Pablo Iglesias turned into excellent Lord for the grace of Sánchez

Whoever dreamed of assaulting the heavens and imagined himself as a crusader with the Quasidivin Mission to free the Spaniards from La Caste, Pablo Iglesias, co

Pablo Iglesias turned into excellent Lord for the grace of Sánchez

Whoever dreamed of assaulting the heavens and imagined himself as a crusader with the Quasidivin Mission to free the Spaniards from La Caste, Pablo Iglesias, concluded 2021 become excellent sir. It is the treatment that corresponds to having been decorated with the great cross of the Royal and distinguished Spanish Order of Carlos III.

The ventener of we can not the only one who, in the last Council of Ministers of the year, was granted with such mercy. In fact, one-colored, up to 23 real decrees were approved to grant the highest honorable distinction between Spanish civilian orders to many other ministers of governments headed by both the PSOE and the PP. Among them, all those who in the last two years have come out for one or other reasons by the Sanchist executive, such as Ábalos or Celaá, but also to seven former ministers of Rajoy: García-Margallo, Ruiz-Gallardón, Pedro Morenés, José Ignacio Wert , José Manuel Soria, of Guindos and Alfonso Alonso.

With this decoration, citizens are distinguished that "with their efforts, initiatives and work have provided eminent and extraordinary services to the nation and the crown." We are facing an absolutely homologable honors and recognition system that governs in any other modern nation, regardless of whether it is monarchies, such as our case, or republics. Now, while in many of our neighboring countries receiving this type of decorations is a source of enormous satisfaction and the liturgy is pimped and the tradition that encloses these state recognitions, no one escapes that in Spain many of their receivers feel For them indifference when I do not reject.

In the case of the aforementioned churches, it is to assume that receiving his great cross it will have seemed so "shameful" as he said in 2015 that it was that Felipe VI would grant his first-born daughter the necklace of the Insign Order of Golden Tounder. He released the Today Tetulian that something like that "was an improper from an advanced country and a democracy of the 21st century" and criticized that some "have to lick the footsteps" of the king, "to swell the knee" and congratulate him for "giving a toxoon of 50,000 euros a a girl". An interested falsehood behind another.

The Golden Toison is the most prestigious cavalry order in the world. But Carlos III is not a turkey either, of course. Right that today, unlike what was happening in past centuries, these decorations are not pensioned. Neither its members already celebrate their regulatory chapters with the showy ceremony clothes of their knights. We will not see Pablo Iglesias participate in any solemn act with aristocratic flavor. In any case, they are a recognition of merits that should cause a deep joy.

But in our country, these high decorations in the hands of politicians - we do not confuse them with recognition, honors or noble titles that are the personal decision of the King - unfortunately they do nothing more than devalue, to the point of losing their significance . And this by the torticular use of successive governments.

We emphasize that the real and distinguished Spanish order of Carlos III --insturated in 1771 by King Carlos III with the Latin motto Virtuti et merito-, although he has as Grand Master the King, account as great chancellor with the president of the government, who is the one Decide the granting of the great crosses without the monarch or clicking or cutting. And here the tradition of granting it to everyone who has sat in the Council of Ministers has been established, which is translated in that it is not praised at end excellence

But, in addition, the politician and the margin of discretion of each president comes into play. After the last remodeling of the Rajoy's cabinet, without going any further, there was an episode that former García-Margallo minister, did not stop aerating in the presentation of his book Heterodox Memories: from an extreme center politician. According to him, the then Vice President Sáenz de Santamaría maneuvered so that the Council of Ministers did not distinguish some projections, with whom the relationship was little fluid by saying it fine, arguing that it was not showy that it seems that they were decorating themselves. To those popular punctures have been awarded at last Sánchez.

Of course, sanchism is not lacking on the occasion to politicize the matter. And, thus, he wanted me to be clear that he decorated all ... less to the former interior minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, immersed in operation Kitchen, who has suffered a visible affront from Moncloa.

Although the most controversial thing about the matter is, what a doubt, that the executive has also given him the great cross to Màxim Huerta, since it did not last as a minister of culture or a week. The delivery of the most important order to the Civil Merit of the State should be taken seriously. And do not forget that in the presidency of the Government, in this case with the plumber of Sánchez, Felix Bolaños in front, each granting file must be processed so that the merits that attend the concession are accredited. Can someone say a single service provided to the nation by the former pupil of Ana Rosa Quintana in so few days in Moncloa?

It is said that you have to deserve success before reaching it. Here both honors have been devalued that is much easier to receive them than deserving them.

Updated Date: 07 January 2022, 21:18

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