Pablo Married Duisa The PSOE: So far we have arrived

The PSOE stirred on Monday against Pablo Married and raised the critical tone against the PP president at unusual levels "so far we have arrived, Pablo Married

Pablo Married Duisa The PSOE: So far we have arrived

The PSOE stirred on Monday against Pablo Married and raised the critical tone against the PP president at unusual levels "so far we have arrived, Pablo Married," he sentenced with force, after in an interview in the world, the leader of The alert opposition that Spain "is directed to bankruptcy" and that the country is abounded at a "rescue".

The Socialist spokesman at Congress, Héctor Gómez, accused married to act under a "complete irresponsibility" and with a "kamikaze attitude" and warned that from now on from the socialist parliamentary group they will respond with "firmness" this type of "Attacks" by the PP.

The words of Gómez immediately had the replica of the Popular Spokesman, Cuca Gamarra, from the same press room of the Congress. "What do you mean by that 'so far we have arrived Pablo Married'? With what are you threatening us with that affirmation? What else do you want to do to garnish the opposition? "Gamarra asked, then demanding the socialists" who calm down ", as they are seeing them" very nervous ".

Gómez, in contrast to his predecessor Adriana Lastra As a socialist spokesman in Congress, has been characterized since his arrival by using a softer tone and content, even to tighten the PP in his permanent dispute over the renewal of CGPJ. However, she decreed that this truce had finished and that from the Socialist Parliamentary Group of Congress, they will "fight that discourse [of married] oriented to the maximum confrontation in Spain."

Thus, the first attack in this regard was to hold the PP leader to use "disinformation" as a political weapon to confuse citizens. "We regret that Kamikaze attitude, which generates uncertainty and puts obstacles to recovery in an exceptional situation," he replied.

Gómez defended the path of economic recovery and alluded to the indicators of the OECD or the approval of Brussels to the plans linked to the European funds to defend the stable course of the country and contrapose that there are doubts or alarms before a possible bankruptcy or rescue .

From the PP, Gamarra answered the PSOE saying that married "does not disinform", but "calls things by his name", given that he has "responsibility" to "point out the lies of the government". Thus, he wondered if Pedro Sánchez "reported or deformed" when he said he was going to bring Puigdemont to Spain, who would not indicate those convicted with the Procedes or when he said that he would not negotiate walks with Eh Bildu. "Disinform is not telling the truth and who lies in this country is called Pedro Sánchez," the spokesman for the PP.

Gamarra justified the alarmist words of married on the economy for being a "according-aging" situation with the PSOE in the Government and defended that what he said "is what comes before", because the Spaniards have not "forgotten »Still what happened during the years of management of the crisis by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. In this sense, he affirmed that ex the president "is an apprentice next to Peter Sánchez."

In this confrontation, Gamarra defended the opposition work of the PP and framed criticisms such as married in due government control. "We do not admit lessons from this PSOE and no kind of threat," he said about it.

That is why he noticed that they do not tolerate that "so far we have arrived Pablo Married" nor that they will reduce their demands on their constitutional surveillance work. "We will continue to denounce all the excesses, gentlemen of the PSOE, and we will present the alternative that Spain needs," he said. Something that, in his judgment, is marrying with a different proposal that is "solid, possible and real".

In the midst of this fray with crossed accusations of "lying" between the PSOE and the PP, Vox was ironized with the anger of the popular with that "so far we have arrived" expressed by Gómez. Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros recalled that it was exactly the same phrase that married used against Santiago Abascal at the motion of censorship presented by Vox last year. The parliamentarian spokesperson accused the PP of having "the skin so thin" and closed with a pump: "every day a new novelty in the vane".

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 01:55

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