Pablo Iglesias is lowered to Pedro Sanchez and the president again reject it

Sanchez does not accept a endowment without previous support according to CalvoBatet states that the King sees the "need" for the establishment of a new Gover

Pablo Iglesias is lowered to Pedro Sanchez and the president again reject it
Sanchez does not accept a endowment without previous support according to CalvoBatet states that the King sees the "need" for the establishment of a new Government that will give "stability"Churches calls Sánchez to propose a final offer

The leader of we Can, Pablo Iglesias , he returned to propose yesterday a new offer to Pedro Sanchez to unlock the endowment, and to avoid other elections. A downgrade in its claims that it was rejected without mercy by the president of the Government on functions, very much convinced not to surrender to the coalition, and with the course already fixed towards the general elections of November 10.

The leader of we Can called Sanchez to offer a sort of Government a two-tone test, or, as explained sources of we Can, a coalition "evaluable" when it approved the General State Budget "to avoid elections." Churches also aims to tighten the PSOE before the Monday and the Tuesday the King to start the round of consultations with the political leaders. In fact, he is willing to reduce the percentage of liability that would have we Can within the Government.

party supplies purple explained yesterday that if after the approval of the accounts Sanchez "believes that the coalition has not run" are committed to "leave the Government with the parliamentary support". But, in spite of the downgrade and the guarantees of good governance that poses Churches, the response of the PSOE has turned out to be a door slamming in the face . Since the environment of Churches insist that this last proposal also " guarantee approval of budgets" , and that United we Can agree with her that if the PSOE believes "that the coalition has not run", the purple "support the government in solitary stable during the greater part of the legislature". But Sanchez does not trust.

The conversation lasted for 10 minutes

Sources socialist required by your party that the telephone conversation between the two general secretaries lasted only ten minutes, and insisted that Sanchez kept "your desire to have a sound Government and a legislature stable and not to go to elections" because "the PSOE has put on the table 5 different proposals, including the coalition Government, rejected by Churches." Sanchez dismissed the proposal outright.

The president of the Government in functions will be moved to Churches that after the investiture failed, and their rejection of the coalition, offered already "is not given, nor the foundation of minimum trust, or an approach of a Government in existence , coherent, and with a single address, in a legislature stable, something that needs urgently to Spain".

Churches culminated with this call 48 hours in which he has conveyed the sense of seeking an agreement in front of the wall that Sanchez has built up between the two. But the rebate claims of the leader of we Can not reach to his resignation to the coalition. Only the possibility of a transfer of all in the form of support in exchange for nothing could avoid the ballot box s. Although the PSOE has already said he does not want that formula and We have also ruled out because, as underlined by Churches, "those registered voted for a coalition".

From the Government yesterday insisted that do not want to go to the endowment without the supports previously guaranteed and not conditioned. "The candidate of the PSOE and president-in-office, if you do not have the prior grant, not accept the engagement. And we will not do so because this responsibility is not ours exclusively to us", said yesterday the vice-president of the Government, Carmen Calvo. The convulsed situation becomes to reach the Headquarters of the State. What Churches and Sanchez transmit to the King the next week will be key to who intends to or not a candidate for the endowment.

Four days for the agreement

The King set the next day 16 and 17 for the consultation and explained to the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet , which only propose a candidate, if finds that you have the support to leave invested. A circumstance which leaves only four days for the PSOE, and we Can come to an agreement each time more distant.

After your hearing, Batet said that shares with the King the vision that is needed as soon as possible an Executive who should be "stable" to "allow the governance of this country for four years." All this, in addition, that "politics" and the democratic institutions to maintain "the prestige that you deserve."

the president of The Congress explained that keep the agenda plenary meeting planned . And, in consequence, the new debate of investiture, if held, would begin on Thursday or Friday. In the first case, the first vote would take place Friday and the second Sunday . In the second, the first vote would be Saturday and the second on Monday the 23rd. However, if the next day, 17 September, the King finds evidence that the socialist leader still have the backing on the 23rd of September, would dissolve the Cortes, and it would make real the 10 of November.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 21:00

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