PP mayors ask in Brussels that the Government follow the EU steps in the management of European funds

"The Spaniards are equal before the law and, therefore, regardless of where we reside and the party that governs us, the European funds are important for every

PP mayors ask in Brussels that the Government follow the EU steps in the management of European funds

"The Spaniards are equal before the law and, therefore, regardless of where we reside and the party that governs us, the European funds are important for everyone. No one can be left behind, it is necessary that the government of Spain be to it Height as the European Union and the European Commission, and therefore there must be control mechanisms, the principles of transparency and advertising in the funds must be strengthened. " That is the message that 15 mayors and Popular Diputacian presidents from all over Spain have brought Brussels on Wednesday. It is part of the complaints and complaints campaign against the executive of Pedro Sánchez who for weeks remain in our country, but that this week, on two occasions, has been transferred to the Community capital. First with the visit of the Monday of Pablo married and today with the Regidores, headed by El de Madrid and National Spokesperson, the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

The PP ensures that there is discrimination and that Sánchez is benefiting municipalities governed by his party and harming those of the opposition. "The distribution is arbitrary and does not harm the PP, harms the Spaniards, we are all equal before the law, we all have to overcome this pandemic and we have to have the same opportunities to get ahead and that we have said throughout the morning in Our encounters, "said the Edil Madrid. The delegation was before lunch with two European commissioners and with the head of rows of the PPE in the Eurocamera, Manfred Weber. And he concluded two other appointments with a Romanian MEP, a member of a budget supervision committee, and with the chairman of the Committee of the Regions.

All figures are members of their political family and have no direct relationship with funds or economic affairs. Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the Commission, is in charge of the so-called European Lifestyle and very close to the Spanish PP, as He is married to an Asturian party. While the Croatian Duvravka SUICA, she is responsible for democracy and demography. The mayors have been able to talk, and show their "doubts and concerns", but they have not received any clear response message because the interlocutors do not have competitions in the matter. It has been a political deference to his political family, a photo and the opportunity to say that they have met with the Commission, but nothing that really affects or directly to the process. Those responsible were in other offices and are, now, in other waves.

The European Commission is the agency that approved the Spanish recovery plan and that has authorized and made the first two disbursements. It is an unprecedented operation in history and a key importance. Work with the government has always been reasonably fluent and the Spanish plan is as an example on several occasions. The Commissioners, the President of the Commission and the finance ministers of the 27 have given the approval to date. And PP messages are problematic. Everyone understands the political game, but questioning over and over again the cleaning of a process that has until now all the filters irritates in some Brussels offices.

Economic managers are not picking up the Glove from the PP, rather the opposite, and the messages they arrive are that there is no concern. Everyone knows that there may be problems, that the execution of up to 140,000 million between transfers and loans is difficult, perhaps impossible in such a short time, because Spain is very slow in the work. But doubts, without crime tests, and in the first steps of a multi-year plan, generate friction.

"Since these funds come from the EU and the Commission, it also seems logical and reasonable that we can transfer our doubts and concerns," said Almeida. "Here we do not come to damage the image of Spain, here we come to tell all the Spaniards that we are equal before the law," he added pointing out that the mechanisms foreseen at the recovery fund, who delegate the audit capacities in the national institutions. , they do not seem enough to them. "We proposed an independent authority and we understand that there should be a Congress Commission with the sole purpose of supervising the funds. It seems lies that it has to be asked for this in a democracy for such an important issue (...) we want guarantees of transparency and not a Slow process and that is in five or ten years, through a judgment of the Court of Auditors or a judgment of the Judicial Court when we have to regret a misuse of funds ".

Aware of that discomfort in some offices, Almeida has been extremely careful and has covered with praise to the Commission. "We have come to all the gratitude for the prompt and effective response of the EU and the Commission to be able to raise this fund of 140,000 million for Spain that is essential to face the economic and social situation derived from the pandemic", Ha said up to three occasions. Applauding the transparency of steps at European level and clarity. Something that the PP is missing in our country. "The distribution criteria are not public, they are not objective or transparent," the mayor of Madrid has been zanned. "Since the government should improve, they should take note of the agility and effectiveness of the Commission, what are the strategic axes. The Government of Spain is up to the effort that has been made by the European Union and of The Commission to ensure that in the internal sphere of its competences it is at height. "

Date Of Update: 09 February 2022, 12:02

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