Overwhelming unanimity against Garzón: ranchers, industrial, veterinary and even autonomic governments of the PSOE: He has done a terrible damage, he must resign or be dismissed

The only one who has saved silence so far is the Minister of Agriculture, Fishing and Food, Luis Flat. Perhaps a sound silence, but silence after all the poli

Overwhelming unanimity against Garzón: ranchers, industrial, veterinary and even autonomic governments of the PSOE: He has done a terrible damage, he must resign or be dismissed

The only one who has saved silence so far is the Minister of Agriculture, Fishing and Food, Luis Flat. Perhaps a sound silence, but silence after all the political responsible maximum in the defense of the entire agricultural sector. The rest of the sectors that have felt 'assaulted' by the statements of the Alberto Garzón Minister of Consumption have expressed indignation. And they have done it unanimously, without distinctions or political colors. The agrarian organizations and UPA (antagonics) and COAG have also been added on Tuesday. That is, unanimity. Ranchers of any point in Spain, from north to south and east to west; industrialists (the six main professional organizations wrote a letter to the president of the Government Pedro Sánchez, condemning such statements); Veterinarians from different schools in Spain and in the same way passed through the autonomous governments, including those of the PSOE.

The first to go out on stage was the president of Aragon, Javier Lamám, who tiled him as' insult to intelligence ". And this Wednesday was added the PSOE of this community, who tiled the words of Garzón as" a direct aggression to a Important part of the Aragonese economy, which strives to be competitive and sustainable, "said PSOE Aragon's secretary, Darío Villagrasa, has insisted that Aragonese ranchers" strictly comply with current legislation and provide excellent quality products. Market "and therefore considers that these assessments" do not seem prudent or reasonable and also put the work of a sector that is vital for the Aragonese economy and that of course performs their work following the highest quality criteria ".

Nor did another of the socialist barons, Emilio García Page, which also has an open a debate in Castilla-La Mancha about the location of more macrogranjas, so he decreed a moratorium in December while looking for the consensus between the parties. This Wednesday, he wrote in the Twitter account of him: The Minister must rectify: "Negative propaganda can not be propagated from such an important sector abroad. Our meat meets all control standards and is top quality". But the minister did not rectify, in any case he said that he was misinterpreted. This line followed the spokesman for the Junta de Extremadura, Juan Antonio González (Fernandez Vara was not pronounced): "When an interview is done, and I say it by own experience, you have to be careful with the statements that are made", since According to he said, "maybe he wants to communicate one thing and he communicates another that maybe he was not the intention of Mr. Garzón." At par, he defended that "in the Dehesa Extremna the livestock has the best of qualities."

On the part of the PP, President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández-Mañueco, urged A, Pedro Sánchez, who will attend this Sunday of the PSOE act in Palencia, to carry "the rectification" or the "cessation" of the Minister of Consumer , Alberto Garzón, because it is "Reincident in his attacks on livestock". For his part, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, reproached the minister who generates bad reputation and thresh the professionalism "of farmers.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Spokesman of the Government, Isabel Rodríguez, unauthetorized the Minister of Consumption, ensuring that his statements are opinions "on a personal title" and not the government, and has avoided pronouncing whether or not he should resign or rectify or rectify his Words and when asked during an interview on the sixth, if he believes that the minister should resign as the sector asked Isabel Rodríguez has been limited to saying: "That should ask him." The Minister stressed that Garzón's position is not the position of the Government, but the positions of the Executive in relation to livestock are the agreements that come out of the Council of Ministers and that President Pedro Sánchez has made statements supporting the country's livestock sector.

In these same terms, the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, who has assured that "what everyone knows" is that Spain "is a large producer country of quality" and in which they coexist so much Intensive models as extensive.

Pedro Cheap, president of Asaja, warned: "Livestock in Spain lives on export, you can not move a message like this in the international press" and abounded: "It is another irresponsibility of the Minister Garzón, and endangers thousands of farms that comply with Community and national regulations, fulfilling the law, so that this minister is an authentic irresponsible and from Asaja we demand from the Government of the Government its faulty and immediate cessation because the Spanish livestock sector does not need more attacks and itself . Meanwhile, UPA insisted: "We demand that you rectify or resign. And to help you rectify, we invite you to visit Spanish farms and stop counting lies." And COAG demanded Sánchez to adopt measures if Garzón does not rectify his statements publicly

"We do not understand why it focuses on the criticism when it is notorious and real that there are other economic sectors that generate more greenhouse gases than the livestock sector itself, case of the large transport multinationals and the powerful energy companies."

Meanwhile, the College of Veterinarians of Cáceres condemned what he considers an "insulting criticism" in the "unfortunate" statements of the minister of consumption, Alberto Garzón, with respect to a supposed low quality in meat production in Spain. This collective affirms that it is "falsehoods" that involve "irreparable damage" to the profession.

Its president, Juan Antonio Vicente, said these words are lacking in the "veracity and objectivity" of a minister, then "contain some uncertain data that in no way must have come from qualified professionals."

For its part, the President of the Veterian College of De Bizkaia and the Board of Euskadi, Álvaro Mateos Amann, said that "the 'Pseudinvorist' statements' Alberto Garzón only demonstrate the scarce level of our political representatives and their lack of respect towards the Livestock sector. From the veterinary profession we demand a rectification as well as its immediate resignation. " And he added: "Enough of fee politicians, without technical preparation and without respect!".

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 02:56

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