premier" Boris Johnson hears the slogan, in the mouth of a real emissary, he will understand that the moment

Operation Bridge of London: Secret plans for when Queen Isabel II fails

"The bridge is dropped by London" ... When the "Premier" Boris Johnson hears the slogan, in the mouth of a real emissary, he will understand that the moment feared by the vast majority of the British, who will not give Credit to the eyes or ears when the newspaperarios announce the inevitable when the time comes: "The Queen has died."

A filtration to the 'Politico' portal has anticipated how the preparations will be until now, "Operation Bridge of London", updated for the Internet era. The operation includes the temporary "blackout" in social networks of all real family accounts (which would be dyed black with a brief announcement on what happened), the ten days of mourning, the flags at halfstone and the exhibition of the coffin in The Westminster Palace. She was there for three days so that her compatriots go to give the farewell of her, before being buried in the crypt of Windsor Castle, next to the tomb of her husband Felipe de Edinburgh.

The Buckingham Palace has not officially responded to filtration. The queen, on the other hand, takes her life as a widow in Windsor Castle, at 95 and with a much more agitated agenda than she presumed after the death of Felipe de Edinburgh, with her costumes every day more flowered and Without the minimum indication of fragility in your iron health.

The real experts, such as Angela Levin, have criticized filtration and an example of bad taste: "It is horrible and cruel make the secret plans on the death of the queen. Where is our moral?"

But the British seem more entertaining than outraged with the scrupulous details - with all the pomp and rigor of the English protocol- that have circulated in the last hours, including parallel plans for the relay of Prince Charles in the so-called "Spring Tide Operation ".

The first to know the "descent" of the London Bridge, outside the Buckingham environment, would therefore be the prime minister in a short phone call. There would be then a "cascade call" to all the cabinet ministers, the members of the Private Council of the Queen and the maximum responsible for the armed forces, which would give orders for the savors of honor throughout the country a few hours a.m. along the "day D".

The specific calls to the ministers would repeatly repeat this message: "We have just been informed of the death of His Majesty the Queen, discretion is kindly? Shortly after an email would be sent to all political ministers and officials with a similar content: "Dear colleagues. With great sadness I write them to report the death of his Majesty a Queen".

The most striking aspect would be the temporary blackout of the real family portal and real accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A laconic communicate confirming the death of the queen would remain for several days on a black background. All non-urgent content and 'retweets' would be prohibited, unless the government's head of communications stipulated otherwise.

The official notification to the media would arrive through the press Association, the "Premier" would speak from Downing Street and Prince Carlos would address the nation on the first news at six in the afternoon, hours before being proclaimed as a new king The next day by the so-called Ascension Council to the throne. All members of the Council should wear a rigorous black and could not wear medals or decoration.

After the proclamation of the new monarch, the Parliament would meet in special session at noon to give honors. At 3:30 p.m. the afternoon of the day after, the "Premier" would come with all the cabinet of him to Buckingham to maintain an audience with King Carlos. It would be rigorously forbidden to take wives or spouses.

The London Bridge operation also includes during the first hours the celebration of an act of tribute in St. Paul's Cathedral that would be chaired by the Prime Minister and that curiously should seem "spontaneous", according to the documents filtered by 'politico'.

Regardless of where death occurred (the Queen has moved with all his entourage to Windsor Castle since the beginning of the pandemic), the body of Isabel II would temporarily rest on the second day in the throne room of the Buckingham Palace, which I would do the Burning Chapel times.

On the third day, King Carlos would begin a tour of the UK that would take him to his beloved Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The fifth day would be especially marked on the calendar for the transfer of mortal remains to the Westminster Palace, Headquarters del Parliament and currently in works.

The creek would be there from the sixth to the ninth day, receiving the visit of thousands of British for 23 hours a day (with 60 minutes of interval for cleaning and maintenance). The tenth day would be finally reserved for the funeral in the abbey of Westminster, followed by the burial in the Windsor Castle.

In contrast to the Forth Bridge operation, adapted to the Restrictions of Covid after the death of Edinburgh Prince, the London Bridge operation does not apparently include a reference to the pandemic. The forecast leaves this time this time shared by millions of British. Long live the Queen!

Date Of Update: 04 September 2021, 09:16

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