'Operation ' Kitchen': The driver of Luis Barcenas gave the keys of the alarm for the theft

Inside sneaked out to Barcenas your agenda and notes of payments in 'B' evidence of the 'operation ' Kitchen': Payments in 'B' Inside stole Luis Barc

'Operation ' Kitchen': The driver of Luis Barcenas gave the keys of the alarm for the theft

Inside sneaked out to Barcenas your agenda and notes of payments in 'B'

evidence of the 'operation ' Kitchen': Payments in 'B' Inside stole Luis Barcenas

the driver of The former treasurer of the PPLuis Barcenas gave the Police the keys to the alarm of his hiding place: a study in the hiding documentation. Sergio Rios, who was captured as confident in the so-called operation Kitchen set-up to rob Barcenas your arsenal against the PP, leaked code that allowed the device to police access to the property without a warrant and steal sensitive material. The driver led the officers up there after to ensure that Barcenas and his wife had hidden documents in an old chest. However, the confident to the verge of thwarting the assault because it was wrong in the first place and provided a wrong code causing it to jump off the alarm. Also reported the content of the conversations of Barcenas in the car and warned that he could hide money in Canada and Chile.

The Police seized Luis Barcenas documentation sensitive against the PP thanks to the driver of the former treasurer provided the key to his alarm to turn it off. The operation mounted by the Interior and under the name of operation Kitchen managed to override the security systems installed by the former high official of the PP in a studio located at number 32 of madrid's calle de General Diaz Porlier, where Barcenas held regular meetings and was kept documentary evidence.

Sergio Rios, the driver of Barcenas and his wife, Rosalía Iglesias, was captured as a confidant by the Police, at the time of the PP Government, and led her to the aforementioned property. The driver was revealed to police officers that were involved, among whom was the commissioner now incarcerated Jose Manuel Villarejo, the former treasurer kept unless there is proof against the party in the house just a few meters from his home.

I noted that she had heard talks of the marriage in which they made reference to a "bunker" in which they stored documents and led them towards the same. All of this occurred in mid-2013, when Barcenas openly declared war on the dome of the PP, surfaced his famous roles with double-counting and revealed its sms with Mariano Rajoy.

The driver was about to thwart the theft because he gave a wrong code

Also, the driver eased the access to the Police to the study by opening the door and communicating the code of an alarm that, as they say to THE WORLD, several sources involved in the Operation's Kitchen, had at least 15 years old.

however, there was a setback in carrying out the assault, because the first code that you provided the driver was wrong, the alarm sounded and was advised the plant to which it is connected, so there was that to postpone the entry into the study. Sources close to the family Barcenas claim to this newspaper that they were advised on several occasions by the security company after being activated. Finally, after finding the correct code, the device police entered the building and crawled in search of documentation that may be used by the former treasurer in his struggle against the dome of the PP, which was presided over by then prime minister, Mariano Rajoy. As argued in this newspaper, the same sources consulted, it was not found the chest, it referred to the driver but yes a drawer full of notes on payments in B in the PP. The strategy employed by police officers for Barcenas and his wife, Rosalía Iglesias, not to suspect, was to take a copy of the documentation seized at the time that they left the original in place.

In this building were, among others, the manuscripts of the women of Barcenas in which he scored, of its fist and letter, the arsenal available to the marriage against the party. In this document, which constitutes one of the tests subtracted more relevant, Rosalía Iglesias said, after meeting with Barcenas while he was in remand prison, a number of elements that could be used to strike against the PP, or force a negotiation.

Among them, reference was made, in a long list of alleged payments made with black money, "works in the house of Mariano", in reference to the installation of security cameras and crystals armored vehicles in the private home of the former president, allegedly paid to the box B. Also included in this summary the details of the delivery of bonuses to the party leadership, stating in particular the names of Rajoy, Angel Acebes, Javier Arenas or Rodrigo Rato. Also, was the true quantification of "how much money enters the year in the black in Genoa". All time has always been questioned that the famous papers of Barcenas reflect in a comprehensive manner the money is not declared who handled the match in the last few decades.

In a second attempt, the Police entered and found a chest with manuscripts

Next to the key for access to one of the hiding places of the Barcenas, the driver of the marriage was reporting on a timely basis the content of the conversations that I listened to the marriage in the car. In this sense, reported to the Police the "constant concern" of the ex-treasurer for performing the movements in bank accounts and credit cards.

In such a way that communicated the police officers involved in the Operation Kitchen its firm conviction that the marriage was keeping funds hidden abroad, which had not yet been detected by the Justice, who at that time had already confiscated more than 40 million in Switzerland. In turn, Rivers has indicated to the Police that he had heard references to countries such as "Chile or Canada" and that he suspected that the fortune still hidden remained in such territories.

The dome police of the time had recognized this paper-the existence of the so-called operation Kitchen, but have been assured that the objective pursued was to find the money hidden by the former treasurer as well as identify potential straw purchasers guarding him. At the same time deny having given the order to steal the documentation to Barcenas.

Despite this, the anti-Corruption Office has already requested the judge investigating the so-called case Villarejo the imputation of both the chauffeur as the former deputy director-operating of the Police, Eugenio Pino, to determine who ordered the operation and how it is funded. In parallel, the judge José Mata, which investigates the B-box, has required to THE WORLD the documents stolen from the former treasurer published by this newspaper and which were never delivered to the judges who were investigating.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 23 November 2018, 08:01

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