Pablo Casado da Free Via to García Aegea in the Strategy against Díaz Ayuso at the PP of Madrid

There are about four months to celebrate the Congress of the PP of Madrid and internal tension and to rub the level of Alert Defcon 2. Hostilities between the I

Pablo Casado da Free Via to García Aegea in the Strategy against Díaz Ayuso at the PP of Madrid

There are about four months to celebrate the Congress of the PP of Madrid and internal tension and to rub the level of Alert Defcon 2. Hostilities between the Isabel Díaz Ayuso team and the National Directorate of the Party escalates quickly, after the Tregued that the National Convention, at the beginning of October. Now in the PP of Madrid - which occupies the first plant in Genoa, 13- An authentic shootout of crossed accusations is lived.

If those related to Baroness believe that Genoa maneuver against them, in the national direction they consider that their pulse to Paul married for the terms of the Regional Congress is a contempt that alleviates it from presiding up the regional party apparatus, because it has questioned the authority of the President more than tolerable.

Fuentes de Genoa ensure that marriage is not remained on the sidelines of the movements at the post of an alternative to Ayuso, but, before the contrary, it has given it "free way" to the Secretary General of the Party, Teodoro García Aegea, to manage the congresses Territorial, including that of Madrid, in which the Popular President and his number two are synchronized in his defense that this regional organization is exceptional. "The Secretary General consults everything; He does not do anything without the president knows," says another leader of Genoa.

To centralize organic power, married has appointed a "single team" of negotiations leading García Aegea. And that team has not changed their minds in recent weeks: in the General Secretariat and in the Vice-Directariats of Organization and Territorial continue to think that Ayuso "can not be" President of the PP of Madrid if she does not rectify the organic course.

It is something that they have been holding in the internal debates, after the so-called "third way", which is that they do not listen to the Madrid Party or Ayuso or José Luis Martínez-Almeida. But now, after the trains clash of the Autonomic President and García Aegea - who has blocked whatsapp, even - the dome of the PP no longer rule out the almeid way. In fact, he is encouraged it.

That Ayuso has vetoed García Aegea in the main communications network that the PP leaders use is something that gives the measurement of the climate of animosity between the President of Madrid and the Secretary General. He is directed by the reviews from the Gate of the Sun, headquarters of the Government of the Community of Madrid.

In the environment of Ayuso consider that García Aegea is not acting as Secretary General of the popular Madrid, but as a judge and part. They accuse him of being colonizing the game through the renewal of territorial power and trying to minus the political flow of Baroness. Not in vain, Ayuso is the only regional president that does not also chair the party in the community of her.

The marriage team understands that the PP of Madrid is an organization other than the others, a kind of "Federal District" for the organization's purposes. First, because married is presented to the elections as the leader of the Madrid Ballot, in the political cradle of him. In second, by the defendant Presidentialist centralism of the PP.

And in third, because it is the only region in which a City Council concentrates more power than all others together. "The true president of the PP of Madrid is married," he saves a high charge. To this is added a fourth factor to pay exceptionality: the decrease in trust between both sides.

But, then Genoa does not contemplate that Ayusus presides the PP of Madrid? Yes, but only under the condition that married imposes the model and does not fall into the mistakes of the past. In the popular dome, the crash of crowds between the President and the Mayor, although they would prefer the Solomonic way: neither of them. Almeida also bets on the "third way" and has even recognized privately that he does not want Ayuso to be the president, as several sources of the PP ensure.

Almeida affirmed on Tuesday that he has not said that phrase, although face-to-face sources corroborate again the world that did in different occasions. At a press conference, the mayor influenced him "does not touch now" from Madrid's Popular Leadership, because "it is not the mayor's work." "From the Regional Board of Directorate, it became clear that the President will present candidacy and that Congress will be held on the date on which she touched," he wanted to zanjar.

About the possibility that he takes a step forward in the future, the first Edil of the capital cleared balls and said that "decisions to take will be at the time they correspond, when the congress is convened." But he prefers the third way? They asked him. "What I think is indifferent to the Madrid," Dribbled the question.

Díaz Ayuso also wanted to download this Tuesday at the public. "The mayor and I are a tandem, two party colleagues that we understand ourselves, that we back and assure them that we are going to keep doing it," he said.

Updated Date: 03 November 2021, 10:41

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