PSOE Presidents Reselle from the call of Feijóo to discuss funding: We will not participate in any front

The invitation to participate in a meeting of autonomous presidents to address the financing system launched by the Chief Executive Gallego, Alberto Núñez Feijó

PSOE Presidents Reselle from the call of Feijóo to discuss funding: We will not participate in any front

The invitation to participate in a meeting of autonomous presidents to address the financing system launched by the Chief Executive Gallego, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has been received with suspicion by his counterparts in Asturias, Aragon and Extremadura, communities chaired by members of the PSOE warning that they will not participate in the forum if it is articulated as a "front" to "attack" other communities or the government.

This Thursday, the Socialist Presidents of Asturias (Adrián Barbón), Aragón (Javier Lamban) and Extremadura (Guillermo Fernández Vara) have come out of Feijóo's announcement, who, during his speech in the state of autonomy last Wednesday , the celebration of a forum advanced on November 2 in Santiago de Compostela who will bring together the presidents of Galicia, Asturias, Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha, La Rioja, Cantabria and Extremadura.

However, the socialist leaders in Extremadura, Asturias and Aragon have warned that the meeting can not become a "front" to "attack" government and other communities. The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, who has affirmed that he has not been invited by Feijóo, with whom he says, maintained a conversation "a few weeks".

The first to go out at Paso has been President Extremado, Guillermo Fernández Vara, who has asserted that they do not count on him for the summit on the reform of the autonomic financing system if someone intends to see "how we attack other autonomous communities or the government" .

"If someone pretends that what we are going to go there is to see how we attack other autonomous communities or the government, with me they do not count, so clearly and I have also manifested it to President Feijóo," said Fernández Vara , while he has pointed out that the Galician holder has moved to him that "that was not the intention and that was why the meeting was raised in those terms."

"Of course he must clarify it throughout the day, because if it is not going to be complicated," said Fernández Vara in an Extremadura Radio Canal interview, in a special program on the occasion of the Carlos V European Award from Real Monastery of yuste

About said meeting, in which the presence of Asturias, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha, La Rioja or Cantabria is confirmed, has added that "it is not even bad" that you can talk about financing, "but not in terms against anyone ". "With me, of course, in that they do not count," he has insisted.

It should be noted that on the morning of this Thursday, Fernández Vara has published a message on his Twitter profile on which he exposes: "I told the president Feijóo that I do not like forefrems. He must clarify if the meeting of presidents of Galicia is to attack To other CCAA and the government ".

"I do not like that they use me and more division is not good for those who believe in dialogue, but not on the fronts," concludes Vara in his Tit, who has been replicated by the General Secretary of Galician Socialists, Gonzalo Knight. "Cogobernan can not be done from frantism," he adds at another gentleman tuit.

He has also collected the message of President Extremado his counterpart in Asturias, Adrián Barón, who manifests his coincidence with Fernández Vara in his Twitter profile. "We will not participate in any front against the government or other CCAA. The posture of Asturias has always been to seek common positions with other communities in terms of financing, not confrontation, to face the demographic challenge," Barbón published.

The President of Aragon, the Socialist Javier Lamban, has stated that the meeting can not be used "for frencial purposes against the Government of Spain, to make anti-capital policy" or to try to "condition" the processing of the General Budgets of the State of State 2022.

If so, "we will go out very bad way," has laughed Lamban, who has requested "be all much more cautious when it comes to raising the objectives of this meeting, which is not a forum that has taken my good manga. Friend Alberto Núñez Feijóo, but it is continuity of others who have previously developed, the last of them, in Zaragoza, September 2018 ".

The Aragonese President has remarked that two "magnificent" documents that fixed "the position of Spain depopulated, considering that autonomic financing and combat against depopulation are two sides of the same coin".

Lamban has stressed that these meetings "have always been raised in strictly circumscribed terms to the problem that affects us, to consider that financing can not be established by unit of inhabitant, but by the cost that the provision of services generates in each place, which is much higher per inhabitant in Aragon than in Andalusia or Valencian Community, "he has squared.

Therefore, he has thought that it is a meeting "that comes" and that if he is celebrated in those terms "it will be a success", a call that has "the same legitimacy" that held between Andalusia and Valencian Community, governed by the PP and The PSOE, respectively, which has occurred in one direction "totally contrary to which we advocate", so that in Santiago it is about formulating "other approaches".

Finally, President Valenciano, Ximo Puig, has affirmed that his counterpart in the Xunta de Galicia has not invited him to the meeting he will keep with other autonomous presidents on the occasion of financing, although he recalled that they already spoke "a few weeks ago ".

Puig has pronounced in these terms in statements to the media after attending the first court of orange in Picassent, being asked in case Feijóo had invited him to encounter.

President Valencian has answered that "no," but has punctualized that he was talking to Feijóo "a few weeks ago". He has also taken advantage to indicate that the territorial issue of financing "should not be addressed in any case since the confrontation between territories, but to speak between autonomous presidents and societies is very positive," he says.

In his opinion, "we have more things that come together than things that separate us and we have to have a greater interrelation," he has a lawyer.

"One of the deficits of the autonomic state is that there are no federal dialog spaces at this time and that is fundamental. There must be bilateral dialogues between autonomous communities and another multilateral where we can be all reflected and where we can all give our vision of Spain", He has claimed.

However, it has summarized: "It seems very good that the presidents speak, but in the issue of funding there should be no kind of frantism or against the government of Spain or between autonomous communities. From the confrontation we will not reach an agreement, And without agreement there will be no model change, "he has feed.

Date Of Update: 14 October 2021, 21:01