Pablo Married denounces in Brussels the recovery plan of Spain but nobody picks up the glove

The Popular Party denounces but no one in Brussels, at the moment, collects the glove. For weeks, or months, Pablo Married and his deputies and MEPs criticize

Pablo Married denounces in Brussels the recovery plan of Spain but nobody picks up the glove

The Popular Party denounces but no one in Brussels, at the moment, collects the glove. For weeks, or months, Pablo Married and his deputies and MEPs criticize the Government of Spain on or before the Community institutions. They complained about the design of the recovery plan needed to opt for 140,000 million euros, the lack of an independent audit of the projects and, now, of execution, once the community funds have begun to arrive.

They have done it in Madrid and all of Spain, and it once again married Monday since Brussels. But without success, receiving again and again, in private and even in public, silence or directly messages in the opposite direction. The popular leader lashed out once again, after a meeting with the new President of La Eurocámara, Maltese Roberta Metsola.

In an appearance before the journalists, married criticized the "partisan use of the government of Pedro Sánchez" and demanded "a transparent and efficient process". But the European Commission is, so far, more than satisfied with the Spanish plan. It has been one of the most praised by its writing and Spain was the first country to request and receive the disbursement (go two to date, the so-called pre-financing and the first, for a total of almost 20,000 million euros).

Popular complaints now point to use, but the EU believes it is too early to analyze the result. It is something that requires time and what happens, in addition, by national organs first. To opt for funds, reforms and milestones are necessary, something that Spain has been fulfilling satisfactorily. The execution is another requirement, but it is a process that will last up to 2026, as soon as soon.

There is an open and dangerous fight in Brussels with this topic. The PP tries to discredit the Executive and the Government uses all the means at their disposal to try to demonstrate the support of Brussels, even when it is not part of the current dispute, in the midst of an electoral campaign.

Happened last week, when the Moncloa wanted to present a standard letter of the President of the Commission - a one who will receive all the presidents as approved by their disbursements, a formality - as an explicit support of Brussels in the midst of the national dispute, as a It presumed together and a colleja to Genoa.

The popular, however, have not received any concern from the institutions, political leaders or other national governments that support their complaints or complaints. Married referred this Monday that in other countries, from Malta to Germany, the popular opposition is denounced irregular practices. But neither the Commission, nor the Council, nor the Eurogroup (whose president was washed his hands in Madrid on Monday) Come problems with Spain.

They can arise with the passage of time and the arrival of the expected 70,000 million euros. But not at this time. There are only support, loose and unclear, of some MEPs from your party, such as Romanian Siegfried Mureesan: "The Government of Spain can only receive the next disbursement of recovery funds if money spends transparently and concrete results, If you take into account the priorities of all regions and if it makes reforms. This is the EU standard, "he touted this Monday after seeing the Spanish leader.

Married did not see, however, with the direct managers of the funds (the Eurocámara has a final role in supervision, but secondary). The messages he has received privately in the previous months is that there were no warning signs and the teams that are responsible for the Spanish program are closely close everything that happens in our country, political and economic news, every debate of Parliament and Political controversy, each macroeconomic indicator or debt issuance.

And they are aware of all problems and labor reform is a perfect example, since the resources announced by married against the result of the vote in Congress have caused the Commission and its legal services to assess the consequences of uncertainty.

Labor reform is one of the indispensable requirements for Spain to opt for all the funds of the second disbursement. And now the legal experts in Brussels study the possible consequences that everything ends in court, when they already gave compliance.

This Wednesday is also planned to travel to popular mayors to the Belgian capital to maintain that complaint about "partisan use" and the alleged favoritism to socialist municipalities in the deals. They want to maintain media attention, but they will not have meetings either with those responsible for the Unity of Spain, the Commissioners of the Branch or the audit bodies.

It is a political decision with a national aspect more than European. The same as its deputies try trying to start Paolo Gentiloni or Valdis Dombrovskis, Commissioner and Vice President of Economic Affairs, and that nevertheless again and again, in writing or in their appearances before the House, dodge the ball and reiterate that everything is doing According to the regulations, following the guidelines and without problems.

"This is not to speak ill of Spain, is to talk about what the government is doing wrong," argued married, before criticizing that aid is granted to "projects that are not essential, such as cetaceans, to the digitalization of Files 70 years ago or Erasmus for writers ".

Putting as an example "other structural issues" that Mario Draghi in Italy or Olaf Scholz in Germany are carrying out, among which quoted taxes, flexibilization of the labor market, "truly digitization" of administration or housing plans.

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 16:11

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