PP offensive in Galicia against Carmela Silva by the 'plug' of her sister-in-law after reward her the PSOE

One week has already been reached since it was announced that the Supreme Court confirms the condemnation of an official of the Vigo City Council for a covered

PP offensive in Galicia against Carmela Silva by the 'plug' of her sister-in-law after reward her the PSOE

One week has already been reached since it was announced that the Supreme Court confirms the condemnation of an official of the Vigo City Council for a covered plan for the hidden hiring of the president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, Carmela Silva, And the aforementioned has not given explanations despite an offensive of the PP to demand responsibilities and resignations.

The passage of time and the recent appointment, on Wednesday, from Silva as a new President of the Galician PSOE have led the popular to redouble their attacks and launch actions to force that leave political life.

"It's been a week and today it is, in addition, the day after it was indulged by its group, they are laughing at their voters, of the citizens," criticized the spokesman of the Provincial Group of the PP in the Diputación Pontevedresa, Jorge Cubela, and announced the request for an extraordinary full in the deputation to demand its resignation as president and another at the City Council of Vigo for its cessation as a councilor and lieutenant of mayor.

Just as hard, the general secretary of the PP in Galicia, Miguel Tellado, who charged the new Maximum of the PSDEG, Valentín González Formos, elected Secretary General at a congress held during the Festive Bridge and that, as one of his first decisions He appointed president of the party in the community to Carmela Silva. He considers "serious" that he "premie" with this public support and believes that with this appointment "she becomes an accomplice of corruption of the town hall of Vigo."

Miguel Tellado pulled the judicial cases of the PSOE of Andalusia and criticized that "or pine [headquarters of the party in Galicia] is a Vigo what ferraz to Andalusia" and also questioned the attitude of the mayor of Vigo, Abel Knight, "who too He is head of staff at Vigo City Council and, however, remains silent "before this serious case of corruption".

Far from giving explanations, this Thursday the PSOE has talked about this case for the first time since the sentence is firm, pulling balls out. It has been for the mouth of the deputy Carlos López Font, who regretted the "Furity Attacks" of the PP of the last days against Carmela Silva, "an absolutely honest person". He considers "an obscenity" that comes out of the Popular Party, "with all the backpacks she has on the back of her."

Font dedicated himself to attacking the PP indicating that "only one party that usually moves in the discharges you can expect the impudent, infamous and disgusting chase of persecution" that believe that they are underway against Carmela Silva, which ensures that the attacks are " Based on slander and lies "and they will study" all possible measures to deal with them.

The Socialist insists that the sentence that sentences the Vigo Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Orúe demonstrates "a clearly" that the new President of the PSDEG "does not have any implication" in the plot of the socket of his sister-in-law. The Supreme condemns the municipal worker for prevarication, embezzlement and documentary falsehood for giving work to Carmela Silva's husband's sister, who, according to the PP, "received 108,000 euros for some work that, in addition, she did not do."

The sentence of the Supreme condemns him for a continued crime of prevarication in a medial contest with a continued crime of embezzlement of public flows, in a medial contest with a fence of falsity in mercantile document and also imposes absolute disqualification over the nine-year period and a day.

The provincial deputies of the PP Alfonso Marnotes, Jorge Cubela and Elena Estévez returned to appear on Thursday to insist on the resignation they have been asking for and announced that they will continue with their measures "so that whoever presides over the Diputación is an honorable person and who are part of the Vigo government team are also honorable people. "

Cubela put, in addition, the focus on the town hall of Vigo who presides Abel Caballero, because the Supreme condemnation "Languished" crimes in which the damaged is the Concello de Vigo, the neighbors of Vigo, for a fraud of 108,000 euros and, without However, "did not pursued" fraud.

"Nor did he think of the cause, nor required the return of money in the process. Inaudito, is the only case of embezzlement of public funds committed by an official in which the administration suffered by the misappropriation, the victim of the crime is not a person, Neither accuses or asks for the return of money, "Cunda Cubela.

Also VOX, party without representation in any Galician administration, has joined the offensive. The president of Pontevedra, Álvaro Díaz-Mella, considers "urgent and inappleerly" that Silva resigns from all his fees and sees "a scandal" that the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, has visited Galicia on Wednesday to participate in the Congress of the Socialists of the community and "Support Carmela Silva in an internal act".

Date Of Update: 09 December 2021, 13:46

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