Operation 'save Boris'

Operation Save Boris is the name with which the maneuver has been baptized, to rescue in extremis to the British Premier for the latest revelations of the Party

Operation 'save Boris'

Operation Save Boris is the name with which the maneuver has been baptized, to rescue in extremis to the British Premier for the latest revelations of the Partygate and before the requests of resignation in its own ranks. The operation was orchestrated from Downing Street, which assured the seamless support of the cabinet to Boris Johnson, despite the delay of more than eight hours of the Rishi Sunak Treasury and of the Holder of Foreign Liz Truss, considered as the Favorites to their "succession".

Since Parliament, the hinder of the hard wing Jacob Rees-Mogg assured that Johnson has the support of most of the Toriet parliamentarians and disqualified the leader in Scotland Douglas Ross as "a lightweight" within the match. Ross led the previous day the internal petitions of resignation to which influential deputies such as veteran Roger Gale, William Wragg or Caroline Noks were added.

The surveys confirmed the free fall of the Conservative Party, ten points below the Labor Party (38% to 28%). 60% of British considers that Johnson should resign and 78% believe that it has not been "honest" since it started the scandal of the parties held during the Restrictions of the Covid, according to a yougov survey for The Times.

In a hypothetical hand, 35% of British considers that Labor Keir Starmer would be "best prime minister", compared to 23% leaning by Boris Johnson. The conservative leader is at the lowest levels of popularity since the arrival of him to power, only two fucking above Theresa May in the week of the resignation of it in 2019.

In the midst of the storm triggered by his "apology" before the British in Parliament - to justify his presence at the feast of May 20, 2020, claiming he believed it was "a work event" - Boris Johnson decided to disappear from the map By revealing that a member of his family had given "positive" in the Covid test.

The Premier suspended his visit announced for Thursday at a vaccination center in Lancashire and thus avoided shooting from journalists. Although he is not obliged to keep quarantine, he is advised by a "contact limitation". Downing Street confirmed shortly after the Premier will not appear in public in the coming days.

Before moving on to the rear, Johnson secured the government's seamless backup. The first to support him publicly were his secretary of him, Dominic Raab, the secretary of the Interior, Priti Patel, and that of his old ally of him in the Brexit campaign, Michael Gove. The rest of the cabinet was adding up in social networks between five and six thirty on Thursday afternoon.

The most lags were precisely the two favorites to replace him as a conservative leader in the surveys. The secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, was not only absent at the time of Johnson's parliamentary intervention, but campaigned on his way during an act in Devon at the same time (his "runoff" was compared by conservative media with The absence of John Major in the fall of Margaret Thatcher).

Sunak wrote his entry on Twitter at 8.11 and was also very moderate in his support, claiming that the Premier did well to ask for forgiveness to the British and claiming "patience", waiting for the outcome of the internal research of the Partygate directed by the High official Sue Gany.

Liz Truss did not pronounce himself until 9.14 at night, although his backup was much firmer than Sunak's. The Holder of the Foreing Office highlighted Johnson's achievements - "from Brexit to the reinforcement vaccine, going through economic growth" - and said he supported "one hundred percent to the prime minister as he advances the country."

Truss maintained on Thursday his first high-level meeting with the Vice President of the European Commission Sefcovic Maros, in his new role as a post-Brexit negotiatory after the resignation of David Frost in December. Truss received Sefcovic in the middle of the political temporary and urged him to find "reasonable and practical solutions" to the problems created by the Ireland Protocol.

The secretary for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, took even more to join the operation save Boris, but in the end he was one of the most energetic when he defending his leader. "He said that I do not think I did out of the rules, let's hope to see what determines research and people will be able to have their own point of view at that time."

Lewis was even further and came out of the speculation about the reserves of the Treasury Secretary: "I have seen Rishi (Sunak) with the Prime Minister and work side by side. I know Rishi gives him all his support."

The PartyGate has, however, open the thunder box among the conservatives in Scotland. Hours after the local leader "Tory", Douglas Ross, openly asked Johnson's resignation, was confirmed that the Prime Minister will not be invited to the annual conference held in March. Former Tory leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson was also added to the rebellion against Johnson.

From Westminster, Jacob Rees-Mogg terted in the controversy attacking personally against Ross, calling him "light weight of politics" and remembering that "he has been systematically against the Prime Minister from Brexit" and without any provision to help.

The open front with the Scottish conservatives have nevertheless left a new division flank within the party, after the revolt against the "Covid passport" to which they joined a hundred deputies, the biggest challenge released by The Tories against their own leader from their arrival to be able to do two and a half years.

It would be enough for 54 of the 360 Tories to send their letters to the 1922 Parliamentary Committee to launch a motion of censorship similar to which it served to disband Theresa May. According to conservative media, between 20 and 30 parliamentarians may already referred and their letters, although the Chairman of the Grahan Brady Committee (one of Johnson's major critics for his restrictions against Covid) has not yet confirmed how many missives they have come to power.

Updated Date: 13 January 2022, 21:01

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