Oracle Touch: What can a 2,600 euro coffee maker do?

The short answer to the question posed by the holder is simple: a delicious coffee and with a simple handling using a touch screen and quality components. The

Oracle Touch: What can a 2,600 euro coffee maker do?

The short answer to the question posed by the holder is simple: a delicious coffee and with a simple handling using a touch screen and quality components. The long answer is what comes here below.

At a time when most offices and people who are not a forophas of the coffee process are bet on almost automated machines that use capsules, there are brands such as Oracle who try to take the experience of bar coffee makers to homes.

The Oracle Touch is the most expensive and most high-end coffee machine of all who make, while Oracle The Bambino is one of the latest most affordable models that have launched. The company adapts more or less to pockets around the world, but The Bambino remains costing 350 euros.

Compared with a nesspresso that costs 60 euros, one may think that it does not compensate; But if you have a palate made to good coffee or want to control the process of doing it more, you will need a somewhat more expensive coffee makers and require some maintenance.

In the case of Oracle Touch, everything is the simplest possible, from the installation of the water filter to the configuration of the hardness of the water, the thicker or fine ground setting of the grain, the type of coffee you want to make. .. The touch screen of the coffee maker and the well-raised tutorials to do all this and more are a point in favor of the coffee machine.

Making a coffee is simple. You turn on it and, while the components are heated, select the type of coffee you are going to make a list that goes from the American to the Capuccino, passing through the latte, the espresso and many more. While doing this, you can also fit the filter on the ground of ground coffee. You have to use whole grain, which is stored in a small compartment at the top of the coffee machine. And when the machine is hot, fit the filter at the water outlet so that the coffee is filtered over the cup in the precise amount for the type of coffee you have chosen to do.

If it is an American, hot water will also fall. If it is a coffee with milk, you will have to heat the milk in the vaporizer, the pitorro on the right side that has a thermometer to know how much you are heating the milk. The coffee maker comes with an aluminum jar to heat the milk every time and that is easily cleaned.

The process explained sounds more complicated than it really is, but it is simple and the result is excellent. This coffee maker has ruined the coffee palate because any other coffee knows me much worse because not everyone, in bars, cafes or in its humblest coffee makers can control both the filtering of coffee. It's not your fault, it's 'fault' of the coffee maker.

If you want a more personalized coffee, you can adjust many parameters. It is possible to touch the filtering time of the coffee (but not how much water made, only the time you are wetting and filtering water through the ground grain) and use a smaller filter to make espressos. If your taste is very refined, you are going to touch all the possible parameters to make the coffee that you feel like every moment. It is not the same a single long or a ristretto. That's why you can save and name the coffee you have configured, in case the automatic selection of the machine is not enough.

Be that as it may, the great complication with a coffee maker like this is maintenance. Not because it is tedious, that a little is when it asks you to disqualify it once every three months; but because you have to do it if you do not want to stay with a coffee maker and it makes a worse coffee past a year. The normal thing is that you clean the exterior of the vaporizer with a wet rail after each use, because it is automatically cleaned every time you heat up milk. Also that you clean the filter with handle with pressure water and that you waste a little water to clean the circuit after each use or after making several keys of followed.

The coffee maker includes several cleaning tools, which you can hide conveniently under the tray where you support the cups and where the dirty water drops or the remains of milk.

All these elements of simplicity suspect that are those that raise both the price of the coffee maker along with the touch interface of the screen. Its construction is also in part responsible: components such as the filter with handle are made of aluminum, are rice and are composed of few pieces, so that they do not look like they are going to loosen or break by much that you use it.

The tray has plastic parts inside, but its construction is also metallic and cleans very easily. And both the tray to introduce water as the tank are very hard materials and, in the case of the first, they have an oleophone layer that causes the water to always fall into the tank and do not stay staining or being able to spoil parts if it is filtered where should not.

From the first use, the coffee maker clear it is a high-end product and works as such. Maybe that's why you have to take your use a little seriously and take care of it. It is one of the things that during my test time I had quite clear, that in exchange for an excellent coffee, you had to worry a little about this object in my kitchen that was removing enough space, but it helped me to wake me up in the morning better than No other coffee maker you have.

It does not matter how much coffee type you take, stronger or less strong, with milk or american, espresso and burning or long and cooler. They all know very rich. And it does not matter so much the coffee brand you use. While it is important to use a fresh grain and aroma, the filtering process is what makes the final product have the adequate bitterness and acidity. Where this coffee machine shines is in the coffee alone, simple and pure; But even coffee with milk has a much better taste that of the corner bar.

Is it worth paying 2,600 euros for a coffee maker? That depends on each pocket. I unfortunately I can not afford it, but I have it clear now, unfortunately, that a more expensive coffee maker offers simplicity in the handling and maintenance that other coffee makers do not offer because that would make them.

But if you are looking to give you the whim of your life or you are a coffee addict that has a plunger coffee machine, another filter and another moka to make you a different coffee every day, but also wants a quality machine to go a little faster ; Oracle The Touch may be a product for you.

Date Of Update: 07 December 2021, 21:19

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